StraightCollegeMen com - 1Jun2015 - Collection Part 4 - Main Video Series part1of3

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Part 4: Main Video Series part1of3

6thanniversaryappetizer1_450.asf 13.8 MB 512x288 5m 13s
6thanniversaryappetizer2_450.asf 16.9 MB 512x288 5m 13s
6thanniversaryappetizer3_450.asf 18.3 MB 512x288 5m 40s
6thanniversaryappetizer4_450.asf 15.6 MB 512x288 4m 50s
6thanniversaryappetizer5_450.asf 17.9 MB 512x288 5m 32s
6thanniversaryappetizer6_450.asf 17.0 MB 512x288 5m 17s
6thanniversaryappetizer7_450.asf 15.3 MB 512x288 4m 46s
6thanniversaryappetizer8_450.asf 18.6 MB 512x288 6m 17s
6thanniversaryappetizerpreviewpict.jpg 17.1 kB
6thanniversarydayone1_450.asf 31.2 MB 512x288 9m 44s
6thanniversarydayone2_450.asf 28.8 MB 512x288 8m 50s
6thanniversarydayone3_450.asf 32.4 MB 512x288 9m 56s
6thanniversarydayone4_450.asf 31.0 MB 512x288 9m 29s
6thanniversarydayone5_450.asf 36.3 MB 512x288 11m 7s
6thanniversarydayone6_450.asf 30.9 MB 512x288 9m 29s
6thanniversarydayone7_450.asf 30.5 MB 512x288 9m 22s
6thanniversarydayone8_450.asf 29.6 MB 512x288 9m 5s
6thanniversarydayonepreviewpict.jpg 19.9 kB
6thanniversarydaythree1_450.asf 27.2 MB 512x288 8m 28s
6thanniversarydaythree2_450.asf 29.5 MB 512x288 9m 3s
6thanniversarydaythree3_450.asf 26.0 MB 512x288 8m 1s
6thanniversarydaythree4_450.asf 27.9 MB 512x288 8m 33s
6thanniversarydaythree5_450.asf 30.0 MB 512x288 9m 13s
6thanniversarydaythree6_450.asf 24.0 MB 512x288 7m 24s
6thanniversarydaythree7_450.asf 30.3 MB 512x288 9m 18s
6thanniversarydaythree8_450.asf 31.1 MB 512x288 9m 33s
6thanniversarydaythreepreviewpict.jpg 28.1 kB
6thanniversarydaytwo1_450.asf 27.6 MB 512x288 8m 34s
6thanniversarydaytwo2_450.asf 28.6 MB 512x288 8m 55s
6thanniversarydaytwo3_450.asf 24.7 MB 512x288 7m 59s
6thanniversarydaytwo4_450.asf 28.9 MB 512x288 8m 53s
6thanniversarydaytwo5_450.asf 24.7 MB 512x288 7m 37s
6thanniversarydaytwo6_450.asf 28.4 MB 512x288 8m 44s
6thanniversarydaytwo7_450.asf 30.4 MB 512x288 9m 19s
6thanniversarydaytwo8_450.asf 31.3 MB 512x288 9m 37s
6thanniversarydaytwopreviewpict.jpg 13.1 kB
aaron1_256.asf 8.41 MB 360x260 5m 11s
aaron21_256.asf 10.8 MB 360x260 6m 40s
aaron22_256.asf 7.90 MB 360x260 4m 52s
aaron23_256.asf 6.61 MB 360x260 4m 5s
aaron24_256.asf 6.77 MB 360x260 4m 10s
aaron25_256.asf 5.81 MB 360x260 3m 35s
aaron26_256.asf 6.29 MB 360x260 3m 53s
aaron27_256.asf 9.99 MB 360x260 6m 7s
aaron28_256.asf 9.54 MB 360x260 5m 51s
aaron2_256.asf 5.17 MB 360x260 3m 12s
aaron2previewpict.jpg 15.3 kB
aaron3_256.asf 8.06 MB 360x260 4m 57s
aaron4_256.asf 6.52 MB 360x260 4m 1s
aaron5_256.asf 4.53 MB 360x260 2m 48s
aaron6_256.asf 8.96 MB 360x260 5m 30s
aaron7_256.asf 7.58 MB 360x260 4m 39s
aaron8_256.asf 7.79 MB 360x260 4m 47s
aaronpreviewpict.jpg 13.9 kB
alex1_325.asf 11.1 MB 368x276 4m 49s
