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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-10-03 |
This movie was rather broken when it came to me.
At one time, I would have to have left it but over the years, I have learned a few tricks about recoding and repairing movie files.

I hope you like the results.

This movie was more than I expected!  Initially, I had gotten it because of the wrestling theme.

Not only was I a wrestler not that long ago, but it stretches farther back to a fetish that was sparked in my youth in Junior High, later reinforced when I saw the movies, Wrestling Meat 1 and 2.

But like I said, I got more than I bargained for.
I got a film that is not just porn, but has a story with a plot!

I should have known it was coming as this studio has done that to me several times in the past.

If you have ever seen Dream Team, that should give you a better idea of what I am referring to.

If you would like to see a preview that I made, you may do so here, streamed from my own site:

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



Take Down
[Studio 2000]


hxxp://www.pornwatcher.org/Studios/Studio2000Summary.html (index only)


Periodically the world of XXX-Rated video feels the thrill of something new - something fresh - something exciting -- something of such visual quality and erotic impact that it makes it all thrilling again. This time that thrill is TAKEDOWN. Remember the name.

TAKEDOWN is the premiere release of Studio 2000-A new production group formed by craftsmen who want to put quality back into erotic fantasy without losing the beat and heat of the 90s. Studio 2000. Remember the name.

Central to the concepts and goals of Studio 2000 is director, John Trennel. At various times in his career John has been the creative force behind many successes with other names-Falcon, Brentwood, Huge Video, ... . John has been given the freedom and support that a creative person craves to inspire his finest work. And it has paid off. That payoff is TAKEDOWN, a video you will not soon forget.

TAKEDOWN draws you into the world of collegiate wrestling where perfected, muscular bodies and hair-trigger emotions clash in competitive intensity resulting in joy, pain, sorrow, exultation, and make male bonding that will last a lifetime.

TAKEDOWN stars Adam Hart, a blond creation of breathtaking proportions whose physical beauty inspires original sins and whose warmth and sensitivity will lind him to you forever.

In his video debut, Adam is Johnny, a young collegian and top man on the wrestling team. Johnnys days are spent sweating and struggling on the mats and his nights in bull and beer sessions at the frat house. It is the ideal college setup. However, Johnnys life has another agenda. Hard-muscled sexuality, sensual good looks, and hero status cannot mask other needs in Johnny that are about to erupt.

The man who is both Johnnys nemesis and savior is Curt-the assistant wrestling coach played by Rick Bolton-another newcomer to the professional video scene. And Rick Bolton is the perfect match for Adam Hart with his dark, suave, handsome image; his graceful body; his sensual moves and -his irresistable personality that is at once boyish and invitingly adult. Rick would seduce any innocent--and make his education very worthwhile.

TAKEDOWN surrounds Adam and Rick with an all-star cast of young athletes doing what they do best-creating a sexual storm of erotic magnificence - The result is a hot balance of handsome and horny newcomers like Bo Summers, Chris Farrell and Joey Morgan mixed with experienced sex athletes Jason Andrews (Falcon favorite), Adam Archer, and Danny Sommers (AVN newcomer of the year 1991).

TAKEDOWN is a breathtaking sexual celebration that will pull you into the intense and erotic world of college athletes living out their erotic fantasies, propelling themselves into sexual experiences as they search for physical fulfillment. It is sexuality at its very best-obsession, male passion, seduction-all put together by director John Trennel and brought to you by Studio 2000 for your viewing pleasure.

TAKEDOWN, John Trennel, Studio 2000--setting the pace for the 1990s!



Withe the recent explosion of non-sexual and "demi-sexual" wrestling videos on the market, a lot of customers are clamoring for the real thing. In other words, a wrestling video with real sex in it. It certainly does not seem too much to ask, does it? Take Down is a lot more than a wrestling fetish movie, though. The story is complex and well-written. It follows frat boy Adam Hart, as he attempts to reconcile his suppressed feelings with a distaste for his openly gay roommates promiscuity. The roommate is played by Adam Archer, a guy whose work has been getting better and better lately.

Of course, Harts character can not go anywhere on campus without stumbling upon his buddies paired off and "helping each other out" sexually. There is Joey Morgan and Chris Farrell in the mat room and Bo Summers with Jason Andrews on a patio. Gay sex even invades Harts dreams, as coach Rick Bolton and lovestud Danny Sommers go at each other and cause Hart to wake up all sweaty and sticky.

The story is charming, if a little retro. In an era of AIDS education and Queer Nationals, few men of college age these days are quite so clue-less as Harts character about the availability of gay sex. Perhaps setting the story in the 70s or introducing some of these modern elements might make the story more realistic. But for both charming dialogue and tender set-ups for the sexual action, this script is a pleasant throwback.

The camera work and sexual direction of John Trennel (aka John Travis) is back to being top-notch after a string of weak productions. No one knows how to get a butch boy to thrust his butt invitingly in the air quite like Travis. Unfortunately, he seems to either be using cheaper cameras or the tape is being heavily sub-mastered before the duplication process, because the visual quality throughout is rather grainy. There are also some awkward moments of poorly looped dialogue and a soundtrack of rather smarmy music. But as a debut for Hart and a solid lead vehicle for the incredibly handsome and flexible Rick Bolton, you can not ask for much more.

