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Ashton Uncut - Aussie dominant master

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Name: Master Ashton
Location: Surfers Paradise QLD ,Australia
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Hight: 6'1
Wight: 70 kgs
Penis Size: 7.5 inches
Circumcised: Uncut
Favorite Movie: Gangster shit
Favorite Songs: Anything Eminem
Favorite Sex position: I love to have her bent over a table or something then give them a good fucking from behind! Also making girls gag on my cock till they nearly spew
Likes: Running, working out, skateboarding, showing off, teasing
Dislikes: Timewasters, Poor Faggots, Fake Faggots, People who are all talk.
Smoke: When I'm relaxing ill have a cigar.
Recreational Drugs: Depends on my mood.
Relationship Status: I have many girlfriends, the ladies can't get enough of me even if they have to share.

I am Ashton Thomas, the best dream you�ve had. Ever.

I am 21, blond, 6�1� of lean, hard Aussie muscle with a face that drive chicks � and fags � wild.

Ever since I was a boy I have been nothing but horny, craving pussy, yearning for the attention of drooling chicks and their lips all over me. And since a young age I have been aware of my perfection, and my uniqueness and long before I became the model that I am today, I was the dream of many a chick � and fag. I soon realised that not only did I have a growing group of followers but that they were also willing to do anything to get my attention. At school it was not uncommon to see chicks lining up to buy me lunch or carry my books. Why, I even had a little fag boy who came around now and then to clean my room! But that�s another story!

Modelling has given me a great outlet for expressing my true self, to flaunt what I have and get paid for it and get paid well. I also came to realise pretty soon that the little adoring followers I had were not confined to school. Everywhere I go they surround me, eager for even a few minutes of my time and willing to do anything for it. Sometimes it�s nothing more than just a passing smile and they are happy!

It was then that I came across a website where a �Master� advertised his services. He was charging a lot of money from �slaves� to show off his body on cam! He was not bad looking but he was not a patch on me, short, even chubby. Here was a whole new world to explore with what I have got, I thought, going through his website. So, the Masterashton.com website was born.

What is this site about? It is about giving you little, pathetic slaves a few minutes of my time to brighten your lives to make you feel gratified because you have set your eyes on perfection. I love to see all you those drooling, snivelling slaves on your knees, even crawling on your bellies trying to prove your worth to me to attract my attention. It amuses me to see grown men act like pathetic dogs, happy to lick the computer image of my foot simply to please me. It cracks me up to no end to see little losers beg and whine to see me run my hands over my rippling muscles imagining it�s their hand yet knowing it is not. I deserve it. And you, my little loser slaves, you only deserve to get what I graciously allow.

What do I allow you, my little dribbling slaves? Well, if you are lucky you can see me on cam, see my lean, hard muscles ripple under the supple skin, watch me smile at your pathetic craving, and, if you are lucky, even to see me dip my hand into my pants and pull out the monster that has made many a chick swoon. You will see me and you will squirm and you will crave for more. If you are a really good little slave I might even give you a task or two to perform at home for my amusement!

But it comes at a price. I make more from modelling in a month than what many of you fags make in a couple of years but I am not ready to show myself off for nothing. So, slaves, you will have to pay, and pay well for my attention. You know where the prices are on this site. So check them out and get ready to beg for my attention!
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