alex2_325.asf 12.1 MB 368x276 5m 9s
alex3_325.asf 9.84 MB 368x276 4m 12s
alex4_325.asf 10.2 MB 368x276 4m 26s
alex5_325.asf 6.89 MB 368x276 2m 56s
alex6_325.asf 15.6 MB 368x276 6m 36s
alex7_325.asf 9.40 MB 368x276 4m 0s
alex8_325.asf 11.3 MB 368x276 4m 48s
alexpreviewpict.jpg 17.0 kB
allan1_256.asf 6.91 MB 360x260 4m 15s
allan2_256.asf 7.28 MB 360x260 4m 28s
allan3_256.asf 6.76 MB 360x260 4m 10s
allan4_256.asf 6.24 MB 360x260 3m 50s
allan5_256.asf 7.72 MB 360x260 4m 44s
allan6_256.asf 7.74 MB 360x260 4m 45s
allan7_256.asf 7.96 MB 360x260 4m 53s
allan8_256.asf 9.66 MB 360x260 5m 55s
allanpreviewpict.jpg 9.52 kB
andyandsonny1_325.asf 20.3 MB 368x276 9m 22s
andyandsonny2_325.asf 15.5 MB 368x276 6m 50s
andyandsonny3_325.asf 19.9 MB 368x276 8m 47s
andyandsonny4_325.asf 17.8 MB 368x276 7m 53s
andyandsonny5_325.asf 15.8 MB 368x276 7m 1s
andyandsonny6_325.asf 22.8 MB 368x276 10m 3s
andyandsonny7_325.asf 15.9 MB 368x276 7m 3s
andyandsonny8_325.asf 17.2 MB 368x276 7m 36s
andyandsonnypreviewpict.jpg 14.6 kB
ashton1_325.asf 14.0 MB 368x276 6m 18s
ashton2_325.asf 14.3 MB 368x276 6m 24s
ashton3_325.asf 13.9 MB 368x276 6m 11s
ashton4_325.asf 12.9 MB 368x276 5m 50s
ashton5_325.asf 14.5 MB 368x276 6m 27s
ashton6_325.asf 12.4 MB 368x276 5m 34s
ashton7_325.asf 12.8 MB 368x276 5m 40s
ashton8_325.asf 13.2 MB 368x276 6m 0s
ashtonplusone1_325.asf 13.1 MB 368x276 5m 53s
ashtonplusone2_325.asf 10.8 MB 368x276 4m 54s
ashtonplusone3_325.asf 12.1 MB 368x276 5m 39s
ashtonplusone4_325.asf 11.8 MB 368x276 5m 26s
ashtonplusone5_325.asf 11.8 MB 368x276 5m 20s
ashtonplusone6_325.asf 12.8 MB 368x276 5m 42s
ashtonplusone7_325.asf 11.0 MB 368x276 4m 54s
ashtonplusone8_325.asf 11.1 MB 368x276 4m 56s
ashtonplusonepreviewpict.jpg 17.3 kB
ashtonpreviewpict.jpg 13.6 kB
bill1_256.asf 7.32 MB 360x260 4m 31s
bill2_256.asf 7.83 MB 360x260 4m 49s
bill3_256.asf 6.16 MB 360x260 3m 48s
bill4_256.asf 8.96 MB 360x260 5m 30s
bill5_256.asf 7.82 MB 360x260 4m 48s
bill6_256.asf 8.14 MB 360x260 5m 0s
bill7_256.asf 6.74 MB 360x260 4m 9s
bill8_256.asf 8.48 MB 360x260 5m 12s
billpreviewpict.jpg 14.0 kB
blake1_256.asf 8.52 MB 360x260 5m 13s
blake2_256.asf 7.06 MB 360x260 4m 20s
blake3_256.asf 6.66 MB 360x260 4m 6s
blake4_256.asf 8.10 MB 360x260 4m 58s
blake5_256.asf 8.16 MB 360x260 5m 1s
blake6_256.asf 8.41 MB 360x260 5m 9s
blakepreviewpict.jpg 10.7 kB
brandon1_256.asf 6.47 MB 360x260 3m 59s
brandon2_256.asf 9.19 MB 360x260 5m 39s
brandon3_256.asf 4.59 MB 360x260 2m 51s
brandon4_256.asf 6.97 MB 360x260 4m 17s
brandon5_256.asf 6.69 MB 360x260 4m 7s
brandon6_256.asf 6.80 MB 360x260 4m 11s
brandon7_256.asf 6.38 MB 360x260 3m 56s
brandon8_256.asf 8.08 MB 360x260 4m 58s
brandonpreviewpict.jpg 10.8 kB
brett1_256.asf 7.81 MB 360x260 4m 49s
brett2_256.asf 6.74 MB 360x260 4m 9s
