Don't Dick with the Devil

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Description Trent, Scott and Armstrong are cast as three misogynist heterosexual roommates whose idea of a good time is gangbanging virgin chicks. Life is great for the trio until they mess with the wrong girl: Sloane Winters. She decides to get even by visiting her local devil-worshipping voodoo priest who cast a spell on the three - transforming them into three West Hollywood fags! Out go the Playboy mags and airbrushed paintings of big-breasted babes, and in come the b&w Herb Ritts-style pretty-boy photos and questionable coffee-table sculptures.

The three set off to find out about homo sex, taking to it like ducks to water. Scott gives businessman Tony Dancer a good reaming with his smooth, rock-hard powerbook. Armstrong meets the wealthy Brian Hanson; and in the vid's best scene Trent gets one mean blow-job from Joey Hart in the back of a convertible.

But after sex, all three get dicked over by their boyfriends and so, they in turn, seek revenge by seducing - and gangbanging the shit out of - their none-too-appreciative neighbor (a very acrobatic Brad King). King enacts his revenge in a way that needs to be seen to be believed (it's pretty funny actually). Let's just say that it involves farm animals.

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