Irmaos Dotados - Rick Paixao & Kayo - Amor de Rola (Love Dick)

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A couple of males who are always horny wanting to fuck, they love each other, but above all Rick Paixao who is bottom, has double love for his husband Kayo, because he owns a heavy, big, thick cock. and crooked that makes him feel many sensations when entering and leaving that loose ass, obviously every moment it gets in! Luscious kisses, punched with hi cock , balls hitting the entrance of the ass and cum, they will make you horny as hell and your cock will feel like being in those scenes of that ass and , being mistreated by this huge dick! I've already been hard writing this shit for you Good handjob or looking for a kid to escort you while watch this video, which is delicious
2020-08-01 16:34:31
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