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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-11-27 |
Christian & Tyler

Tyler has been a fan of notorious cumwhore and  Christian for years. When Christian got his first look at Tyler’s long, curved dick, the admiration became mutual–and Christian just had to show his appreciation right away. He gets to his knees and wraps his lips around Tyler’s meat, but it’s not long before Tyler takes total control, thoroughly pounding Christian’s face. The facefucking isn’t enough for either guy, and soon enough Christian’s hole is impaled on Tyler’s weapon of ass destruction. After a break for a taste of his own ass on Tyler’s pole, Christian gets pinned to the bed and fucked mercilessly. Not that he wants mercy: even after Tyler packs Christian’s ass with his load, the ever-hungry cumslut can’t help begging for more jizz.

Date Available: 21.04.2010
Duration: 00:12:29
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 103 MB
Details: Screenshots
Actors: Christian, Tyler


Cory, Felch Dog & Jayden

For his debut, we set him up with horny fuckers Jayden Brooks and Felch Dog. Cory and Felch Dog start off chowing down on Jayden’s meat before Cory takes it for himself, spearing himself on the topman’s fat tool. Then Jayden gets Cory on hands and knees to continue taking a pounding, while Felch Dog eagerly watches and waits for his chance to get a taste of Cory’s hole. After Jayden spurts a slick load of cum up Cory’s ass, Felch Dog takes a shot at it, tonguing that sweet goo-filled hole before sliding his own dick in to hammer it some more. After Felch Dog deposits his load, these hungry cumsluts flip-flop and the scene goes on…

Date Available: 16.06.2010
Duration: 00:12:51
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 106 MB
Actors: Cory, Dog, Felch, Jayden


Dan & Hans

Very few bottoms can match DAN FISK’s intense energy as he fucks. HANS wrote begging to get fucked by DAN as he has been a long time fan and wanted nothing more than to be bred by his thick cock. When the two meet, HANS shows his own prowess as he milks DAN’s cock like there’s no tomorrow, finally getting the load he’s dreamed of deep in his gut.

Date Available: 19.06.2009
Duration: 00:13:45
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 112 MB
Actors: Dan Fisk, Hans


Derek & Nick

Silver stud Derek Anthony may have found the ideal bottom when he gets physical with the aptly-named Nick Ho. Sucking Derek’s cock as if his life depends on it, Nick takes the lion’s share of that long, thick tool into his mouth and throat. When he brings Derek to orgasm, the sperm gleams in the light as it splashes onto Nick’s chin and body. Then it’s time to lay some pipe, doggie-style. Sliding his fat cock into Nick’s bunghole, Derek doesn’t hold back as he gives the bottom’s fuckchute an utter pounding. Pearls of cum arc through the air as Derek shoots his second load. He drives his point home, plunging back into Nick’s guts. When Derek gives Nick a taste of his own sweet, jizzy ass, Nick says thank you with more of his sensational tongue service, nursing on Derek’s dick once more.

Date Available: 24.03.2010
Duration: 00:09:09
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 104 MB
Actors: Derek Anthony, Nick


Fred, Jean & TJ

Fred and T.J. start off on their knees, licking and slurping away on daddy Jean’s fat hummer. Soon enough, T.J.’s dick demands a little attention from fellow cocksucker Fred, who happily opens up his mouth for T.J. while getting his ass pounded by Jean. The two men switch off multiple times, taking turns at Fred’s eager, gaping holes. After Jean shoots a gooey load up Fred’s ass, T.J. licks his lips as he falls to his knees, suckling on Jean’s dick before diving tongue-first into Fred’s used, sloppy hole. TJ takes the cum dripping from the greedy bottom’s hole as proof that he’s ripe to be fucked once more, and slides his schlong home while Fred eagerly licks Jean’s clean.

