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Twinked Out Of His Mind - Xtreme - Afton Nills

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Two hot twinks, Storm and Johnson are in the locker room after a hard days work in gym class. Storm starts to undress and notices that Johnson is checking him out. He turns to confront him, asking him if there's anything he wants to see. We all know where we go from there. Storm flops out his huge uncut cock, and Johnson begins to blow him. Meanwhile, Ertelle enters from the shower, notices what's going on, and decides to hide behind the locker and pleasure himself. Soon enough, Storm takes notice and demands he join the fun. Johnson continues to blow both actors before moving to the bench where Johnson rims Ertelle for a bit. Storm after he's had enough watching, rams his huge cock into Ertelle until they both blow their loads onto Ertelle's stomach.
Daniels & Johnson are showering alone after gym class. They exchange some dialog about being the only ones left in school, so Daniels comes up with something fun for them both. A pissing content, where the winner gets blown and gets to fuck the other. Daniels wins the contest and they both move over to the bench where Johnson blows Daniels for a bit. Daniels then fucks the hell out of Johnson in missionary and stand up doggie until they both blow their hot loads all over Johnson.
Storm and Dawsen are seated on a couch where Storm is tutoring Dawsen. As they get into it, Storm decides to give hands on tutoring. The two begin to kiss, then Storm works his way down and blows Dawsen for a bit. Dawsen returns the favor, sucking, licking, rimming and fingering Storm until he blows his load onto himself.

Kay and Grey are in the class room. Kay, the perv teacher talking to Grey about being teased in class. Kay takes off Grey's glasses and tells him he doesn't think he's a geek. Kay goes and gets his camera and starts photographing Grey. He gets Grey to get naked posing him on his desk snapping shots. Kay works his way close to Grey where they kiss. Grey blows Kay for a bit until he blows his load into Grey's face. Grey gets up on the desk and jacks himself off onto himself.

Storm is writing on a chalkboard when London enters the room asking for the teacher. The teacher being away, Storm offers to take London's measurements who's wearing his choir gown, and nothing else. Storm takes notice, asking him why he's wearing nothing under his gown. London tells him, that's what the teacher asked of him. Storm takes advantage of the situation and begins to blow London for a bit before throwing him on the desk and fucking the hell out of him until they both cum onto London.

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