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ChaosMen - Davin and Ransom RAW

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Description    Davin said he would come back and fuck another dude. I was thinking not many of my current crop of guys could handle his thick cock. I told him he could do another scene, but he had to promise to at least try to suck some dick, AND take a dick.

    After all, he is expecting another straight guy to sit on his fat dick, surely he could handle someone with a dick smaller than his.

    Davin seemed so much more at ease this time and sucking dick for the first time he didnÂ’t seem too unskilled.

    Ransom had no idea how big DavinÂ’s cock was, and he was swearing at me again for putting him with another donkey dick. So he was a little vocal about fucking Davin, trying to talk him into it so that he wasnÂ’t gonna be doing all the ass stretching.

    Turns out both guys seem to get harder and more off as bottoms!

    Once again, Ransom has to stop or not cum while getting fucked. It is a pretty cool cumshot as DavinÂ’s giant member fucks him and Ransom actually tries to show he can get the cum fucked out of him. He lets his dick go, a few squirts fly out, and then he then canÂ’t resist and jerks out some major DNA.

    Davin pulls out and after a bit of stroking adds his cum to RansomÂ’s load. All this topped with a bit of cum play at the end!
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