Alex Walters Vs Zack Johnathan

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Since taking the King of the Ring belt from Austin Cooper in KOTR 6, Zack has been enjoying his reign as king. He¬ís parlayed his success in the ring into greater success outside the ring adding several wise investments to his financial portfolio, taking some time to enjoy the finer things in life, and even managed to squeeze in a non-KOTR match with the teen muscle phenom Tanner Hill, who he disposed of with no troubles. Zack is living large and enjoying every minute of it! But, as Zack was letting the good times roll there were guys lining up to get their shot at the title, namely Ethan Andrews and Alex Waters. Ethan has been on a mission to destroy anyone in his way to get another shot at KOTR after the narrowest of losses against Dash Decker in KOTR 3. He¬ís won 7 straight matches since then by taking apart the likes of; Bruce Ballard, Rex Bedford, Jax Brewer, and even ripping the clothes off veteran Austin Cooper¬ís muscle bound body. Meanwhile, Alex has come back to the ring after a short layoff and has been working hard to solidify his superstar status at the top of the roster. Alex also lost a close decision to Dash Decker in KOTR 2, and is also undefeated in his matches since that time. So, it was a very difficult decision as to which of these wrestlers would get another shot at KOTR and Zack. In the end, the nod went to Alex. Of course Ethan was fuming mad when he got the bad news, but Alex was elated with the chance at now claiming a KOTR title. Alex believes he¬íll have the advantage over Zack, since he¬ís already beaten him once, but anything can happen in a best of 5 rounds KOTR matchup! Round one opens with Alex already in the ring stretching and warming up his hot body in anticipation of the big showdown. Zack climbs through the ropes with the belt draped over his should looking all business. The pre-match banter includes the reigning king telling Alex ¬Ďyou got to work for it¬í as he places the belt around his waist and claims that¬ís where it belongs. Alex gets a little cocky and grabs the belt and places it around his waist saying it looks better there, but Zack quickly snatches it away and puts back in his corner. The two superstars tie up and immediately lock up in a test of strength with Zack¬ís muscles prevailing and forcing the cocky fratboy down to the mat. He starts to beat up on the challenger, first with a choke hold and half nelson, then straddles him on the mat and begins attacking his abs. The muscle model continues to work over Alex by; stomping on his legs and hamstrings, standing atop his abs, the punishing him in the corner. But Alex survives and changes the action with another test of strength, pushing Zack back into the corner then begins cranking on his legs before placing him in a rear naked choke that Alex does his best to gain a submission. The reigning king is able to survive and then turns the tables and regains the control. He catches the cocky fratboy with a knee to his gut, then tosses and suplexes him around the ring. When Alex has no idea which way is up and which way is down, Zack hoists him up over his shoulder into a spine crushing backbreaker and squeezes with his mighty muscled arms until the challenger has no choice but to cry out a submission. Zack takes round one and proudly poses his money making muscles over a stunned Alex.

At the start of round two Alex is nursing his aching back and realizing he just got out-muscled by the Z-man. He must be wondering how he needs to change his strategy because there¬ís no way he can lose this round and go down 2-0 in a best of five KOTR match if he wants any realistic chance of claiming the belt. But as they tie up its Zack again gaining the advantage and focusing on attacking Alex¬ís abs. He chokes the cocky fratboy over the ring rope then begins an assault on every muscle on the challenger¬ís hot bod. Zack clamps down on a claw hold to Alex¬ís shoulder that has every muscle popping from their bodies while Alex seeks to escape. He does manage to turn the momentum on Zack with a front facing headlock that leads to a DDT that leaves the champ nearly knocked out on the mat. The fratboy uses a figure four leg lock around Z-man¬ís throat to further weaken him, and also connects with several chops to his perfect pecs. Alex has all the momentum and he lifts Zack and heaves him into a powerful body slam setting him up to finish him off. Alex flips him to his stomach and locks on a high arching single leg boston crab that has the king yelling out ¬ĎI give¬í to end this round and even this match up at one round each. Round three begins and Alex seizes control with a devastating clothesline and follows that up by pounding and stomping on Zack¬ís ripped six-pack. Alex continues to pound on Zack¬ís body and just when it looks like the reigning king is going down in this round he¬ís able to turn the tables on Alex. He tosses the challenger around the ring with a series of throws and suplexes, dishes punishment out on his gut, and even pays the cocky fratboy back with a couple of bitch slaps to his pecs that smack of pain. Zack really punishes Alex the rest of the way in this round and ultimately finishes him off by scissoring his arms behind his head and forcing a submission. Alex reluctantly gives up as the sweat drips off his battered body, as the king looks down on him in satisfaction. Zack takes a 2-1 advantage going into the fourth round. Does Alex have enough left in him to defeat the reigning king in the next two rounds and snatch the belt that¬ís been eluding him for years? Or, can Zack and his mouth watering muscles continue to fend off the cocky fratboy to retain his KOTR title? All the spectacular action in this 37 minute epic battle leads to a stunning finish you¬íre sure to enjoy!

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