All Worlds -- The Garcia Group 18 (Bobby Garcia)

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One of Bobby Garcia's films; I like it for "Jerry," the banana-schlongged twink who appears at the beginning. I've been hunting him down for 12 years, since I first saw him, and have located him in a buncha Bobby's films, and a Dirk Yates film or two, and my memory wants to say even one or two of Don Ross's (Body Shoppe, etc.).

Bobby talked a buncha military studs into stroking it for his camera; word on the street is that he offered them a chance to be in porn, and had them over for unpaid "auditions." Well, the "auditions" are all they ever did and all we've ever seen; the models didn't get paid for anything else. So not only did they do it for (or sometimes with) a troll, but they didn't get a dime for it!

It sucks that All Worlds had to buy the rights to Bobby Garcia's seemingly endless supply of marine video, cuz that means that I can't post the pics.

But scenes are viewable here: hXXp://

The category for this is tricky, cuz there aren't really any uniforms and there isn't really a military theme. We see one twink (Jerry), an average hairy-chested guy, a hunkier smoother white guy, and a guy in a cap. So they're not all twinks, either. So "Solo" is it.
2010-06-28 12:34:22
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