brett3_256.asf 9.23 MB 360x260 5m 40s
brett4_256.asf 7.51 MB 360x260 4m 37s
brett5_256.asf 6.62 MB 360x260 4m 4s
brett6_256.asf 7.55 MB 360x260 4m 38s
brett7_256.asf 9.44 MB 360x260 5m 47s
brett8_256.asf 11.1 MB 360x260 6m 51s
brettandbroderick1_450.asf 23.6 MB 512x288 7m 23s
brettandbroderick2_450.asf 21.9 MB 512x288 6m 46s
brettandbroderick3_450.asf 25.9 MB 512x288 7m 57s
brettandbroderick4_450.asf 25.0 MB 512x288 7m 41s
brettandbroderick5_450.asf 25.1 MB 512x288 7m 43s
brettandbroderick6_450.asf 24.5 MB 512x288 7m 32s
brettandbroderick7_450.asf 18.7 MB 512x288 5m 48s
brettandbroderick8_450.asf 23.3 MB 512x288 7m 11s
brettandbroderickpreviewpict.jpg 20.3 kB
brettandcaleb1_325.asf 14.7 MB 368x276 6m 35s
brettandcaleb2_325.asf 16.7 MB 368x276 7m 24s
brettandcaleb3_325.asf 12.7 MB 368x276 5m 41s
brettandcaleb4_325.asf 9.48 MB 368x276 4m 13s
brettandcaleb5_325.asf 8.78 MB 368x276 3m 55s
brettandcaleb6_325.asf 15.0 MB 368x276 6m 39s
brettandcaleb7_325.asf 13.4 MB 368x276 5m 57s
brettandcaleb8_325.asf 11.5 MB 368x276 5m 7s
brettandcalebpreviewpict.jpg 17.4 kB
brettanddeancake1_325.asf 17.4 MB 368x276 7m 42s
brettanddeancake2_325.asf 16.6 MB 368x276 7m 20s
brettanddeancake3_325.asf 16.0 MB 368x276 7m 3s
brettanddeancake4_325.asf 15.8 MB 368x276 6m 58s
brettanddeancake5_325.asf 18.9 MB 368x276 8m 25s
brettanddeancake6_325.asf 17.6 MB 368x276 8m 18s
brettanddeancake7_325.asf 15.8 MB 368x276 6m 59s
brettanddeancake8_325.asf 18.4 MB 368x276 8m 5s
brettanddeancakepreviewpict.jpg 17.5 kB
brettandtrevor1_325.asf 19.7 MB 368x276 8m 43s
brettandtrevor2_325.asf 18.8 MB 368x276 8m 19s
brettandtrevor3_325.asf 15.4 MB 368x276 6m 48s
brettandtrevor4_325.asf 18.8 MB 368x276 8m 18s
brettandtrevor5_325.asf 20.5 MB 368x276 9m 2s
brettandtrevor6_325.asf 22.8 MB 368x276 10m 3s
brettandtrevor7_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 7m 56s
brettandtrevor8_325.asf 17.3 MB 368x276 7m 37s
brettandtrevorpreviewpict.jpg 11.1 kB
brettbuttspurt_325.asf 24.9 MB 368x276 11m 3s
brettbuttspurtpreviewpict.jpg 11.5 kB
brettdeanpaulallnite1_325.asf 13.2 MB 368x276 5m 56s
brettdeanpaulallnite2_325.asf 12.7 MB 368x276 5m 37s
brettdeanpaulallnite3_325.asf 13.5 MB 368x276 5m 59s
brettdeanpaulallnite4_325.asf 14.8 MB 368x276 6m 44s
brettdeanpaulallnite5_325.asf 12.7 MB 368x276 5m 47s
brettdeanpaulallnite6_325.asf 11.0 MB 368x276 5m 14s
brettdeanpaulallnite7_325.asf 12.1 MB 368x276 5m 22s
brettdeanpaulallnite8_325.asf 15.6 MB 368x276 6m 53s
brettdeanpaulallnitepreviewpict.jpg 15.3 kB
brettpreviewpict.jpg 10.8 kB
brian1_256.asf 7.94 MB 360x260 4m 53s
brian2_256.asf 7.05 MB 360x260 4m 21s
brian3_256.asf 6.62 MB 360x260 4m 5s
brian4_256.asf 5.87 MB 360x260 3m 37s
brian5_256.asf 6.66 MB 360x260 4m 6s
brian6_256.asf 5.71 MB 360x260 3m 31s
brian7_256.asf 5.83 MB 360x260 3m 36s
