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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-20 |
Our happy-go-lucky skateboarding cum-addict DAMON DOGG is back in his fourth and hottest volume of the DAMON BLOWS AMERICA series. This time Damon and his buds trek to SEATTLE and fill their bellies with hot sperm from the men of the Pacific NorthWest.

1 - Forest Camp: First off, Damon shoots a woodland cocksucking frenzy featuring four hot young tattoo'd newcomers. These lads suck and get sucked until they shoot their loads down each others' throats, dripping hot fresh cum from one mouth to another. Share and share alike!

2 - Graffiti Art: Then the Dogg shows off his cock-lust by blowing a horse-hung young man. Damon handles this big beautiful dick like a passionate pro, nursing not one, but two hot loads out, sucking the white juice straight down his throat to fill his hungry doggy-belly.

3 - Bathhouse Mirror: Then Damon pairs up next with a cute young skateboarder in a Seattle bathhouse. The skateboarder has a big fat cock that Damon can't get enough of. The two guys suck and lick each others' cocks, and end up shooting a big two-load mess all over a wall mirror. Never one to waste even a drop of the precious white stuff, Damon licks the mirror clean, swallowing down every drop of the kid's load and his own.

4 - Group Meal: This is followed by a big ol' cocksucking party full of young studs. It's a blowjob free-for-all, but Damon and his cocksucking buddy JAY are definitely the hungriest of the lot. Everytime one of the guys cums, he shoots it in either Damon or Jay's mouth and they spit it out into a drinking glass. By the end of the party, the glass is full of all the mixed loads and spit of the guys. And Damon slowly pours that full glass right down Jay's wide-open gullet! Still hungry for man-juice, the Dogg licks the inside of the glass spic-and-span clean.

5 - Just Dessert: And in the final scene Damon gets on his knees to worship the big dick of a lean and hung bi-sexual dude a construction worker  who can't get over how good Damon is at what he does. He must have liked what the Dogg was doing, because he shoots a truly huge, thick and tasty load right into Damon's mouth and down his throat. It's so much sperm, Damon has to work to get it all down. Good DOGG!

This one has by far the best and the hottest action of the series: lots of big hard dicks, lots of cock-worship and cum-swallowing. It's the kind of action that's made DAMON DOGG just about our most popular sex-addict here at Treasure Island. DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 4: Seattle, Washington is one hour of solid cum-swallowing blowjobs.

Starring Damon Dogg, Free, Jay Long, Doyle, Rayman, Matt Hunter, Darren, Cory, Matt and Jake Cloud.

Directed by Paul Morris.

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