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Release Date: 2020-09-11
Yuto, an 18 year old college student who still looks young, is here! He came here thinking he could have sex with a girl... but everything that happens today is his first time! He has never even kissed a girl before...but his heart is racing as Goggleman gently leads him around, kissing him and then giving him his first blowjob, and he can't help but say "Oh my god! Yuto was so hard on Gogglesman's thick cock that he was surprised when he got his first blowjob. The play gradually escalated, starting with a six-nine and ending with his first ass penetration! After feeling pleasure for the first time, Goggleman asked Yuto, "Do you want to try it in mine? After feeling the pleasure for the first time, Goggleman asked, "Do you want to try it in mine? She shoots her load with a nice feeling. And in a big volume! It went over my head and out of the bed! He spurts, "It's so hot, I'm surprised!

幼さ残る18歳大学生ゆうと君登場!!女の子とエッチができると思って来たはずが…本日起こる事が、すべて初体験!!女の子ともキスまでしかないのに…心臓がバクバクしながらもゴーグルマンに優しくリードされ、キスから始まり初めてのフェラで思わず『すごい!』ゴーグルマンの太めのチンコを一生懸命頬張る ゆうと君。プレイはだんだんエスカレートしていき、シックスナインから張り型で初めてのアナル挿入!初めての快楽を感じた後、ゴーグルマンの『俺のに入れてみる?』の一言に『うん!』慣れない腰つきで気持ちよさそうに発射!量もたっぷり!飛距離も頭上を通り越しベッドの外にまで伸びました!最後に一言『熱くてびっくりしました!!』
2023-03-15 07:24:33
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