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[Raging Stallion - 2010] Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Part 2 (MP4 - 848 MiB - 02:11:42 - H 264 - 720x480)

CategoryMiddle Eastern
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DescriptionStudio: Raging Stallion
Year: 2010
Director: Ben Leon
Actors: Angelo Marconi, Antonio Biaggi, Austin Wilde, Aybars, Damien Crosse, David Dirdam, Derrek Diamond, Ricky Martinez, RJ Danvers, Steve Cruz
Categories: Anal, Butt Play, Cum Shots, Foreskin, GroupSex / Orgies, Hairy, Interracial, Masturbation, Oral, Outdoor Sex

- Hairy Arabs -

Part two of Tales of the Arabian Nights opens with a major tour de force. The pairing is between hairy superstar Steve Cruz and heartthrob Aybars. These two men were made for each other - their personalities, their hairy chests, their beautiful faces, their cocks, their butts... it goes on and on. This might very well be the best single pairing of the entire movie. If you are into hairy men, this scene will absolutely go down as one of your favorites of all time.

Steve and Aybars are really into each other (they actually asked to work together), so the connection on film is real. Both men exhibit throbbing cocks throughout the scene, a good indication that things are going in the right direction. Steve is a masterful performer and he guides Aybars through the ins and outs of making first-rate porn. This may be one of Cruz's best scenes ever.

- Sucking on the Hookah Pipe -

A lavish country estate in the middle of an oasis; a place for pleasure, relaxation, and romance. Damien Crosse and Wilfried Knight enjoy each others' company in another scene between two of the world's top porn stars. Wilfred and Damien are stars by anyone's standard, and this pairing delivers the fireworks that you would expect. Indeed, boys, this one is over the top! Damien is cast in the role of an Arab slut (surprise, surprise!) and he plays the part like a natural. Watching Wilfried's sweat run down his hairy torso carries us quickly into the heat of the moment. You can almost smell the sex when these men start fucking. Damien never looked better; now at about thirty years old, this man has hit his prime. His sexual skill is second to none, and this scene is a perfect example why Damien is probably the best performer working in porn today.

- Diamond in the Desert -

Derrek Diamond - the only Caucasian in the cast - is featured in a stunning scene with Ricky Martinez - a brand new actor and one of the most beautiful men we have ever discovered. Derrek, of course, is a superstar who has worked for many companies before choosing to come to Raging Stallion. Their scene unfolds during a rate desert rainstorm. As rains flows off the ancient tile rooftops, Ricky and Derrek explore each other's bodies - and there are great discoveries to be made. Ricky worships Derrek's cock in an oral scene that ranks right up there with the best blowjobs ever. Derrek then shows us how good he is at fucking - his huge dick never looked thicker as it goes in and out of Ricky's hole. Explosive cumshots bring the scene to a conclusion.

- Arabian Orgy -

The grand finale of Tales of the Arabian Nights is an hour long five man scene that is actually is an entire movie unto itself! This single scene could have been released as a full movie, it's that packed full of action. The setting is the marketplace from the original Arabesque shot five years before - one of the best sets ever built for a porn movie in America. The scene builds slowly, starting with a single stud - David Dirdam - stroking his uncut cock while sitting on a pile of oriental carpets. Moonlight bathes his body as huge pots of boiling water send steam into the midnight air. Sounds of the desert linger in the background. As the camera caresses Dirdam's beautiful body, in walks mega-hung fuck stud Antonio Biaggi, who boasts the biggest dick in porn. Although from Puerto Rico, Biaggi's family comes from Andalusia in southern Spain; he is one-hundred percent of Arab heritage.

Dirdham cannot resist Biaggi's dark Moroccan meat and he attempts to suck it down. But things that big don't go down easily. It becomes a power struggle, thrusting cock against gagging throat. Before a winner can be determined, in comes Angelo Marconi. The two-way becomes a threeway as all eyes focus on Marconi's stunning body. Marconi is a personal trainer to the stars in West Hollywood, and his body is a sculpted study of the male form. It does not get any better than this - unless, of course you have three such men intertwined in a rhapsody of writhing flesh.

Three becomes four when Tony Aziz joins the fray, and four becomes five with the addition of R.J. Danvers - who looks like a hairy white boy but is actually from Lebanon. All five men engage in an amazing display of cock sucking. Guys, this really is as good as it gets in terms of sloppy open mouth giant dick oral sex.

Then we start the fucking, with R.J. and Angelo taking it up the ass full throttle, balls to the walls. This is deep, relentless pounding by three angry Arab tops. Finally, after multiple positions and angles, cumshots spray all over R.J.'s hairy chest. The grand finale of Tales of the Arabian Nights is a sure-fire contender not only for best group scene of the year, but for the greatest group scene of the decade!"
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