brian8_256.asf 7.66 MB 360x260 4m 43s
brianandjon1_256.asf 14.1 MB 360x260 8m 43s
brianandjon2_256.asf 9.18 MB 360x260 5m 39s
brianandjon3_256.asf 9.80 MB 360x260 6m 0s
brianandjon4_256.asf 13.7 MB 360x260 8m 26s
brianandjon5_256.asf 13.2 MB 360x260 8m 8s
brianandjon6_256.asf 11.1 MB 360x260 6m 48s
brianandjon7_256.asf 12.0 MB 360x260 7m 22s
brianandjon8_256.asf 10.3 MB 360x260 6m 19s
brianandjonpreviewpict.jpg 13.2 kB
brianpreviewpict.jpg 12.0 kB
broderick1_450.asf 12.3 MB 512x288 5m 6s
broderick2_450.asf 13.6 MB 512x288 5m 7s
broderick3_450.asf 14.7 MB 512x288 5m 13s
broderick4_450.asf 18.6 MB 512x288 7m 0s
broderick5_450.asf 29.0 MB 512x288 9m 8s
broderick6_450.asf 17.4 MB 512x288 5m 23s
broderick7_450.asf 17.4 MB 512x288 5m 22s
broderick8_450.asf 17.1 MB 512x288 5m 18s
broderickpreviewpict.jpg 19.7 kB
broderickrockyandcaleb1_450.asf 21.6 MB 512x288 6m 45s
broderickrockyandcaleb2_450.asf 20.6 MB 512x288 6m 21s
broderickrockyandcaleb3_450.asf 26.1 MB 512x288 8m 1s
broderickrockyandcaleb4_450.asf 26.5 MB 512x288 8m 8s
broderickrockyandcaleb5_450.asf 23.4 MB 512x288 7m 13s
broderickrockyandcaleb6_450.asf 20.3 MB 512x288 6m 17s
broderickrockyandcaleb7_450.asf 21.8 MB 512x288 6m 42s
broderickrockyandcaleb8_450.asf 21.8 MB 512x288 6m 44s
broderickrockyandcalebpreviewpict.jpg 27.7 kB
bryce1_450.asf 9.13 MB 512x288 3m 5s
bryce2_450.asf 14.0 MB 512x288 4m 25s
bryce3_450.asf 12.4 MB 512x288 4m 7s
bryce4_450.asf 11.8 MB 512x288 3m 53s
bryce5_450.asf 16.6 MB 512x288 5m 23s
bryce6_450.asf 11.9 MB 512x288 4m 29s
bryce7_450.asf 14.9 MB 512x288 4m 38s
bryce8_450.asf 13.4 MB 512x288 4m 10s
brycepreviewpict.jpg 21.9 kB
caleb1_325.asf 9.72 MB 368x276 4m 23s
caleb2_325.asf 12.6 MB 368x276 5m 36s
caleb3_325.asf 9.76 MB 368x276 4m 22s
caleb4_325.asf 9.70 MB 368x276 4m 17s
caleb5_325.asf 11.9 MB 368x276 5m 15s
caleb6_325.asf 11.4 MB 368x276 5m 6s
caleb7_325.asf 9.02 MB 368x276 4m 0s
caleb8_325.asf 12.6 MB 368x276 5m 36s
calebanddean1_325.asf 27.8 MB 368x276 12m 22s
calebanddean2_325.asf 25.2 MB 368x276 11m 3s
calebanddean3_325.asf 26.5 MB 368x276 11m 38s
calebanddean4_325.asf 25.2 MB 368x276 11m 3s
calebanddean5_325.asf 25.8 MB 368x276 11m 20s
calebanddean6_325.asf 27.5 MB 368x276 12m 4s
calebanddean7_325.asf 27.1 MB 368x276 11m 52s
calebanddean8_325.asf 22.9 MB 368x276 10m 5s
calebanddeanpreviewpict.jpg 18.0 kB
calebpreviewpict.jpg 17.2 kB
damon1_256.asf 6.44 MB 360x260 3m 58s
damon2_256.asf 6.71 MB 360x260 4m 8s
damon3_256.asf 7.30 MB 360x260 4m 29s
damon4_256.asf 7.59 MB 360x260 4m 40s
damon5_256.asf 5.53 MB 360x260 3m 25s
damon6_256.asf 6.95 MB 360x260 4m 16s
damon7_256.asf 6.90 MB 360x260 4m 15s
damon8_256.asf 6.73 MB 360x260 4m 8s
damonandlucca1_256.asf 10.7 MB 360x260 6m 34s
damonandlucca2_256.asf 10.3 MB 360x260 6m 19s
damonandlucca3_256.asf 9.82 MB 360x260 6m 1s