Date Available: 05.05.2010
Duration: 00:12:33
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 104 MB
Actors: Fred, Jean, TJ


Jesse, Kurt & Jayden

Kurt Wood and Jayden Brooks could hardly wait to fall to their knees for T.I.M. Exclusive Jessy Karson. By the time the cameras started rolling, new Exclusive Kurt is already swallowing Jessy’s meat while Jayden buries his tongue deep in Jessy’s asshole. After getting fucked by Jessy while blowing Kurt, Jayden decides to take a ride. Proving himself an aggressive bottom, Jayden takes charge as he mounts himself on Kurt’s joystick and then bends the topman as he pushes himself forward into Kurt’s eager mouth–without giving up the cock in his ass. The fuckfest goes on, by turns furious and luxurious, until Kurt finally pulls out to shoot thick gobs of cum directly onto Jayden’s hole before plunging back inside. Jessy follows suit, leaving all three guys thoroughly and utterly satisfied.

Date Available: 19.05.2010
Duration: 00:11:58
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 111 MB
Actors: Jayden Brooks, Jessy Karson, Kurt Wood


Keer & Jason

Keer really knows how to treat his boys. He starts by priming Jason’s hole with his tongue and fingers, readying him for the anal assault to come. Looking athletic in his jock strap and tube socks, Jason can’t resist the pull of Keer’s massive cock and frees it for a loving blowjob. Spurred on by the sight of Jason on all fours, Keer teases and taunts Jason’s hole with his dick before he begins to penetrate it for real with his huge tool. At first Keer fucks him slowly and gently to stretch him out. Once he’s got Jason’s asshole nice and open, Keer drills him deeply and leisurely, enjoying the ride. Jason’s moans are testament to Keer’s cocksmanship. Plugging that beautiful, round ass finally gets to be too much for Keer, who is eager to bust his nut. He withdraws his fuck-stick and squeezes out gobs of jizz, scoring a perfect bulls-eye on the well-screwed hole. Then he shoves the fat prick back inside Jason to milk the last remaining drops from his throbbing trouser-snake.

Date Available: 07.04.2010
Duration: 00:08:51
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 104 MB
Actors: Jason, Keer


Kurt Wilde & Randy

Kurt Wilde has a nice dick, but it distracts men from his awesome bung hole–and that will never do! He solves his dilemma by taking his cock out of play and offering Randy his hungry asshole instead. Kurt’s apadravya piercing is equipped with a padlock which Randy slides into place, all the better to focus on Kurt’s fuck chute. With the stage properly set, the intense assplay begins. Before long, Randy has 4 fingers inside of Kurt, and that’s just the beginning. Kurt’s hole gets a thorough workout as Randy uses a wrist-thick dildo to stuff his muffin, pushing home again and again. Having loosened that tight hole, Randy slides his cock into its welcoming warmth. Driving balls-deep, he gives Kurt’s ass a total pounding. Kurt’s insatiable hole demands ever-increasing stimulation, and Randy gladly provides it. Between the big black monster and a long double-dildo, Kurt’s hole gets primed for depth as well as width. After shoving the entirety into Kurt, Randy follows it with his cock, testing the depths of Kurt’s limits. Kurt gets sent to nirvana as Randy’s entire hand disappears into his guts. Utlimately, both men reach another level of pleasure.

Date Available: 27.01.2010
Duration: 00:23:08
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 188 MB
Actors: Kurt Wilde, Randy


Lito, Calvin, JD & BJ

A few weeks ago, we gave you a hot foursome with Lito, BJ, Calvin and Mason. The three topmen — muscular Lito, studly BJ, and hole-obsessed Calvin — enjoyed that fuck session so much, they asked us to set up another one for them. This time we gave the guys hungry little cumslut JD to play with. As Lito plows JD with his thick, curved dick, JD greedily sucks away on Calvin’s schlong. After delivering his warm, sticky load, Lito plunges in again for more of that fantastic lil ass. Spent, Lito shoves his dick into JD’s eager mouth while BJ takes a turn pounding JD’s hole with short, quick strokes. Lito’s fat dick is more than a mouthful for JD, who can only get his lips around the head. After BJ blends his goo with Lito’s previous deposit, Calvin slides his cock into JD’s well-seeded hole, drilling it with great intensity of focus until he, too, shoots a load. As the fucking and sucking go on, JD is near sensory overload. Cum oozes from his semen-filled fuckchute, a potent mix of the essences of all three topmen. His lust for cum not yet satisfied even as the scene comes to a close, JD scoops up jizz from his own dripping hole and licks it from his hand.

