Jocks Mountain Tops part 1 and 2

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Jocks - Mountain Tops, Part 1 and 2

Pack Contents:
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Mountain Tops 1
distributor Jocks Video released 2012 length 119 vendor id JVP160

rating out of 4 ***

director Bruno Bond

Brad Foxx (10s)
Danny Palick
Drake Wild
Jackson Taylor
James Ryder
Levi Madison
Sebastian Rossi
Tate Ryder

These jocks are fans of nature, and their adventures to the Mountain Tops get their cocks and asses elevated. The sexual needs of these jocks never sleep, and their desires get intensified while they're hiking and camping with their buddies. On their treks through the great outdoors they find secluded spots to take care of their need for release. These studs are Mountain Tops and serious bottoms. Director Bruno Bond has hit his stride with the jocks line, and in Mountain Tops, Part 1 he delivers a bevy of young studs and gets them to bring their best performances in the Northern California Mountains. Sunlight doesn't generate a lot of heat there, but beefy Danny Palick and slim Jackson Taylor scorch things up with multiple fucking positions. Brad Foxx and Levi Madison opt for a suck, rim and fuck, with Levi exhibiting a strong command on Brad's cock and Brad exhibiting an inviting ass. Hot and hung stud, James Ryder's outdoor shower lures Drake Wild into his horny hands. Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi dance a slow flip-fuck, pitting hot-n-hard bodies against each other with cocks reaching all the way into both of their throats and holes. Take an unforgettable trip to the Mountain Tops where you'll find the hottest jocks heating up the high elevations.

1. Danny Palick, Jackson Taylor
A shaft of sunlight penetrating the tree canopy reveals Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor necking in the woods. Danny’s farmer tan gives him a country boy appeal, but when he slips the wife beater off Jackson’s lithe, tan body and runs his tongue down one of Jackson’s cum gutters, you know this country boy has got some serious libido. Jackson’s jeans come down and his boner pops up and out, defying gravity, right into Danny’s hot mouth. They trade positions. Looking down, Danny gets a great view of his cock gliding smoothly between Jackson’s lips, which part with the pressure while still grasping Danny’s hard, fat shaft. While Jackson’s head moves rhythmically in and out, he reaches up to twist Danny’s nipples, never breaking eye contact. Danny sucks his precum off Jackson’s tongue, then Jackson sits on the cock that’s lubed with his spit. The cowboy position lets them make out while they fuck. Danny clasps Jackson’s tan-lined buns while Jackson bounces. They exhaust three more ultra-hot positions before the probing and pounding pushes Jackson over the edge and he sends a fountain of jism across his washboard abs, soon to be joined by Danny’s thick, wet load.

2. Brad Foxx (10s) OrAtRr, Levi Madison OgAbRg
Brad Foxx and Levi Madison are joined at the tongue. Tall evergreens afford privacy for their mountaintop tryst. When Levi rolls up Brad’s t-shirt, he’s confronted by too many choices, so he yanks Brad’s pants down and goes for the cock. It’s big and veiny, with plum-sized balls hanging below. Using his hand and his tongue, Levi wraps Brad’s uncut meat in a warm envelope of flesh. While Levi shucks his shirt and pants, Brad turns the other cheek. Two, actually. He spreads them so Levi can work his tongue in deeper. Levi’s right hand works its own sexual magic: a thumb teasing Brad’s hole while fingers grasp and gently squeeze Brad’s nut sack. This could make a guy shoot in no time, so Brad pushes Levi against a tree and enters him from behind. Brad’s abs take center stage, rippling as he drives his cock into Levi’s smooth hole again and again. They drop to the ground with Levi on his back, his knees tucked to his shoulders as Brad slams deeper and faster, displaying a perfectly rounded ass. They separate and kiss. Levi sucks Brad’s cock one final time as it begins to spew its load, which runs over Levi’s lips and drips onto his slim chest. Levi grabs his own cock and churns a load onto the forest floor.

3. James Ryder, Drake Wild
James Ryder is flaunting it in an outdoor shower — colorful tatts, smooth muscles and a long, swelling cock. Hiker Drake Wild wasn’t expecting this species of wildlife, but he exploits his luck by finding a spot from which to ogle. He is hard before he can unbutton his pants. Drake is seen by James, whose actions take on a striptease quality. Cupping his pecs, swaying and stroking himself, James lures Drake into the spray, clothes and all. They lock lips under the cascading water, then hold hands and stroll to the deck. His prey firmly in hand, James begins sucking Drake’s cock. It’s hefty and cut. The fervor with which he sucks, and the expressions on his face convey that he always hoped this would happen and he can’t quite believe it did. Drake lets him suck for a long time before returning the favor to this handsome stud who has just made his day. He gives a foamy blow job. On a bench nearby James kneels so Drake can fuck him from behind. Again, his expressions betray a virginal quality that adds another layer of heat to the fucking. James flips over. Both of them are breathing in short gasps now, and James showers his tummy with spooge, quickly followed by Drake’s shower of cum on his head and face.

4. Tate Ryder, Sebastian Rossi
Tate Ryder and Sebastian Rossi find a secluded area to unload the cooler and camping gear in favor of nuzzling each other like frisky colts. Once the shirts are off, their hands rove the two muscular torsos. Tate rims Sebastian’s navel; his hand slides under the waistband of Sebastian’s jeans to knead a growing hardon. When it’s fully rigid, Tate slips Sebastian’s pants off, exposing a hard-as-marble physique and an uncut cock with lots of foreskin that Tate stretches and chews along with the deepthroating and ball sucking. The picnic table becomes a platform for 69ing. Tate’s hole flutters at the touch of Sebastian’s tongue, and with a spontaneous “ooh” the final inch of Sebastian’s cock finds a home in Tate’s windpipe. They jostle for position to fuck, and when the precum clears, Sebastian is riding Tate’s cock in the bridge position. When his thighs reach exhaustion, they trade roles and Sebastian fucks Tate missionary style. Both are dripping sweat as Sebastian strokes Tate to orgasm, with Tate providing the final squeezes that send him over the edge, filling his navel with cum that cascades across his abs. A final kiss proves the key to releasing Sebastian’s wad.