damonandlucca4_256.asf 12.4 MB 360x260 7m 38s
damonandlucca5_256.asf 11.8 MB 360x260 7m 16s
damonandlucca6_256.asf 10.0 MB 360x260 6m 8s
damonandlucca7_256.asf 10.0 MB 360x260 6m 9s
damonandlucca8_256.asf 13.0 MB 360x260 7m 58s
damonandluccapreviewpict.jpg 11.6 kB
damonandmichael1_256.asf 7.15 MB 360x260 4m 24s
damonandmichael2_256.asf 7.98 MB 360x260 4m 54s
damonandmichael3_256.asf 7.23 MB 360x260 4m 27s
damonandmichael4_256.asf 7.99 MB 360x260 4m 55s
damonandmichael5_256.asf 6.48 MB 360x260 3m 59s
damonandmichael6_256.asf 7.22 MB 360x260 4m 26s
damonandmichael7_256.asf 9.57 MB 360x260 5m 52s
damonandmichael8_256.asf 11.3 MB 360x260 6m 59s
damonandmichaelpreviewpict.jpg 10.9 kB
damonii1_256.asf 7.49 MB 360x260 4m 36s
damonii2_256.asf 8.01 MB 360x260 4m 55s
damonii3_256.asf 6.91 MB 360x260 4m 15s
damonii4_256.asf 8.29 MB 360x260 5m 5s
damonii5_256.asf 7.16 MB 360x260 4m 24s
damonii6_256.asf 7.24 MB 360x260 4m 27s
damoniipreviewpict.jpg 10.4 kB
damonpreviewpict.jpg 9.35 kB
davis1_325.asf 12.0 MB 368x276 5m 16s
davis2_325.asf 9.87 MB 368x276 4m 30s
davis3_325.asf 11.6 MB 368x276 5m 39s
davis4_325.asf 11.1 MB 368x276 5m 11s
davis5_325.asf 11.5 MB 368x276 4m 56s
davis6_325.asf 12.8 MB 368x276 5m 25s
davis7_325.asf 11.3 MB 368x276 4m 48s
davis8_325.asf 11.3 MB 368x276 4m 50s
davispreviewpict.jpg 15.2 kB
dean1_325.asf 13.8 MB 368x276 5m 58s
dean2_325.asf 12.0 MB 368x276 5m 10s
dean3_325.asf 18.7 MB 368x276 8m 3s
dean4_325.asf 18.9 MB 368x276 7m 58s
dean5_325.asf 12.2 MB 368x276 5m 16s
dean6_325.asf 12.8 MB 368x276 5m 28s
dean7_325.asf 10.8 MB 368x276 4m 37s
dean8_325.asf 16.1 MB 368x276 6m 48s
deanandbrett1_325.asf 11.5 MB 368x276 4m 55s
deanandbrett2_325.asf 10.9 MB 368x276 4m 38s
deanandbrett3_325.asf 12.8 MB 368x276 5m 26s
deanandbrett4_325.asf 12.8 MB 368x276 5m 27s
deanandbrett5_325.asf 12.5 MB 368x276 5m 19s
deanandbrett6_325.asf 13.3 MB 368x276 5m 38s
deanandbrett7_325.asf 9.89 MB 368x276 4m 13s
deanandbrett8_325.asf 10.0 MB 368x276 4m 17s
deanandbrettpreviewpict.jpg 15.5 kB
deananddamon1_325.asf 20.2 MB 368x276 8m 32s
deananddamon2_325.asf 21.3 MB 368x276 8m 57s
deananddamon3_325.asf 21.0 MB 368x276 8m 49s
deananddamon4_325.asf 21.1 MB 368x276 8m 53s
deananddamon5_325.asf 24.0 MB 368x276 10m 6s
deananddamon6_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 7m 35s
deananddamon7_325.asf 19.6 MB 368x276 8m 15s
deananddamon8_325.asf 21.4 MB 368x276 8m 59s
deananddamonpreviewpict.jpg 13.2 kB
deananddavis1_325.asf 17.5 MB 368x276 7m 50s
deananddavis2_325.asf 21.5 MB 368x276 9m 1s
deananddavis3_325.asf 24.3 MB 368x276 10m 11s
deananddavis4_325.asf 21.9 MB 368x276 9m 54s
deananddavis5_325.asf 18.1 MB 368x276 7m 40s
deananddavis6_325.asf 19.2 MB 368x276 8m 7s
deananddavis7_325.asf 22.6 MB 368x276 9m 47s
