Ticket Home (1981) 720p TVAI

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In Ticket Home, young Luke is a footloose farmboy stranded in the big city. Blond John Carpenter is the businessman who leads young Luke on an afternoon of heavy mansex. Luke returns home for a hot solo session that builds in tempo until he shoots a fresh load of his youthful sexjuice. In Full Service, young blond Mike is in a threeway with macho mechanics Guillermo and Ed Wiley.

Delicious very early pre-condom fuckflicks from Falcon's coveted classic collection. Emphasis on butch mechanic-type dudes, and includes some great double-oral stuffings and several nice facial cum dumpings. -Keeneye Reeves

Denoised and deblocked 480p source then 1-pass TVAI to 720p
2023-03-14 23:50:41
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