[Acceed] - Shit 1

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DescriptionA very feminine petite Japanese male inteviews for the video shoot. After accepting the terms, his pubic area and asshole are shaved with a razor. In the next scene three different guys squat over a plastic bowl, and take a shit into it. The petite Japanese male is brought into the scene and presented with the bowl of shit. He agrees to squat over the top of a bowl and take a shit it it. He takes some shit out of the bowl, and smears it on his face, and upper body. He lays back, and another male comes into the picture, and takes a shit right on his face! He sucks the cock of the older male shitter. He is presented with a large rubber cock dildo, which the older male uses on his ass. He sucks the cock of the older guy, and then gets fucked by him.

The next scene involves a young japanese guy. After a short interview, he agrees to squat off of the edge of the bed, and take a shit into a bowl. He picks up some shit, puts it in his mouth, and tastes it. With hesitation, he puts some on tooth brush and attempts to put that in his mouth. In the next scene, he walks the bowl of shit into the restroom, where another male is waiting. The other male takes a shit into the toilet. The other male grabs shit out of the bowl, and smears it on the young japanese guy's face. They both step into the shower for some smearing and shitty cock sucking.

Next comes a short scene of two young Japanese guys are in a motel room, who suck each other and then fuck.

Another young Japanese guy is interviewed, and agrees to take a shit, this time, outside on the grass. He picks up the shit and wiggles it around. He comes back in the next scene, where you get to watch his asshole get shaved with a razor. You then see him near a hot tub. He clibs up near the hot tub and takes a big shit in a bowl. He picks up the shit with his hand and sqeezes the shit between his fingers. Then he smears it all over his chest. Another male comes into the hot tub to assist him in the smearing.

Due to the country of origin, the genitals are pixeled.

Quality: Excellent HD 1080p
Length: (approx) 2 hours
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