deananddavis8_325.asf 33.9 MB 368x276 14m 12s
deananddavispreviewpict.jpg 13.7 kB
deanandlucca1_325.asf 18.5 MB 368x276 8m 2s
deanandlucca2_325.asf 18.7 MB 368x276 7m 52s
deanandlucca3_325.asf 14.8 MB 368x276 6m 15s
deanandlucca4_325.asf 31.4 MB 368x276 13m 10s
deanandlucca5_325.asf 21.1 MB 368x276 8m 53s
deanandlucca6_325.asf 15.2 MB 368x276 6m 44s
deanandlucca7_325.asf 27.3 MB 368x276 11m 25s
deanandlucca8_325.asf 35.3 MB 368x276 14m 47s
deanandluccapreviewpict.jpg 11.3 kB
deanandtrevor1_325.asf 16.5 MB 368x276 7m 4s
deanandtrevor2_325.asf 18.8 MB 368x276 7m 55s
deanandtrevor3_325.asf 18.6 MB 368x276 7m 50s
deanandtrevor4_325.asf 17.2 MB 368x276 7m 14s
deanandtrevor5_325.asf 20.9 MB 368x276 8m 48s
deanandtrevor6_325.asf 23.9 MB 368x276 10m 1s
deanandtrevor7_325.asf 20.7 MB 368x276 8m 43s
deanandtrevor8_325.asf 18.7 MB 368x276 7m 53s
deanandtrevorpreviewpict.jpg 15.5 kB
deanbrettandtrevor1_325.asf 15.5 MB 368x276 6m 52s
deanbrettandtrevor2_325.asf 13.9 MB 368x276 6m 8s
deanbrettandtrevor3_325.asf 15.2 MB 368x276 6m 41s
deanbrettandtrevor4_325.asf 14.2 MB 368x276 6m 26s
deanbrettandtrevor5_325.asf 13.9 MB 368x276 6m 41s
deanbrettandtrevor6_325.asf 13.8 MB 368x276 6m 5s
deanbrettandtrevor7_325.asf 14.1 MB 368x276 6m 24s
deanbrettandtrevor8_325.asf 16.2 MB 368x276 7m 10s
deanbrettandtrevorpreviewpict.jpg 15.8 kB
deanpreviewpict.jpg 13.3 kB
denverandcaleb1_450.asf 42.6 MB 512x288 13m 18s
denverandcaleb2_450.asf 43.3 MB 512x288 13m 15s
denverandcaleb3_450.asf 51.7 MB 512x288 15m 48s
denverandcaleb4_450.asf 33.1 MB 512x288 10m 18s
denverandcaleb5_450.asf 30.2 MB 512x288 9m 18s
denverandcaleb6_450.asf 34.4 MB 512x288 10m 35s
denverandcaleb7_450.asf 29.2 MB 512x288 9m 0s
denverandcaleb8_450.asf 35.9 MB 512x288 11m 0s
denverandcalebpreviewpict.jpg 12.2 kB
devin1_325.asf 13.1 MB 368x276 5m 51s
devin2_325.asf 13.3 MB 368x276 5m 55s
devin3_325.asf 14.1 MB 368x276 6m 15s
devin4_325.asf 9.84 MB 368x276 4m 23s
devin5_325.asf 12.7 MB 368x276 5m 40s
devin6_325.asf 9.37 MB 368x276 4m 10s
devin7_325.asf 12.4 MB 368x276 5m 31s
devin8_325.asf 11.0 MB 368x276 4m 53s
devinpreviewpict.jpg 16.8 kB
dirk1_256.asf 8.73 MB 360x260 5m 22s
dirk2_256.asf 7.15 MB 360x260 4m 24s
dirk3_256.asf 8.56 MB 360x260 5m 16s
dirk4_256.asf 7.55 MB 360x260 4m 38s
dirk5_256.asf 10.9 MB 360x260 6m 42s
dirk6_256.asf 7.11 MB 360x260 4m 22s
dirk7_256.asf 8.31 MB 360x260 5m 6s
dirk8_256.asf 8.39 MB 360x260 5m 9s
dirkpreviewpict.jpg 17.2 kB
duke1_325.asf 9.75 MB 368x276 4m 25s
duke2_325.asf 14.5 MB 368x276 6m 24s
duke3_325.asf 10.6 MB 368x276 4m 43s
duke4_325.asf 10.2 MB 368x276 4m 39s
duke5_325.asf 10.5 MB 368x276 4m 41s
duke6_325.asf 12.1 MB 368x276 5m 23s
duke7_325.asf 11.2 MB 368x276 4m 59s
duke8_325.asf 10.3 MB 368x276 4m 35s
dukeandcaleb1_325.asf 15.2 MB 368x276 6m 48s
