KinkyBitesMen - Mr Kristofer's Ashtray - Kristofer Weston & Dolan Wolf (101109)

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1. KinkyBitesMen - Mr. Kristofer's Ashtray - Kristofer Weston & Dolan Wolf (101109).mp4
Format : MPEG-4 , Codec ID : isom, Duration : 29 min 10 s, Bit rate : 10 000 kb/s
Width 1 920 pixels , Height 1 080 pixels ,Display aspect ratio  : 16:9

Description - For Leather Daddy Kristofer Weston, there's nothing more relaxing than kicking his boots up and smoking a cigar with his ashtray Dolan Wolf. Dolan is hooded and gagged. He moans as Kristofer runs his hands over his nipples. Soon Dolan is tied up and at the mercy of his Daddy. Kristofer plays with his boy and puts his nipples in clamps before reaching for his cigar. He props his feet up on Dolan and lights his cigar. He ashes into Dolan's mouth and holds the burning tip right next to Dolan's sensitive nipples. He removes Dolan's hood so he can see Dolan's eyes as Dolan does his best to suck his cock with the gag on. Then Krisofer straddles his boy and blows his load all over Dolan's face. Satisfied, he returns to his chair, kicks his boots up, and continues smoking.

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