Val Aris Fuckathon

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Nearly this entire video is of Val Aris getting his ass pounded as I twist him around in numerous positions from back to side to front, and finally fucking the cum out of him as he rides my cock.

Val is hella fun to fuck! He has an amazingly ripped body, a small muscular ass, and he LOVES cock!

After a short lead in, I hooked Val's legs, slowly pressed into the bottom boy, letting him get use to my girth, and when he fully relaxed I pounded his hungry hole just the way he likes it.

Some guys have their favorite bottoming positions because those positions feel better or hurt less. Val loves every enjoys them all. As long as he's getting ass fucked, he's happy!

After I slam the cum out of Val, he goes down on my nuts with such vigor that I blow one helluva load in his mouth.

For those of you who enjoy foreplay and blowjobs, there is a 16 minutes "Foreplay" video in the members' area that prefaces this and ends right where 'Real Sex Fuckathon' begins.
2011-01-17 10:17:21
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