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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-06-07 |
    Hey fellow MuscleLovers, this time I've got something REALLY special for you.  It's a collection of Ukrainian Muscle files which I've labeled "Ukrainian Muscle Part One by Jumbod" ...  he-he ... what else!  Anyway, this load IS full of some really HOT Muscle scenes & all.  Ya, like the main clip focuses mostly behind the scenes (Pump-room, etc.) and on stage at a major bodybuilding competition - how HOT is that!  Anyway, the file contains the following .......

1.  Ukrainian Muscle Part One by Jumbod - This is the main file which IS really Hot!

2.  Roman Gavryshchuk by Jumbod - This is a newer clip which highlights Roman from the main file - Hot!  Ya, and plus I think it's very nice of him to pose with underwear that matches his apple - Double Hot!

3.  Vladimir Vinogradov by Jumbod - This is another newer clip this time focusing on Vladimir - mostly in bed showing us his HOT ass - now IS that cool ... or what ... !

4.  Ukrainian Muscle Pics - A zip file with pics. of the main dudes & all.

    Now, this stuff comes from four posts at MuscleGallery, and while they did put up some newer clips of Roman & Vladimir they also mixed them with some shots from the main file - ya, and I left those (repeats) out.  Fact is what they called new clips for Pavel were nothing but pieces of the main pup again ... so that's not included either.  Nevertheless, this file does include ALL of their (to date) Ukrainian dude stuff, and when they post more I'll be putting the files up in like a #2 package & all.  Ya, and I've included the blurbs for all the files and they are as follows .......

"We took our camera to the City of Kremenshchuk in the Ukraine and captured a major bodybuilding championships from the backstage perspective, and came up with three new MuscleGallery.com stars: Pavel Karpusha, Roman Gavryshchuk, and Vladimir Vinogradov. Later we shot the men in groups - and in private footage. Part 1 of a continuing series of Ukrainian shows."

"We first came across Ukrainian Bodybuilding Junior Champion Roman Gavryshchuk in Budapest, where he was participating at the IFBB World Junior Championships. Impressed by his good looks and size, we took a chance and flew to the Ukraine. There, we had the chance to photograph this amazing rising talent in Kiev and Kremenchuck. While young, Roman is totally serious about bodybuilding—as you’ll see in his video clips."

"Russian Junior Bodybuilder Vladimir Vinogradov lives near St. Petersburg, although he speaks English well. We met Vladimir, who just turned 21, at a contest in the Ukraine and were stunned by his charisma and early physical development. His mainstream appeal is certainly a plus!"

"Ukrainian Junior Bodybuilder Pavel Karpusha is just 20 years old. As soon as we met him, we were immediately aware of his amazing appeal and his advanced physique—all the more remarkable considering his age. We photographed him along with several other Ukrainian athletes in Krememchuk, backstage at a national bodybuilding championship. Take a look at this star of tomorrow, today!"

    Anyway, I hope that you enjoy all the HOT MUSCLE.  Let me know what you think guys ... cheers ... !
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