[Coat West] Kiss 5th

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Overlap lips and the lips, tongue and the tongue is intertwined ...
and fingers Tsutai the skin, the played out ... eroticism

four Romance "KISS" appeared! And fifth bullets awaited starting from the KISS
of this theme is the origin regression, KISS is spinning out "eroticism"! Shogo Sugiura of KISS's first appearance is attracted to the charm of the Jin, the lips, body a, and KISS of soaked to ... mouth-to-mouth all on his own body of Jin was flushed hot Yusuke of the body, longing of senior-paddle ... heat took to want ... KISS of the lust of the body in its lips deployment unexpected pinch of desperate situation of Natsukawa! honesty go is filled with care Tsu S Kimura body ... KISS of Bisui instantaneous was resurrected in the OSS nor awaken waking Shot is three sexual desire that was planted in two junior of KISS's first participation in a war! Tell people, invite to the crucible of pleasure ... enjoyment of KISS at sweet, sometimes intense erotic KISS to stimulate your desire ...

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KISS初登場の杉浦省吾は仁の魅力に惹きつけられ、唇を、体を、そして仁の全てを己の体に染み込ませる… 口移しのKISS

熱く火照った裕典の体、憧れの先輩・櫂… その唇で体中の熱を奪って欲しい… 欲情のKISS

夏川の絶体絶命のピンチが思わぬ展開!木村のSっ気に満たされていく正直な体… 微酔のKISS

OSSで復活を遂げた瞬もKISS初参戦! 輝・陽斗の後輩2人に仕掛けた寝起きドッキリが3人の性欲をも目覚めさせ、快楽の坩堝へと誘う… 享楽のKISS


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