Elder Peterson - Ordination

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DescriptionEver since he was a little boy, Elder Peterson dreamed of going to the temple. He didn’t really know what goes on inside — that is a closely-guarded secret.

When he was 12 years old, he finally got to enter the temple with the other boys and girls to do baptisms for the dead, though of course they weren’t allowed to go very deep into the temple. They were not told what secret ceremonies are performed there.

But even as a 12 year old boy, as he waited to enter the baptismal font, he could feel that the temple was a mysterious and very special place. The way the older men talked about the temple¬Öhe sensed that great things were in store for him in these immaculate, hallowed rooms.

Just before he entered the mission field, Elder Peterson went through several of the secret rituals: the endowment ceremony, and passing through the veil into the celestial room, and most exciting for him the washing and anointing.

Like all the young men who receive their endowment, he was not told what would take place. So when he was told to strip naked, and an older man took him into a private room and gently touched very intimate parts of his nude body, Elder Peterson was shocked. He even got an erection, but if the older man noticed, he didn’t comment on it.

Elder Peterson serves in an area with a temple and now comes to the temple regularly. Each time he learns more about the secret rituals. He used to fantasize about having sex in this holy place with the man who first washed and anointed him. Come to find out, his fantasies might be closer to reality than he thought.

Today, Bishop Angus has asked the boy to meet him in one of the temple’s secret rooms. Elder Peterson has been intimate with the bishop before, and the thought of being pounded by his big dick here in the holy temple is almost more than the boy can stand.

It goes without saying that the bishop is excited for this encounter, too. He loves the boy’s sweet, innocent personality, and his pale, hairless, muscular body, and his big dick and delicious ass. He can’t wait to strip the boy naked, hammer his tight hole, and cum on his beautiful, muscular butt.

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