Date Available: 10.03.2010
Duration: 00:13:16
Resolution: 640x360
Size on Disk: 110 MB
Actors: BJ, Calvin, JD, Lito


Lito, Mason, Calvin and BJ

Cock-hound Mason gets a triple-dose of dick as he tangles with 3 hard-driving tops. Lito, Calvin, and BJ fully indulge Mason’s craving for cock, giving his puckered asshole the workout of a lifetime as they fuck him in turn. Not one to let a single opportunity pass him by, Mason greedily sucks dick for a good portion of the scene. One after another, the top men mount him, pummeling his bung-hole in a fucking frenzy. The action gets even hotter as Lito and BJ treat Mason to a mind-blowing double-dicking, which has him gasping. When Calvin shoves his fat cock into Mason’s mouth, Mason relishes being impaled by three–count ‘em, three cocks at once! Smiling throughout, he revels in being the center of attention. As the jizz flows, he receives the ultimate reward for his devotion several times over.

Date Available: 23.02.2010
Duration: 00:08:12
Resolution: 640x360
Size on Disk: 102 MB


Luke & Nathan

The guys in this interracial fuck scene are so hot ‘n’ horny for each other, the action gets started before the cameras can roll. It hurts so bad. I love it, Luke declares as Nathan pounds his ass mercilessly. Then the versatile dudes flip-flop, with Nathan impaling himself on Luke’s fat cock and going for a ride. It’s not long before Luke pushes him onto his back for a little foot worship and toe sucking–all the while continuing to plunge in and out of Nathan’s hole, making Nathan’s eyes roll back in ecstasy. Nathan returns the favor, facefucking Luke before turning him over to plunder Luke’s ass with his meat sword, eventually filling his sweet hole to overflowing with spooge.

Date Available: 03.06.2010
Duration: 00:12:27
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 103 MB
Details: Screenshots
Actors: Luke, Nathan


Mason & Luke

It’s fun and games in the open air for Mason and Luke. Things get started as cock-hungry Luke, who likes a dick dripping with spit, juices up Mason with his mouth. Then it’s Mason’s turn for some tongue action. His lust for man-hole compels him to rim Luke’s ass before sliding his thick member home. These guys show incredible stamina as they fuck for virtually ALL of the 14 minutes of the scene. There’s no relief for Luke, the impaled captive of a dominant cocksman. Luke moans and gasps as Mason slams home his meat over and over again, finally spilling his load onto Luke’s heated hole. But the action doesn’t stop there! Relishing the taste of his own jism, Mason felches the goo out of Luke’s puckered li’l hole. Exhausted, Luke gets one final mouthful of the cock which has driven him to the heights of pleasure.

Date Available: 13.01.2010
Duration: 00:14:21
Resolution: 640x480
Size on Disk: 117 MB
Actors: Luke, Mason


Seth Gangbang

Seth has always loved being the center of attention and, as the focus of their orgy, he gets all he wants from Mario, Robby, Taylor and Fidget. These eager fuckers hook up in all manner of configurations–one-on-one, two-on-one, and sometimes in a writhing heap of man-flesh. The fuck-n-suck fest begins with Seth blowing first Taylor and then Mario, while Fidget rims Seth’s tight little hole. Mouth still full of cock, Seth gets his first reaming from Robby, who fucks intently and shoots his jizz up the baby-faced fratboy’s willing ass. Leaving Seth no time to recover, Taylor steps up and plunges his cock deep into Seth’s cum-filled guts. Fidget keeps his mouth occupied with Robby’s and Mario’s dicks, until it’s Mario’s turn with Seth. He drills the kid’s butthole for all it’s worth. Moments after Mario delivers his load, Fidget slurps every bit of cum from Seth’s dripping ass.

Date Available: 24.02.2010
Duration: 00:09:07
Resolution: 640x360

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