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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-22 |  * Remastered * Bareback * Latino *

Young Isaias is one particularly horny "Young Devil"! He just can't get enough of warm, sticky boyjuice and will stop at nothing to squeeze every last drop out of his 5 hot and horny friends and, of course, himself, in this ALL NEW 2011 OTB release, with ALL NEW MATERIAL, directed by Roberto Escorda!

~Remastered; Scene by scene Color Corrected, Sharpened and Enhanced!

~NEW "Yadif" deinterlacer, for a sharp, crisp image; without the original DVD ragged "mouseteeth" edges! (see before and after photos)

Bonus Points Appreciated! Thank You!

------Movie Info--------------------------
Title: "Plain Filthy Isaias"
Studio: OTB Video Releasing, in conjunction with Latbocon Entertainment
Label: Starboyz Video
Series: Young Devils Special
Duration: 2 hours
Director: Roberto Escorda
Starring: Daniel, Fabio, Isaias, Lucho, Nino, and Omar
Released: Feb. 24, 2011
Video Resolution 720 x 480 (same as DVD) with 4:3 DAR Flag, for a 4:3 Screen Ratio
Video Bit Rate: 2574 kbps for a qF of .249 (30fps)
Audio MP3; 128 kbps @ 48KHz

OTB, Slim, Smooth, Petite, Twinks, Bareback, Latino, Rimming, Snowballing, Oral Sex, Big Dicks, Cum Eating, Anal, Fuckable

Promotional Info: "There's a brand new series from OTB/Starboyz Video, called "Young Devils Special"! Every issue will focus on one particular "Young Devil" that is particularly sexy. This time, it's young Isaias who just loooooves cum and uses every way imaginable to squeeze every last drop out of his horny friends and himself. All new material, no recycled scenes - this is an absolute must-have for fans of sticky, cum-centered hardcore! Rimming, cumeating, snowballing and lots and lots of cumshots!!"

PLEASE SUPPORT OTB, and buy their product, OFTEN! It's top of the line, and we all WANT this studio to survive, am I right???

The standard OTB formula is in play here, in every scene: "Boy meets Boy" outdoors, has a brief "pick-up" conversation (English subtitles burned into video) then retire indoors for passionate and energized sex play. Each boy cums twice, once during some oral sex, and secondly, after an intense fucking.

>>>Pawpcorn notes: I was SO excited when Mandragora posted this DVD, because it was a NEW 2011 release, AND was directed by Roberto Escorda (responsible for SO many HIGH-energy OTB productions, in the past!). In case you may have missed it, back in February, 2010, Director Roberto Escorda (Latbocon Entertainment) and OTB had ended their partnership, yet this was a NEW 2011 release, advertised as being directed by Roberto Escorda! I thought that perhaps OTB and Latbocon had reunited?

Alas, not to be the case; simply that these scenes had been shot back in 2007, back when the partnership was still in force. Apparently the scenes had languished on "the back shelves" for over 3 years (perhaps for technical reasons, discussed below), only NOW to be released! STILL, it was exciting to see this "new" footage...!

In my opinion, the former partnership of OTB and Latbocon was in many ways a "perfect marriage", speaking creatively. The OTB influence seemed to tone down the sometimes OVERLY-frantic pace of Director Roberto Escorda... and the Latbocon influence seemed to PICK-UP the standard (sometimes bordering on lackadaisical) pace of some earlier OTB videos.

AND the five scenes (ignoring technical issues) in "Plain Filthy Isaias" were NOT disappointing, in the least. In fact, I found it simply astonishing (in repeated viewings!) at just what an amazingly energized POWER-BOTTOM Isaias IS!!

He's simply an insatiable sex-fiend, who will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING conceivable, short of TOPPING(!), to get himself and his partner off, repeatedly. While I was color correcting this video, I wrote down this reminder note: "giving a whole new perspective to the phrase 'power bottom'"... because when you're watching this, you end up asking: "Who's really fucking who?!?!?" Isaias is literally stroking, massaging, and sucking the cum out of his partner's cock and balls with possibly the most talented ass I've ever seen! When you WATCH this video, you'll see exactly what I mean.

