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Here's a thought: given the potential of only hours to live, what is one to do with the time? It's October 30, 1938, the night of Orson Welles' legendary and infamous Mars broadcast where residents of New Jersey were scared witless by an interrupted radio broadcast hailing a Martian invasion. In Pittsburgh, guys are playing cards, discussing, among other things, "that guy in Germany, Hitler, who is getting really popular," in Willow Brook, Illinois, someone is shucking corn and on the Arizona-New Mexico border at a cultural museum, guards are jittery as all hear this shocking news. So, how do they react to the above question? Eat a hearty meal? Call Mom? Knock off a liquor store and grab the really good stuff? Belt out the entire score to "Rose-Marie" that they have been keeping hidden inside?

Jason Hawke and Troy Punk go so far as to suggest church might be in order, but Jason would rather stay with Troy, who knowingly admits the same when he tells Jason his wife left him. They feel safe together. Goateed beefcake Jason and the hairy tattooed Troy, as hot a couple as I can fantasize, head off to bed where they suck face heartily. They grope as the camera shows off their exquisite bodies until Troy does a flashy blowjob on Jason. Gyrating his entire head around the cock, he keeps Jason wonderfully hard until they can settle into a happy 69 and work their ultra-professional mouths in tandem. Both get plenty of solo sucking time, with the sounds adding to the heat, especially when Troy is gobbling or getting face-fucked. Both guys have heavenly butts (and since this movie springboards from the heavens, they are in the right place), so watching either invaded (not by Martian, natch) will be a pleasure. Troy ends up bottoming for big Jason, who starts off with strong agile thrusts. He dallies as well with smoother deeper plowing, but he never loses his steam. Troy then rides Jason to the balls with a gruff showiness. Troy pulls off in just enough time to get Jason shooting all the way up his chest and then Troy finishes. Looks like any Martian anal probing will be welcome on this pair.

In Arizona, tall Nick Capra finds sultry Latino Mario Cruz hiding behind a tree. "You're not green!" the obviously tense Nick bleats. "No, I'm Mexican," Mario says, apparently trying to slip across the border. Nick isn't upset, happy for the company, and Mario reaches for his cock to thank him. Mario, extending his tattooed arm to help Nick fish out his cock, is soon on his knees for Nick's opulently long cock. Mario, a spitfire performer, immediately launches into an exciting deep-throat, no small job on Nick. If Nick's unsightly poncho and helmet could be lost, Mario would probably be lavishing that hardworking mouth all over Nick. Once both are undressed, Nick actually goes a-suckin' on Mario's whopping dark dick with his usual lips-pursed ferocity. It's a very wet blowjob, with Nick covering Mario's entire hot crotch with saliva. Mario turns over on all-fours, unleashing a bubble-butt that would stop any being, human or otherwise, dead in its tracks in appreciation, and Nick goes in for a stylish winning fuck. All of Nick's considerable cockage fits comfortably in Mario's as and the latter takes the fuck so calmly. Nick continues his ravaging missionary, where it his shown just how hard he has to work to plunder Mario's tight asshole and the treasure inside. Mario, still being fucked, sprinkles on his perfect abs and then Nick pulls out to do the same.

Now, back in New York City, there is an urgent message for Orson Welles himself that people are believing the radio broadcast! Blond cutie Brett Mathews is desperate to get the note to him, but thin bushy-browed Jason Crew is not allowing anyone into the studio. "I know how to shut you up," Jason declares, pulling Brett into the room and down onto his knees. Brett does very well with Jason's famously long cock, concentrating hard and taking oodles of inches down his throat. It's interesting to note how great this handsome sucker looks in his period costume, proving that porn stars don't always have to be nude to be sexy! Because Jason's dick has so much meat, Brett is given a delightfully long time to master it. Jason then goes to work on Brett's pecker and it's here that Brett finally strips. I can't deny he looks outrageously gorgeous out of his clothing too, revealing a tight muscular body with a bit of clipped chest hair. Brett bends over a chair to take Jason's imposing fuck, delivered with gusto, and since Brett has no problem with the size, Jason uses it all. Brett even helps by working backwards onto Jason, matching his top in energy. Brett parks himself on Jason's cock and rides, taking back the reins of the scene again, riding both forward and backwards with equal ?lan. His butt chores are so good that neither pays the least bit of attention to the radio broadcast heard in the room! Brett only gives up his fierce riding when Jason pushes him over to cum on his back and then Brett, who hasn't lost his hardon since the scene started, gets the second, but not final blast, because Jason has another to offer. I bet even old Orson himself never thought he'd be background noise to a sexfest!

Most intensely affected by this news is Midwest farmer Ty Hudson, who drops his corn to hug the radio in anticipation of what might happen. He then hears a noise at his door and slowly opens it to find two aliens at his door. "I'll do anything," Ty says as he offers his overalled ass to the "Martians" Jason Ridge and Luciano Haas. I should pause to say that if any E.T. looked like these classically beautiful men, far fewer people would live in fear of alien invasion. In a funny stilted delivery, Jason explains that "Mars ... Needs ... Men" after finding a way to reproduce without using women. So, hunky hairy and very manly Ty finds himself licking through Jason's space outfit to get to his dick while Euro sexpot Luciano goes for Ty's pent-up prick. Ty doesn't seem to notice the Calvin Klein undies Jason wears, instead going in for a helluva deep-throat, full of focus, so much so that the veins all over his head pop out. Luciano slobbers all over Ty's dick, but Ty's full-of-fun wacky blowjob is a scene-stealer. So, he gets to work on Luciano next, making the two fight over his truly amazing oral skills. Ty ends up on the couch sucking Luciano as an authoritative Jason blows Ty. Ty has a blast with Luciano's foreskin in particular, why Jason is super sexy trying to win points from Ty's fanciful sucking. It's then Luciano's turn to be in the middle, receiving a punishing fuck from Jason while trying to keep Ty's cock in his mouth. Jason is at his roaring best here, going at Luciano with a burning fire. Ty bends over to suck Luciano as he's getting fucked, and then ends up in the middle again. This time, however, it's a three-way fuck, with Jason still going apeshit, this time in Ty, who doubles as a phenomenal top for Luciano. Ty is definitely aiming to grab the attention, but Jason's fuck makes sure they both remain involving players. The always quiet Luciano is a fine bottom, taking the brunt of two wild fucks without needing to say much. Jason has a big shot on Ty's ass, but Ty needs a lot more fucking before he can unleash his cum on Luciano's ass. Luciano spews on the leather couch. "Say, can I go back to Mars with you?" Ty understandably asks, before Jason clues him in (oh, come on, figure it out -- all the clues are there!).

It takes quite a mind to derive a porn plot from a 1938 radio broadcast, but the ever-fun Jett Blakk has done just that in this sprightly and adorable flick. It's as goofy an excuse for four sex scenes as anything I can remember, but the sex scenes themselves have no trace of anything but ideal sexiness. Each performer is strong and dedicated, just going hog wild for his scene the way one might when faced with annihilation at any moment!

Starring Brett Mathews, Jason Crew, Ty Hudson, Troy Punk, Jason Ridge, Nick Capra, Mario Cruz, Jason Hawke, Luciano Haas and Drew Warner.

Directed by Jett Blakk.

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