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Mason - Incorrigible Boy

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Part 1 - Mason is, by his own admission, a fuck-up. He's involved in all kinds of antisocial behavior, from petty theft to cutting class. Today he turns 18 and it's time to scare him straight, to give him a taste of what he can expect if he stays on his current path and ends up in adult prison. When his training is complete this innocent, simple boy will understand the ways of men. Next week: The fuck cross.

Part 2 - Mason gasps as his feet leave the ground and his arms and shoulders bear his full weight. Hooking his ankles to the cross provides some relief, but soon Mason has no choice but to sit down on the massive dildo jutting out at his butt. As he slides his virgin hole onto the hard rubber, he realizes it's held erect with a dowel and won't bend inside him. The crucified boy fucks himself for hours, screaming and moaning and begging for it to stop. Next week: Tied down.

Part 3 - After spending four hours on the cross, a stiff dildo fucking his virgin ass the whole time, Mason is collapsed on the floor. Now our birthday boy is bent over a horse and tied down. "Please don't do this," he begs, just before the whip smashes down on his thin back and beautiful butt. Then the man spanks Mason's whipped ass and fingers his raw hole. Next week: The crop.

Part 4 - When Mason is told to get dressed, he jumps for joy. But hours go by and he's still waiting to be released. "No, please, no," he begs as an assistant orders him to lie on the steel ladder and ties his wrists and ankles. Then the big man appears and slowly undresses him, whipping his exposed skin as he goes along. Soon Mason's clothes lie shredded in a pile and he's completely naked. The man gropes his cock and pinches his whipped nipples. His ordeal has just begun. Next week: Rape.

Part 5 - Mason's 18th birthday has been a journey to hell. He knows that the man torturing him wants him sexually so he offers his cock, hoping to generate some sympathy."Look, I got hard for you!" he exclaims, displaying his erect dick. "I'll even cum for you. I will!" he adds, then pumps out a big load of boy jizz. His reward: being raped by the fuck machine. "It burns!" Mason moans as the rubber dildo snakes up his ass. Next week: A merciless whipping.

Part 6 - Our birthday boy's punishment climaxes with a brutal whipping on his back and ass. Mason weeps and begs like the spoiled little boy he is, his twink body shaking with fear, then with pain. When he thinks his torture is finally over, the whip turns to his chest and stomach, leaving ugly stripes on his lily-white skin. "You've been a bad boy," the man barks, then turns out the lights to let the pain sink in overnight. Next week: Mark returns.

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