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Mirek and Rado

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DescriptionWe paired two newcomers, Mirek Hodbod and Rado Smutny for a Rauchy Sex Duo and, boy, did they do well. Rado relaxes on the sofa using his slave, Mirek, as a rest for his feet. As Mirek kneels there Rado drink his wine and then uses Mirek's mouth to hold the glass while he reads his book. Rado then presents a foot to Mirek, who removes the shoe and sock and begins to kiss and lick the foot and toes. He does it very gently with Rado still relaxing. Then Mirek removes the second shoe and sock and Rado stands up and lowers Mirek's pants to reveal his hairy ass. Rado leans over and starts to rim that ass, his tongue going deep into the hairy crack and licking the hole. He also licks and bites on Mirek's ass cheeks as well, before taking a black butt plug and using his mouth to lube it. Then, duly lubed, Rado shoves it deep into Mirek's ass, with Mirek using a hand to spread the cheek and ease access. Mirek then strips off his shirt and opens his pants, pulling out a nice hard cock. He gets on his knees and presents that throbbing dick to Mirek for sucking. Rado removes Mirek's shirt too, as his cock is swallowed by his sex slave. He fucks his cock in and out of Mirek's willing mouth, his balls swinging as he fucks. Grabbing Mirek's head Rado pushes it down on his cock as far as he an until Mirek gags on that big dick. Rado's cock is so hard and ready he positions Mirek and shoves that dick deep in his ass. Mirek moans as that huge cock rams in and out of his ass, stretching his hole. His own cock is pushed back and looks great as he takes Rado's. Rado pulls out and shoves his cock back into Mirek's mouth for extra sucking, and then starts fucking him again. He repeats the same process several times, with Mirek being very compliant and doing just as his master wants. Rado then lays on the sofa and Mirek climbs on and sits down on that big, throbbing cock. He rides the cock as Rado fucks him as hard as he can. Mirek's dick is rock hard too and Rado takes it in his mouth for some sucking before Mirek slides his ass over cock again. A change of position has Rado dick deep in that ass again with Mirek jacking himself. Rado fucks him real hard and leans over to kiss him as well. Mirek then lifts one leg to give even deeper access to his ass and Mirek takes advantage, with his cock really slamming into that eager hole. That sends Mirek over the top and he shoots a nice big load. Rado it ready too and squirt his load all over Mirek's asa and then leans over to kiss his sexy slave.
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