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Blaine Janus vs Mason Brooks Wrestling

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DescriptionMaking his BG East debut, Mason Brooks looks incredibly young and deceptively innocent. His resume says that he has a little high school wrestling in his background and he's a long-time fan of BGEast. He has long dreamed about matching his wiles and wit through intellectual and physical prowess on the mats versus the best mat men BG East can offer. Even stretching on the mats, the rookie exudes a sweet sincerity. Simple, sincere, young, AND innocent!? It's little wonder that Blaine Janus licks his lips as he strolls out to the gazebo eager to introduce newcomer Mason to the brutal realities of BG wrestling.

Blaine, on the other hand, has long ago shed any pretense of innocence. The veteran of 6 steamy matches, Blaine has never failed to dial up the erotic content of any confrontation, on camera or off! His modus operandi is explicitly and always to dominate physically, psychologically, and especially sensually. His stated preference for an opponent is "unspoiled youth." Stepping into the crucible of the BG East gazebo and seeing intently earnest and undeniably sexy rookie Mason Brooks glaring back at him, Blaine grins from ear to ear. The first crack at "spoiling" a young pup like Mason is what Blaine lives for!

"That's cute," Blaine chuckles, waving at Mason in a way that seems to encompass the rookie from head to toe. "Cute" isn't exactly the tone young Mason wanted to strike his first time on camera. His golden yellow singlet and wrestling shoes are all business, whereas Blaine's extremely revealing baby blue mesh(!) gear is definitely more provocative. Blaine's shove at Mason's pecs is more playful than aggressive. However, when Mason pounces, hooking an arm around Blaine's head and tossing the veteran to the mat, he sends the clear message: he's here to wrestle - and fight - if need be!

Blaine is bigger and stronger than the lean rookie, and manages to muscle free from Mason's early offense without much struggle. Intent on a closer examination of Mason's impressive bulge, he slides into a crotch-ripping grapevine. Like snapping closed a steel trap, the rookie immobilizes Blaine with his surprisingly powerful legs, teaching the lusty veteran a lesson about reaching his hand too quickly into the cookie jar! Blaine grimaces in pain as the "kid" bears down on him. Once he's securely in control, Mason leans over and gives Blaine's gorgeous glutes an appreciative double-handed squeeze. It seems that this fresh-faced "innocent" rookie may have a little more on his mind than just wrestling!Blaine's ability to walk the fine line between competitive wrestling and the erotic is second to none. Cute Mason Brooks may have taken him by surprise with his power and wholehearted appreciation of Blaine's formidable assets, but it just makes Blaine that much more intent on working his unique brand of sexual domination over the rookie upstart. Turning the tables and locking Mason up tight in a rear chokehold, the skilled veteran begins exploring Mason's lean seductive, torso. He slides the palm of his hand underneath his young opponent's singlet, stroking the rookie's flat stomach and squeezing Mason's perky pecs and exquisite nipples. Those half-dollar nipples in particular enthrall this connoisseur of fresh meat, as Blaine grows distracted by what he finds packed into that yellow singlet. That singular moment of distraction is all it takes. The lightening-fast rookie reverses and wrings out a first fall submission from his astonished Canadian opponent.

"All right, you just got lucky with that one," Blaine grins. There are very few "breathers" allowed, as both eager wrestlers resist relinquishing the momentum once they've made their opponent cry uncle. Blaine seems hell-bent on spreading Mason's legs wide and exposing that enticingly ample package as he rips the kid's crotch apart. For his part, Mason is a marvel, employing clever and torturous combination holds that he most definitely never learned while competing on his high school wrestling team!

Blaine cops a feel of the increasingly sweaty Mason every chance he gets. Mason's surprisingly powerful pecs and those magical nips get most of the veteran's amorous attention, but his attention inevitably turns to grabbing hold of the beautiful bulge between the rookie's legs. When Mason refuses to submit, the veteran's grin stretches wider. "Want me to pinch those nipples a little more? Good! You look pretty when you're in pain!"

The chance to be first to spoil 'innocent' Mason may be more than Blaine bargained for. This rookie has some technical skill! Mason returns his every grope, ass slap, and ball claw with rising relish. With his balls locked up tight in Mason's vice, Blaine snarls, "You like playing with my balls?" "Actually," the rookie replies, cranking that much harder, "I do!" Is the winner the sweat-soaked hunk who racks up decisively more submissions? Or is it the determined grappler who sleepers his opponent out cold? Between the crotch-grinding and sweat-soaked face sucking, it's hard to say anyone really loses, least of all BG fans
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