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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-31 |

Age: College Freshmen to Late 20s,  Apparel/Uniforms: Suits/Tuxedos,  Body Types: Beefy/Bodybuilders/Muscle Men,  Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers,  Body/Chest Hair: Hairy and Smooth Guys Together,  Butt Play: Finger Fucking/Probing,  Cast's Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome,  Cock Sizes: Big and Thick,  Cock Sizes: Horsehung/Size-Queen Alert,  Deep/Manly Kissing,  Facial Hair: None (Clean Shaven),  Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks,  Jerking Off/Masturbation/Solo (Some),  Theme: Blue Collar/Warehouse Guys,  Theme: Office/Sex at Work,  Theme: Romance,  Threesomes/Threeways



Working Stiff is a fun little office based porno featuring fresh-faced new and not-so-new guys, simple storyline and great sex! Chandler has started a new job at an advertising agency. Turns out he got the job by fucking Shaw, head of Human Resources. Good old career fucks! There’s a plot about whether Hanson’s character is straight or gay, but let’s just concentrate on the fucking, shall we?

Collins and Scott are the boyfriends who run the art department, rescuing intern Devlin from the slimy clutches of Shaw. As thanks they decide to share him – and there’s no complaints from the intern. Devlin is naked within seconds and sucked, fingered and fucked on the desk.

Chandler’s best friend Fox spends all his time in bed with gorgeous boyfriend Williams. Very erotic and Fox is also very cute and makes a great cocksucker, but none of this is really relevant to the story, it’s more comic relief, so I’ll move on.

At the New Museum of Contemporary Living (if you live in abandoned factories) our two curators Burbon and Douglas (clients of the agency) celebrate their grand opening by exploring each other’s grand openings: Burbon’s is particularly stretched by Douglas’s fat cock. A false start here if you think Chandler (dropping off documents) is going to join in. Hell, the couple is naked! But they are far too pissy for his common sense approach so he leaves. (You know how museum queens are!)

Cut back to the two nympho friends, Williams bouncing around on Fox’s cock as they receive news that Hanson has invited Chandler away for the weekend on business. Guess he’s gay after all, proving it by seducing Chandler and fucking him rotten in the hotel room. A great top, Chandler gives the bottom role a good run. And they all lived happily ever after! A great fun video, and all Chandler has to do is be naked and smile and the whole screen lights up.

TLA Rating: 3.5 Stars

Cast:  Ace Hanson, D.C. Chandler, Alex Burbon, Anthony Fox, Anthony Shaw, Brett Collins, Cade Devlin, Cameron Fox, Casey Williams, Cody Scott, Matt Douglas
Director:  Derek Kent
Country:  US
Length: 1 hr 23 min
Year: 2002
Studio :  Studio 2000
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