Isaias ALSO has a beautiful petite slim twink body, is hugely hung, is perpetually hard as a rock, and happens to give GREAT HEAD! The other reminder note I scribbled down during color correction was "Snowballs From Heaven" since Isaias and his partners do their best to retrieve ANY and ALL cum, wherever it landed (ass included!) to suck it up, lap it up, and snowball it (share orally) with their partner! Pretty amazingly erotic, IMHO.

Finally, (as a confirmation of MY appraisal of "Plain Filthy Isaias"), I was really pleasantly surprised to hear my Thai boyfriend (of 5 years and going!) to mention, out of the blue, "I really liked that video last night!". It's really rather rare for him to EVER particularly LIKE one of my porn videos, much less mention it later(!) and for him to mention THIS one, meant it "pushed all the right buttons" for him TOO, and he was (in his own way) suggesting we watch it again, in future sessions (as we did, again, last night, and again tonight!)...

AND... since a guest of ours was ALSO with us to enjoy this video last night(!)... in the company of three, I am proud to announce.. for the first time ever...!!! I'm now able to give this video the NOW-highest possible Pawpcorn rating, of THREE COCKS UP! lol...!! Enjoy!

----------Technical Notes---------------
I'm really happy to say that the final results of this project, overall, look fantastic... close to being flawless.

Most of the video scenes needed significant gamma correction to correct the overly-bright washed out look... and scene 3 (look at the left-side "before and after" pictures) was extremely over-exposed, with a weird yellow-greenish tinge to everything... which was REALLY really hard to try and restore. Fact is, once video is severely over-exposed (washed out), it's pretty much damaged beyond repair, but in this case, working some severe gamma correction, and complex color correction, I think the scene 3 end results were pretty decent... "acceptable" one might say, although I wish I could have done better... but I did the best I could, given the degree of damage to the video.

All in all, it took 54 edits of color correction, performed over the span of 2 (healthy) days, really, to do the color correction for this video. Note that scenes 1, 4 and 5 were close to flawless on the DVD, requiring only 1 outdoor and indoor color correction each for a grand total of only 6 edits. Scene 2 indoors required 6 edits, and "nightmare" scene 3 required 29 edits. The introduction (which showed clips from ALL the scenes) required 10 edits, simply for continuity.

Perhaps the technical flaws in these scenes are why this DVD video languished on the back storage shelves at OTB for more than 3 years?

Also, on the upside, (from having discovered the self-generated artifact problems in scenes with significant movement, in my original encodings, using the original deinterlacers) was the new discovery of a NEW "Yadif" (which stands for "Yet another deinterlace filter"!) deinterlace filter, with superb output, without ANY of the artifact problems frequently seen in my prior projects,  when using the prior overly-complicated "motion-masking" deinterlace filter I've been using for ages. I located a little information on the internet about these filters, and located an area on the Doom9 website, expressly for the author of this filter, for dialog back and forth with himself and video encoding enthusiasts. It seems it was appropriated from the "Mplayer" program, and implemented as two versions, one for Virtualdub and the other for Avisynth, utilized as a frame server for Virtualdub. This is now the SEVENTEENTH version of this filter! It does a better job of both double-frame deinterlacing, and 30fps deinterlacing, than my old filters, with NO artifacts during high degrees of movement, and it's faster! It was written in C, and it's touted as being highly optimized FAST code! I guess you can tell I'm VERY excited about this new method of deinterlacing!!! Improved quality for all future projects! Life is GOOD!

