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[ChaosMen] 0051 Jack Lee & Jonatan & Kurt Wild TagTeam

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DescriptionThere is SO much energy in this video. I swear its Jonatan and his animal magnetism. Every time he is around, the scenes go nuclear.

Jonatan came out from Austin to do a project with Kurt, but when Jack did such a great job during his solo, I thought I would get my first three-way on the site.

Jonatan is like many of you, he can't believe a lot of these guys are straight, and was astounded when both the dudes he was about to fuck were both straight. I let him know that both the guys had done plenty of work, and not to be surprised that their level of comfort was not typical of most of the straight guys I work with. If he comes out to do more work with other straight guys, it will be more challenging.

Kurt and Jack arrived and we stood around talking about the shoot. Jonatan was flirting non-stop, and both guys were actually blushing. He'd come up behind and caress their asses and whisper how hot they were with his thick Latin accent. Both of them would laugh and lean back in to him, but a little surprised, and I'd swear they were flattered.

I've worked with Jonatan for many years, and there is just ?something? magnetic about him. It's subtle, and he seems to not even realize he is doing it- it's like breathing to him. But when he wants to turn it on and up, it's like whammo! Both guys were responding to him even before we finished the paperwork, and it floored me.

The shoot just went from there. I basically stood there filming while they went at it like animals. Kurt was eager to find out if his bottoming experience was a fluke and if it would make him cum (it did), and Jonatan had seen Jack's facial and was bound and determined to make him do it again AND eat his ass out while it was happening. (he did!)

Jonatan was last to cum and wanted to have both guys kiss on him to make him cum. I think Kurt's not done the kissing thing before, and I don't know about Jack, but it quickly got Jonatan over the top. To me, kissing is about as hot as it gets.

I don't know how I am gonna top this video. It's pretty hot!

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