Reviewed Dec 1st, 1992 by Dave Kinnick
Critical Rating: AAAA


Hot "straight" stud Hart is having noodle problems when his girl is going down on him. So, what does he do? What any straight boy would do: head on over to the frat house and get head from his gay (meaning cocksucking) friend.

A decent premise and good production values are nearly wrecked by some blah scenes in the flicks middle. However, plus points for the terrific opening scene (the blow job) and for this being musclestud Bo Summers debut. Woof! In addition, there is some really hot lockerroom and rasslin action, and some of the cocks here are big and thick.

Fans of frat boys, straight dudes getting it on with their faggy friends, sports, jockstraps, lockerrooms, wrestling moves, and muscles will be pleased. Just not blown away.

-Keeneye Reeves

(Currently defunct)

Take Down is a wrestling video with a whole lot more. Adam Hart is a frat jock boy who is revolted by his roommates gay promiscuity, yet is coming to terms with his own sexual interest in men in and out of the locker room. After a woman dumps Adam, his roommate, Adam Archer, easily seduces him, blowing him and introducing him to the world of gay sex.

It turns out that Adam Harts surrounded by gay sex. On the wrestling mat, he spies Joey Morgan and Chris Farrell wrestling each other out of their wrestling gear, to their jockstraps, to nothing. These two men look steamy hot with their bodies gleaming in sweat while wearing only their jockstraps. Eventually, bottom boy Chris sucks and rims Joey before Joey plows his spear inside Chris.

Adam, continuing to wrestle with his sexuality, gets away from the frat house to stay at the home of (gay) coach Rick Bolton. As he sleeps his first night at the coachs house, Adam dreams of Rick making love to Danny Sommers. Danny, who is well known as a bottom, plays the top role here, and he is damn fine at it. Ricks skilled mouth brings Danny to full attention before Rick gets on all fours to get fucked by Danny.

The next day, Adam finds Bo Summers and fellow blond Jason Andrews doing the nasty in the yard. Unfortunately, he doesn not join them. Bo sucks off Jasons very long dick before they get into a sixty-nine suck and rim session. Jason fucks Bo on all fours, and Bo really gets into the sex here, bucking his ass against Jasons rod. Too bad more bottoms are not like Bo here.

The next scene features Adam coming out of the shower to jack off in front of a mirror, only the mirror image he sees becomes that of Rick, and they kiss and jack each other off. Adam arouses from his fantasy to find a cum-covered mirror. This leads to Adam confronting Rick about his desire for him, and the two men retreat to Ricks bed where they make love. It is unfortunate that Adam does not reciprocate more, as it seems that Rick is the one doing all the work here. He sucks off Adam and then presents his ass for a pounding. There are some nice shots of these men as they fuck, especially as Rick puts both legs in the air to get fucked. The cumshots do not disappoint either.

John Trennel did a fine job with Take Down, including enough of a plot to build a sex story around. The sex, while never scorching, is good enough to keep you hard, especially considering the many woeful videos that were produced in the early 1990s.

Rad Video Review by Medstud
Rating: 3.5/5.0


Adam Hart leads Take Down
Take Down was John Travis very first release by his newly minted studio Studio 2000. This handsome film contains all of the hallmarks that Travis used in his earlier works - glossy photography, heated sex, a thematic structure, and remarkably handsome men. It also projects was was to become an extremely successful film studio under his helm.

Take Down is a tale of a young college athlete who strikes out consistently with every girl he dates. The film traces his first baby steps towards discovering his true sexual impulses. This youth is played by then-newcomer Adam Hart (Desert Hart), who was a perfect vessel to bring to life this coming out tale. DVD

Hart, a blond with a wonderfully expressive face that suggests depths yet to be plumbed, a great physique that seems more natural than gym-built and a perfect bubble-butt. Although he functions mostly as trade throughout the film, he does caress, jack off and kiss them.

The story: Rejected by his girlfriend, Hart returns to the fraternity house where his openly gay roommate (Adam Archer) finally gets to service him. Riddled with guilt, Hart flees to the safety of his coach (Rick Bolton), where he asks to crash for a few days, making it clear that he wants no questions asked.

For the next several days, it seems that during every waking hour, he is confronted with men humping men. He spies two wrestlers in the gym (Joey Morgan and Chris Farrell) and the two students from whom he needs to borrow some chem notes (Jason Andrews and Bo Summers from Jawbreaker). His nights are no better because he is plagued by wet dreams featuring Bolton and Danny Sommers.

Finally after a well-done solo session in front of a mirror - Hart makes the first decisive steps toward exploring his gay urges by inviting coach into his bedroom.

The cast of Take Down is uniformily handsome and heated, the music is well done and the script is tight. One of the finest aspect of the movie is the videography, a style which John Travis developed and used from this point on, and which we enjoy in his Studio 2000 movies.

Travis images are perfect - a double-focus shot of Hart watching Archer giving him head, an amazingly intimate top shot of Morgan penetrating Chris Farrell, a top shot of Summers sucking Andrews on a vibrant green carpet, and a cross-cut of the eye contact between Hart and Bolton when they eventually connect.

Take Down hits both the heart and the hard-on, and watching the coming out of Adam Hart will strike a familiar chord with many viewers. John Travis creates a great document of sexual self-discovery.

Review by Frisky Boy - 4 Out of 5 Stars

Stars: Adam Archer, Adam Hart, Bo Summers, Chris Farrell, Danny Sommers, Jason Andrews, Joey Morgan, Rick Bolton

Director: John Trennel

Released: 1992


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