I occasionally get asked about WHY it is I'm dealing with all of these issues centering on "interlacing", when our early video technical education taught us that interlacing was a factor of NTSC broadcast television; and described at that time, as a compromise, of sorts...!!! Now here we are in 2011, looking at High Quality computer video, encoded, in an avi package! WHY are we still dealing with the concerns, issues, or problems of interlaced video? GOOD QUESTIONS, and I get asked that, frequently! The entire issue is dealt with in a thorough and concise manner, using language all of us can understand, at www dot 100fps dot com. The actual solutions to the problems are now a bit dated (with the advent of the "Yadif" deinterlacer), but the explanation of the interlace problem, still alive and problematic, is excellent. Note that many DVD manufacturers resolve this problem by releasing their DVD in so-called "progressive scan", which in theory is what I do here, on the 30fps version, at least, except, unfortunately, they don't seem to use as good a deinterlace filter as I use, and, sadly, the result is ghosting and fuzzy, softened edges, on anything moving. AND once the quality is "destroyed" by their method of deinterlacing, there is NOTHING (that I know of, yet) to restore the original crispness to their video. Conversely, if the manufacturer leaves the video INTERLACED on the DVD they release, I can actually IMPROVE the quality of the image, superior to the original, PLUS generate a double-frame-rate version,as I do here. Needless to say, I search out the interlaced DVD contributions, as future projects, and pretty much leave the so-called "progressive scan" DVDs alone, since I can't really do more than color correct them, and the end result is disappointingly "soft", with fuzzy edges.

Incidentally, I trimmed off 10 minutes of promo material for other OTB releases that followed the main movie, on the original DVD.

PLEASE SUPPORT OTB, and buy their product, OFTEN! It's top of the line, and we all WANT this studio to survive!

Naturally, any bonus points you can afford to reward me for my efforts would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

----------Personal Notes---------------
I doubt there's anyone who pays any attention, or really gives a damn, but it's been an entire month since the uploading of my previous project, [Vimpex] Blazing Flames 2 (30fps) at http://tracker.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=101569 and [Vimpex] Blazing Flames 2 (60fps) at http://tracker.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=101568

That's due to many factors...

A month ago, I STARTED the DVD conversion/remastering of "Plain Filthy Isaias", but kind of got "stuck" trying to repair the "nightmare scene 3"... and gave up, for a few days.

THEN I got really ill (sinus/chest infection), which knocked me out for 9 days, (having worked EVERY DAY for over 7 weeks, non-stop, no-holiday at "the day gig", had kicked my butt),

THEN, once healthy again, I finished the job of figuring out just HOW to fix the optically distorted DVD video in Scene 3, and finished the color correction,

THEN I took a 5 day vacation out of town, up country, where...

THEN I managed to get sick again (food poisoning at a "country wedding"), wiping me out for about 8 more days, and...

THEN, back home, when I was watching the final (or so I THOUGHT) versions, I saw that in BOTH versions, both of my trusty high tech deinterlacers had added some rather severe artifacts of their own(!), in the form of  horizontal banding during fast movement [and this video has a LOT of "fast movement", lol...],

THEN searching for, and luckily finding(!!!) a two forms of the new "Yadif" deinterlacers, then testing and implementations of these new problem-free deinterlacers, then finally, re-encoding both versions a second time consumed another 6 days,

THEN creating the "before and after" pictures, web-captured scene picture presentations, torrent picture presentation, and this excessively long, verbose and generally useless diatribe consumed another 4 days of free time.

WHEW! One solid month down the tubes. This is one "serious hobby"... you think? Being a "perfectionist" can take its toll, lol...

But... being able to share project results worldwide, with fellow twink porn enthusiasts... and being able to share something that is "value added", in reality, something actually SUPERIOR to the original DVD(!), along with the notes of gratitude I receive in return, make this a rewarding experience for me, fulfilling the "Labor of Love" concept, as stated in my profile. I know that my conversion projects bring a lot of happiness to a LOT of people all over the world, at the present time, and well into the future... guys who also happen to enjoy top of the line twink porn.

And again, I encourage everyone to PLEASE SUPPORT OTB, and buy their product, OFTEN! It's top of the line, and we all WANT this studio to survive.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have!

--------Note of Gratitude
Much appreciation to my esteemed colleague, Mandragora, who posted the original DVD torrent here:
Without his generosity, this project wouldn't exist! Thanks again, Mandragora!!!

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