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Gay Wrestling Alexi Adamov vs Cameron Matthews

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DescriptionBG East - Babyface Brawl 1 - Alexi Adamov vs. Cameron Matthews

Babyfaces with Bodacious Booties

It's not very often that we pit two top babyfaces against each other. But how could we say no to THIS match-up? Cameron and Alexi were certainly aware of each other. When a new heel invades the BG ranks the first face he asks for is invariably Alexi or Cameron. They know full well that they are rivals, not only for the lustful attention of the heels but for the loving attention of their fans. Well now that simmering rivalry has come to a full boil. Only one of these beautiful battlers can hold the title of BG's Top Babyface! And Alexi and Cameron have an awful lot in common - those faces! Those bounteous backsides! Those pitiful win-loss records! The adoration of legions of fans regardless of those win-loss records! These two sexy young studs have been beaten down by a lot of the same wrestlers, but it's certainly not due to a lack of training or skill or perseverance!

Alexi came to BGEast as a fresh-faced lean immigrant with dreams of stardom to go along with the body of an underwear model. Cameron joined the stable as a teen with years of mat and ring wrestling experience already under his belt - and with dreams as big as Alexi's. Both caught on almost immediately with our fans - and have become two of the biggest stars currently in the stable. But apparently, neither one of them ever heard the adage "be careful what you wish for" - which is certainly the case for both of them.

Alexi in particular has come to resent the constant beatings our fans are only too happy to watch, and his attitude has become progressively darker and darker, as his body has become bigger and stronger. Alexi is absolutely certain that every match is some kind of nefarious, twisted set-up, hatched in the scheming mind of The Boss. Alexi enters the ring and steps onto the mats expecting the worst and prepared for anything! He has trained hard, added twenty pounds of solid muscle to his already impressive physique, and watched his own matches over and over again - trying to see where he went wrong as well as learn from the sadistic thugs who pummeled and humiliated him.

Despite his own boyish face, Cameron also harbors a dark side. Even though he looks like the sweet kid next door who mows your lawn for five bucks, he knows his way around a ring and knows how to put a hurt on an opponent. And when The Boss approached him about climbing into the ring with the sexy Russian, his gap-toothed grin was something to be seen. Cameron had seen plenty of Alexi's matches and knew of his overwhelming popularity. Cameron saw this battle as a chance to turn his own career around and what better way than to bolster his reputation than with a big win over the big rival Russian?Sexi Alexi is in the ring, warming up and showing off his impressive muscles and stunning physique when the Arena door opens and in struts his opponent. Cocky Cameron sizes up the bigger wrestler in a nice slow provocative walk around the ring, and can't help but smirk at Alexi. "You've put on some weight since your last match," he says in a tone clearly indicating he doesn't mean it as a compliment, adding, "You might want to lay off the Ho-hos and Ding-dongs - I can give you some tips if you want!"

Cameron shows off his own body, striking a double biceps pose which, while reasonably impressive on its own merits, hardly intimidates or impresses the big Russian. With a roll of the eyes and shake of the head, Alexi crosses the ring, reaches down and gives the mouthy youngster a brutal bitch slap across the face. Cameron staggers back in utter shock and disbelief clutching his freckled face. "Dude, you gave me a fat lip!" Cameron snarls as Alexi grabs him and in a display of incredible strength, lifts him up and over the top rope and effortlessly tosses him clear across the ring! "Easy there, big bitch," Cameron says as he recovers his feet, holds his back and shakes his head in bewilderment. "You need to stop running your mouth," Alexi threatens, and then pointing at Cameron's rather provocatively sheer bright red trunks, asks, "Victoria's Secret?"

"My mom made these," Cameron protests as they lock up in the center of the ring. Alexi spins him into a nasty butterfly double underhook, lifts him off his feet and again easily tosses him aside! Not intimidated by this second display of power, Cameron charges in and slaps a side headlock on the bigger stud, his arm and shoulder tensing as he cranks on some pressure - only to be bodily lifted and thrown across the ring yet again! Alexi grabs him as he gets up - now it's HIS turn to put a headlock on Cameron...and parades him around the ring as his slick, sweaty muscles pop! A brutal atomic knee drop sends Cameron catapulting across the ring. It looks like it's going to be yet another squash for poor Cameron! Alexi is a man on a mission - and all of the past humiliations he's endured in the Arena look to be avenged on poor Cameron. Again and again, Alexi uses his brute power to reverse any offense Cameron can manage - effortlessly tossing the smaller man!Despite the incredible beating he's taking - screaming out submission after submission as Alexi puts his body through a ringer - Cameron refuses to throw in the towel! Alexi seems determined to run Cameron through the gamut of Wrestling Holds And Moves 101 - impressive suplexes, swinging full nelsons, body slams from from the rafters! Yet somehow Cameron manages, time after time, to get back to his feet and challenge the big sexy Russian to another go round - even after being summarily tossed out the ring and then suplexed back into the middle of it! He takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

As Alexi moves in for what he hopes will be the match-ending final submission, Cameron foils his intent with a his fist into the balls of the unsuspecting stud! Nothing can turn the tide like a low blow! But now, with the big bodied Russian sprawled across the ring, hands gripping his aching balls like Goliath brought low - that big body is simply too delectable a target for Cameron! A punch, a stomp, and elbow, a brutal kick to the abs!

Unable to clear his mind through the agony, Alexi cannot muster any defense as Cameron drags the Sexy One to his feet, shoves him into the corner - and starts working over the abs he mocked before the match! A right, a boot, a left, another boot - Alexi staggers out to the center of the ring only to be forearm smashed down the canvas! And to add insult to injury, Cameron climbs on board the sprawled Russian and pretends to 'surf!' All Alexi can do is groan as the onslaught of brutality continues - and Cameron, so often on the receiving end, obviously enjoys dishing out the punishment! No hold is too brutal, no move too nasty or humiliating! And finally, unable to mount a defense or break the momentum that has shifted against him, Alexi finally gasps out a humiliating submission and is forced to watch as Cameron poses triumphantly over his batterered frame!

Alexi staggers to his feet as Cameron taunts him...but if the sexy stud has learned anything during his tenure at BGEast, it's that turnabout is fair play! How can cute cocky CAMERON handle a sneaky low blow? It's a brutal, nasty fight to the finish as both men pull out every dirty trick in their trunks to try to come out on top! The final beatdown has to be seen to be believed - and there's an Atomic wedgie which will undoubtedly become legendary in the annals of BGEast. Spectacular action that ONLY BG East can create!
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