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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-05-02 |
Geeky documentary director Louis seems to think that we'll let him off
with a bit of a spanking and an introduction to sucking dick. Sadly for
him, Louis has vastly underestimated our sadistic intentions. We have
no intention of letting this cunt go until his pristine virgin arse has been
thoroughly ripped open and trained to take cock all day long.

Easily overpowering his struggles to break free, we shove Louis to the
floor, slapping and kicking him, before throwing him over the cage and
immediately forcing his mouth open to swallow down more cock.
As the geeky TV star chokes on Stan's rigid meat, I unleash my
throbbing hardon and plunge it into his invitingly muscular arse. Louis'
hole is so tight, I can feel it gripping my shaft as I thrust in and out,
getting harder by the second as I imagine the pain he must be in.

Stan and I swap ends, and I take my fill of Louis' hot, reluctant mouth,
gagging out streams of spit after being so deeply abused by Stan. Louis
knows at this point that he can't escape, with our hard dicks mercilessly
spearing up into his guts and down his throat, and tears fill his eyes as
he suffers, impaled on two mens' erections.

I want easy access to torture the little bastard's nipples, so we move
him onto his back, and Stan slams his cock back into Louis' sore
arsehole, while I viciously pinch and twist his nips, making him howl in
pain. Seeing the famous Louis suffering like this, cocks in every hole,
nipples on fire, unable to move, spurs us both on as we take turns
fucking him and using his moaning, upside down mouth.
The only reward Louis will get for his pains is a faceful of fresh hot
spunk - but there's a lot more punishment to come...
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