KinkMen - Make Him Talk: Detective Sean Duran's Brutal Interrogation 1080p

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After being arrested, gangster Jason Emre is nervously sitting in the interrogation room of the police station. Detective Sean Duran enters and demands that Jason give up the rest of his crew. Jason refuses to snitch out of fear of what will happen to him. Sean informs him they have ways to make him talk but Jason still doesnÂ’t comply. Sean decides to take matters into his own hands and use some non-regulation interrogation techniques. First, Jason is bound to a chair with rope and wearing a blindfold and gag. Sean works JasonÂ’s toned body over with hard smacks from a paddle. To increase the pain level, Detective Duran grabs clothespins to pinch JasonÂ’s skin tight. Jason remains vigilant and doesnÂ’t spill his secrets. Since Jason wonÂ’t talk, Sean shoves his cock down the perpÂ’s throat and fucks his mouth. Sean then utilizes jolts from the zapper but all Jason gives him are screams of pain. Next, Sean has the criminal handcuffed and bent over the table. After a brutal paddling and flogging on JasonÂ’s butt, Detective Duran still isnÂ’t getting the information he desires. He determines that he needs to try a different approach to getting Jason to open up. Sean grabs a dildo and plunges it into JasonÂ’s anal cavity. Finally, Sean pulls out his hard cock and fucks the perp until they both blow their loads and Jason agrees to give the Detective what he wants. ft Sean Duran & Jason Emre
2023-05-24 16:40:29
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