dukeandcaleb2_325.asf 17.0 MB 368x276 7m 31s
dukeandcaleb3_325.asf 15.2 MB 368x276 6m 43s
dukeandcaleb4_325.asf 14.6 MB 368x276 6m 28s
dukeandcaleb5_325.asf 9.28 MB 368x276 4m 8s
dukeandcaleb6_325.asf 27.0 MB 368x276 11m 52s
dukeandcaleb7_325.asf 13.0 MB 368x276 5m 45s
dukeandcaleb8_325.asf 12.0 MB 368x276 5m 20s
dukeandcalebpreviewpict.jpg 15.5 kB
dukeandtyler768.mp4 733 MB 768x432 1h 19m
dukeandtylerpreviewpict.jpg 23.6 kB
dukedeancaleb1_325.asf 27.7 MB 368x276 12m 30s
dukedeancaleb2_325.asf 24.9 MB 368x276 10m 57s
dukedeancaleb3_325.asf 27.5 MB 368x276 12m 3s
dukedeancaleb4_325.asf 25.2 MB 368x276 11m 3s
dukedeancaleb5_325.asf 26.7 MB 368x276 11m 43s
dukedeancaleb6_325.asf 25.4 MB 368x276 11m 11s
dukedeancaleb7_325.asf 26.7 MB 368x276 11m 44s
dukedeancaleb8_325.asf 25.8 MB 368x276 11m 19s
dukedeancalebpreviewpict.jpg 16.1 kB
dukepreviewpict.jpg 16.3 kB
dustin1_450.asf 11.3 MB 512x288 5m 0s
dustin2_450.asf 11.8 MB 512x288 4m 47s
dustin3_450.asf 11.1 MB 512x288 4m 12s
dustin4_450.asf 11.9 MB 512x288 4m 11s
dustin5_450.asf 14.0 MB 512x288 4m 39s
dustin6_450.asf 13.5 MB 512x288 4m 23s
dustin7_450.asf 15.5 MB 512x288 4m 49s
dustin8_450.asf 14.3 MB 512x288 4m 28s
dustinpreviewpict.jpg 14.9 kB
hauntedbuildingflashback1_450.asf 17.8 MB 512x288 5m 37s
hauntedbuildingflashback2_450.asf 18.1 MB 512x288 5m 40s
hauntedbuildingflashback3_450.asf 20.3 MB 512x288 6m 18s
hauntedbuildingflashback4_450.asf 15.9 MB 512x288 4m 55s
hauntedbuildingflashback5_450.asf 18.1 MB 512x288 5m 36s
hauntedbuildingflashback6_450.asf 16.3 MB 512x288 5m 3s
hauntedbuildingflashback7_450.asf 11.8 MB 512x288 3m 43s
hauntedbuildingflashback8_450.asf 16.4 MB 512x288 5m 5s
hauntedbuildingflashbackpreviewpict.jpg 17.7 kB
hawaiidayfour1_325.asf 24.6 MB 368x276 10m 48s
hawaiidayfour2_325.asf 46.4 MB 368x276 20m 16s
hawaiidayfour3_325.asf 19.9 MB 368x276 8m 46s
hawaiidayfour4_325.asf 25.6 MB 368x276 11m 14s
hawaiidayfour5_325.asf 32.6 MB 368x276 14m 17s
hawaiidayfour6_325.asf 15.1 MB 368x276 6m 42s
hawaiidayfour7_325.asf 34.3 MB 368x276 15m 0s
hawaiidayfour8_325.asf 30.7 MB 368x276 13m 26s
hawaiidayfourpreviewpict.jpg 21.5 kB
hawaiidayone1_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 8m 0s
hawaiidayone2_325.asf 17.9 MB 368x276 7m 50s
hawaiidayone3_325.asf 18.3 MB 368x276 8m 4s
hawaiidayone4_325.asf 18.6 MB 368x276 8m 10s
hawaiidayone5_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 7m 55s
hawaiidayone6_325.asf 17.8 MB 368x276 8m 6s
hawaiidayone7_325.asf 17.5 MB 368x276 7m 59s
hawaiidayone8_325.asf 19.8 MB 368x276 8m 41s
hawaiidayonepreviewpict.jpg 10.5 kB
hawaiidaythree1_325.asf 24.9 MB 368x276 10m 57s
hawaiidaythree2_325.asf 17.9 MB 368x276 7m 52s
hawaiidaythree3_325.asf 18.5 MB 368x276 8m 9s
hawaiidaythree4_325.asf 12.9 MB 368x276 5m 43s
