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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-21 |
Sometimes you’re just hungry for it, want to be a hole, need to take some dick up the butt. Good thing that there are also studs lusting for hot ass crack to stick it into!

Misha's prick bounces happily up and down as he rams Jesse's wood into his hole. Michel gives it up to Hans' powerful thrusts and receives his juice on his bearded face. Aybars licks Tomy's muscle ass until it's nice and opened up. Then he enthusiastically fucks the wet soft hole, sprays Tomy's face full of his cum, then licks it up. Mark's hungry hole begs for more, until Lobo pumps it full with a fat dildo.

Scene 1 - Jessy Ares and Misha Dante
Jessy is the type of solid-dicked dominant stud that every queer fucker wants. Misha's bone strains to get out of his pants as Jessy shoves him down to his knees for a hot mouthfuck. Jessy mounts Misha for a fun ride, with a bit of spitplay in between then it's Misha's turn to play pony. His dick bobs happily up and down as he takes Jesse's rock-hard piston up his butt. Jesse finishes up by giving him a good pumping until he shoots his creamy wad.

Scene 2 - Hans Berlin and Michel Rudin
Sexy blonde beast Hans and humpy Mediterranean Michel make a prickly pair. Hans gives it to Michel's hot bearded face, shoving his fat meat deep down his buddy's throat. But Michel also has a nice fat dong that Hans would love to blow. Then he just turns Michel around to lick his ass out. Michel's hole is now ready for some of Hans's dick. Hans gives him a nasty pumping and Michel eagerly opens up for each thrust before getting Hans's hot juice in his face.

Scene 3 - Aybars Türker and Tomy Hawk
Dark and hairy Aybars is a real looker with his dashing moustache. No one can resist when he lets loose with his charms. Even butch Tomy is drawn willingly to Aybars' sexy lips. Then Aybars shows him what's up. He pushes Tomy to his knees so he can give him a good oral reaming. Then he licks out Tomy's muscle butt until it opens up nicely. Aybars lovingly fucks the wet, soft hole, pulling his dick out all the way and then pushing it back in deep. The remarkably tattooed stud melts away. Aybars splashes his cum all over Tomy's face, then slurps it all right back up.

Scene 4 - Lobo Bayard and Mark Metzger
Lobo knows just what a hungry-for-dick bottom needs a nice deep throatfuck. He shoves his dick into tattooed sex freak Mark until it can go no further and then the real fun begins. Lobo starts playing slowly with his tool in and around Mark's hole and slams it in to the hilt. Then he downshifts again a bit for variety until Mark's starving hole begs for more. Lobo stuffs a fat dildo into Mark's primed opening as Mark jerks off and cums all over his face.

Scene 5 - Angel Pedroza and Markus Steiner
A blonde German and a swarthy Spaniard opposites do attract. Markus lets Angel get undressed, admiring his tight body from every angle, especially Angel's sweet little ass. But it's not that easy for Mark to get into Angel's tight hole with his fat equipment. Angel whimpers and mews as Markus pumps him full of dick. Then Angel turns the tables, filling Markus full of his fat, hard fuck rod until he shoots his cumload onto Markus' chest.

Bonus Scene: Tyson Tyler and Kilian Lobo
Tyson the wiry black from England is eye candy. His partner Kilian  gets excited about Tysons long strong  prick. When he feels it deep down his throat his own dick is standing at attention. Tyson let Kilian still lick his ass before he takes care of Kilians hole. Tyson rams his rod deep inside and shoots his spunk on Kilians beard.

Gay Pornstars:
Jessy Ares (Lube Job, Meat Factory) always gives a great performance. His scene partner, newcomer Misha Dante, enjoys himself. The US based German Hans Berlin and the London based Italian Michel Rudin each perform for the second time.

The turkish born Aybars Türker and Tomy Hawks from Spain are a good match: Two strong sexualists with strong muscles. The bearded frenchman Lobo Bayard had previously been seen as a fist-hole in HARD PLAY. With the Berliner Mark Metzger he shows his dominant side.

With: Aybars Türker, Mark Metzger, Jessy Ares, Misha Dante, Hans Berlin, Michel Rudin, Tomy Hawk, Lobo Bayard, Angel Pedroza, Markus Steiner, Tyson Tyler & Kilian Lobo

Released: 2013 | Running time: 73 min. + 11 min. bonus | Director: Jörg Andreas |

Video: MPEG-4 AVC, 852x480 (16:9), 29.97 f/s, Main@L3.1, 1252 Kb/s, .mp4
Audio: AAC-LC, stereo, 48 kHz sample rate, 165 Kb/s avr.

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