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[Raging Stallion] - Best in Hole

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Description Chris Ward is pleased to offer up proof positive that when given the chance, his handpicked cast of

fisting pros won't waste a minute spreading open wide for the camera.

First up, an amazing pairing of two Raging Stallion superstar exclusives: dark, musclebound, hirsute

HUESSEIN and lanky, limber MATTHIEU PARIS!

The two start off devouring each other's pits, cocks, and holes. MATTHIEU gets HUESSEIN up on our

chain-suspended fuck bench and as he chows down on HUESSEIN's beautiful, black-hair-covered ass,

MATTHIEU's own fat, uncut cock starts to drip in anticipation. But the glint in HUESSEIN's eyes lets

MATTHIEU know what the real plans are. HUESSEIN wrangles MATTHIEU off from on top of him and on to

all fours, revealing MATTHIEU's eager and hungry hole, spread open by MATTHIEU's willing hands,

winking and ready for plunder.

HEUSSEIN gloves up and dives in with plenty of lube--one hand, then the other, deeper and deeper

until his thickly haired forearms sink in to MATTHIEU's ass up to his elbows. MATTHIEU begs and

pleads for more, turning onto his back and brandishing his hard-on. As HUESSEIN digs deeper and

deeper, MATTHIEU's cock streams a golden shower of piss! This only encourages HUESSEIN further! He

sheaths up his rock hard cock and fucks MATTHEIU's open hole. MATTHIEU wants more and HUESSEIN gives

it to him, sliding in a meaty paw to whack off his greedy knob inside MATTHIEU's ass!

Still eager to show off more, MATTHIEU gets up off his hands and, on bended knees, rides HUESSEIN's

bulging forearm, his ass devouring HUESSEIN's arm like an all-day sucker. Riding faster and faster,

HUESSEIN pumps a load right out of MATTHEIU's stiff, untouched cock. MATTHIEU then lays on his back,

legs up, beautiful hole open to the world, giving HUESSEIN an eyeful. HUESSEIN sinks one hand in and

with his other, releases his own load in an explosive tribute.

One of Raging Stallion's latest exclusives, MARC LASALLE, made his debut late last year in LORDS OF

THE JUNGLE. This dark, sexy, African American hottie has a few more skills than he let on in that

highly acclaimed feature. He's also an amazing fisting top and bottom. We let him loose on

MATTHIEU's ass, and vice-versa, up on our studio's roof. The banging construction of a new condo

high-rise going on across the street couldn't deter these two from giving us an amazing show. Seeing

MARC's smooth, dark arms sliding into MATTHIEU's white, delicious ass is a beautiful sight to be

sure. MATTHIEU rides MARC's arms and MARC coaxes MATTHIEU's red rosebud out for display. MATTHIEU's

open rosy hole and thick uncut meat in the bright light of day is sight to behold!

MATTHIEU then turns the tables and shows us that the most accomplished fisting bottoms make

superlative fisting tops. MARC lies on his back, legs wide open, offering up his hungry, talented

hole to MATTHIEU, the master. And master MARC's hole he does, swimming the breath stroke, one hand

in, then the other, stretching wider and wider, tempting MARC to take both of his nimble hands. Not

to be outdone in the rosebud department, MARC is eager to show off his own wide, hot rose, which

MATTHIEU appreciates with his willing tongue.

MATTHIEU attacks MARC's hole with a flurry of repetitive fisting plunges that brings MARC up to the

edge and right over, blowing his cream load all over his dark belly. MATTHIEU rises up and pumps his

own monster cock at MARCs face, giving up an amazing spray of cummy goo. Then the two make their way

to our rooftop escape hatch, to the hammer pounding applause of the construction crew across the


For the finale, you get to see a fisting three-ring circus. Three voracious bottoms paired with

equally insistent and demanding tops: in the center, Raging Stallion exclusive TAURUS works over

smooth, tattooed, fisting pro CHRIS NEAL.To their left, Raging Stallion exclusive MATTHIEU PARIS

takes sexy, hairy pig man CRISTIANO's hole to new and astounding demonstrations of heart pounding

depths. Finally, in the ring on the right, newly crowned GAYVN 2007 PERFORMER OF THE YEAR FRANCOIS

SAGAT  sinks his wide, unforgiving mitts into the sublimely smooth, cinnamon shaded hole of JAVIER

DE CERDO. Each bottom, on all fours and facing each other, presents his wanting ass to their

masters, who pound and punch with eye popping abandon. This is an all-out, hole-out competition and

each top feeds his boy's ass with more and more to an incredible, screaming climax.
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