hawaiidaythree5_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 7m 55s
hawaiidaythree6_325.asf 13.2 MB 368x276 5m 50s
hawaiidaythree7_325.asf 25.9 MB 368x276 11m 22s
hawaiidaythree8_325.asf 31.1 MB 368x276 13m 36s
hawaiidaythreepreviewpict.jpg 14.9 kB
hawaiidaytwo1_325.asf 17.7 MB 368x276 7m 52s
hawaiidaytwo2_325.asf 17.5 MB 368x276 7m 44s
hawaiidaytwo3_325.asf 25.1 MB 368x276 10m 59s
hawaiidaytwo4_325.asf 22.1 MB 368x276 9m 41s
hawaiidaytwo5_325.asf 26.5 MB 368x276 11m 36s
hawaiidaytwo6_325.asf 18.9 MB 368x276 8m 18s
hawaiidaytwo7_325.asf 26.1 MB 368x276 11m 24s
hawaiidaytwo8_325.asf 16.8 MB 368x276 7m 24s
hawaiidaytwopreviewpict.jpg 19.5 kB
hugh1_325.asf 12.6 MB 368x276 5m 46s
hugh2_325.asf 15.8 MB 368x276 7m 7s
hugh3_325.asf 23.1 MB 368x276 10m 9s
hugh4_325.asf 10.3 MB 368x276 4m 34s
hugh5_325.asf 9.25 MB 368x276 4m 17s
hugh6_325.asf 16.8 MB 368x276 7m 28s
hugh7_325.asf 22.6 MB 368x276 10m 6s
hugh8_325.asf 8.13 MB 368x276 3m 37s
hughpreviewpict.jpg 14.9 kB
introducingbaitandtackleflashback1_450.asf 26.7 MB 512x288 8m 22s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback2_450.asf 27.4 MB 512x288 8m 32s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback3_450.asf 27.5 MB 512x288 8m 33s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback4_450.asf 29.6 MB 512x288 9m 9s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback5_450.asf 27.1 MB 512x288 8m 25s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback6_450.asf 24.5 MB 512x288 7m 37s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback7_450.asf 27.5 MB 512x288 8m 31s
introducingbaitandtackleflashback8_450.asf 25.4 MB 512x288 7m 53s
introducingbaitandtacklepreviewpict.jpg 21.8 kB
jack1_256.asf 6.90 MB 360x260 4m 15s
jack2_256.asf 6.77 MB 360x260 4m 10s
jack3_256.asf 5.75 MB 360x260 3m 33s
jack4_256.asf 7.12 MB 360x260 4m 23s
jack5_256.asf 9.08 MB 360x260 5m 34s
jack6_256.asf 6.57 MB 360x260 4m 2s
jack7_256.asf 5.64 MB 360x260 3m 28s
jack8_256.asf 7.21 MB 360x260 4m 26s
jackbrettbill1_256.asf 19.1 MB 360x260 11m 42s
jackbrettbill2_256.asf 18.2 MB 360x260 11m 9s
jackbrettbill3_256.asf 12.5 MB 360x260 7m 40s
jackbrettbill4_256.asf 12.1 MB 360x260 7m 26s
jackbrettbill5_256.asf 13.1 MB 360x260 8m 4s
jackbrettbill6_256.asf 9.27 MB 360x260 5m 41s
jackbrettbill7_256.asf 17.7 MB 360x260 10m 50s
jackbrettbill8_256.asf 19.2 MB 360x260 11m 44s
jackbrettbillpreviewpict.jpg 11.6 kB
jackii1_256.asf 8.46 MB 360x260 5m 12s
jackii2_256.asf 6.32 MB 360x260 3m 54s
jackii3_256.asf 7.29 MB 360x260 4m 29s
jackii4_256.asf 6.11 MB 360x260 3m 46s
jackii5_256.asf 5.12 MB 360x260 3m 10s
jackii6_256.asf 5.23 MB 360x260 3m 14s
jackii7_256.asf 6.71 MB 360x260 4m 8s
jackii8_256.asf 7.59 MB 360x260 4m 40s
jackiipreviewpict.jpg 10.7 kB
jackpreviewpict.jpg 12.4 kB

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