The rugged territory of the setting is a very nice complement to these smooth, young studs as they fuck each other in the wild.
Slim and hot pair Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor get things started with body exploration and kisses, and then Danny works his way down to Jackson's crotch, where he finds a nice long piece of meat just waiting to be sucked to hardness. It isn't long before Jackson is fully up and so is Danny, and after Danny gets his thick, veiny cock sucked, Jackson sits on it forwards, backwards and sideways, jerking his own meat while he rides it. They move on to standing up and missionary, and Jackson shoots a drencher while he's taking it from Danny. Danny then pulls out and unloads on Jackson's taut abs.
Handsome studs Brad Foxx and Levi Madison are next, and Levi has enough cock to play with that he can jerk it and suck it at the same time with Brad. Brad bends over and Levi eats his hole, holding on to Brad's hanging pole in front to keep him in place (and hard). With Levi braced against a tree, Brad takes his ass from behind, while Levi's huge meat swings in front. The hot fuck continues on the ground, where Brad really prongs Levi's hole hard. After the two have fucked, Levi sucks Brad's dick until he shoots, sending a big load into Levi's mouth. After Levi licks it clean, he jerks out his own huge load, with Brad's still dripping off him.
Gorgeous James Ryder takes an outdoor shower, his long, half-hard meat swinging between his legs. He's joined by cutie-pie Drake Wild, whose thick meat is up and raring to go just from the sight of James' wet body. Drake skull-fucks James, and James takes every inch down his throat, and then Drake does the same for James' huge meat. James then bends over for Drake, who slides inside James and makes him moan. Once Drake gets in, there's no stopping him, he drives a very hard fuck into James' tight hole. James gets on his back for more, and with his legs over Drake's shoulders, he's wide open for it. James shoots with Drake inside him, and, in the end, Drake gives James a huge facial.
Hot Aussie Tate Ryder stars in the finale, with hunky Sebastian Rossi. This scene is outstanding for it's flip-flop action, but it gets underway with blowjobs, and the sight of Tate's gorgeous blue eyes looking up at Sebastian as he plays with his foreskin and sucks his cock. Tate sits on Sebastian's face, getting eaten while he sucks Sebastian more. The fucking begins with Sebastian sitting on Tate sideways while Tate pounds him from underneath. Sebastian takes over and fucks himself on Tate's meat, and then Tate gets on his back and Sebastian fucks him missionary. As usual, Tate is just impossible not to watch, he's got screen presence to burn. He even asks Sebastian if he wants to see him cum, and he does it almost as soon as Sebastian says yes. Sebastian ends the scene with a hot load, aimed directly at Tate's handsome face.

*** Highly Recommended ***

Mountain Tops 2
distributor Jocks Video released 2012 length 107

studio Jocks Video
rating out of 4 ***

director Bruno Bond

Brad Foxx (10s)
Danny Palick
Jackson Taylor
James Ryder
Jason Stark (hairy)
Levi Madison
Randy Dixon
Ray Diaz

These JOCKS are taking it to the Mountain Tops of California again for more hiking, camping and fucking in part 2 of this sexy two-parter. These JOCKS get turned on and riled up in the great outdoors, and Director Bruno Bond navigates them through their natural sexual urges that create intense energy in the mountains. You might harbor a hard spot in your pants for Randy Dixon, a slender, goateed young bottom whose tight and hungry buns snag him two different Mountain Tops. First it's uber-hung Levi Madison who breaches Randy's buns when Randy needs someone to release the morning wood in his pitched tent. Randy also becomes the dessert during his picnic with Brad Foxx. Brad's balls get equal billing as they slam against Randy's amazing ass. You can't help but love a guy who smiles while he's sucking your cock, and Ray Diaz is that guy. He wants a complete open-air experience so he and fuck buddy James Ryder do it in the middle of a meadow, attracting hunky voyeur Danny Palick, who is eager to finish off his hike with a three way. Finally, off-roading leads to off-loading when Jackson Taylor and Jason Stark pull their Jeep over and ride the roll bars. Enjoy another unforgettable trip to the Mountain Tops where the hottest JOCKS will have you jerking non-stop to this outdoor adventure filled with ball churning, cum stirring sex.

1. Levi Madison, Randy Dixon
It’s first thing in the morning when sexy, hung Levi Madison is standing outside his tent. Randy Dixon is just getting up and his hard on needs relief. They kiss while they undress each other, then Levi’s cock appears and things are never the same. This guy has a whopper. When he wraps both fists around it, there’s room for another. Levi is smooth, slender and tan all over, with nuts sized to match his cock. Randy sucks enthusiastically, steadying himself with one arm wrapped around Levi’s thigh. has a butt so compact and tight, you can’t imagine it taking a really big dick. Watch the penetration shot: Levi’s cock is as fat as either of their wrists. But before the fucking commences, Levi returns the blowjob, letting Randy fuck his face deep and hard. Levi also wants to snack on that butt, and he spends a long time basting it with saliva, licking Randy’s pale buns and battering Randy’s hole with his tongue. The ass juices run hot and heavy when the fucking starts, with Randy taking the total length and girth of Levi’s monster — on his feet and on his back — until the two of them erupt in simultaneous hot, thick wads of juice.

2. Ray Diaz, James Ryder, Danny Palick
You suspect that Ray Diaz and James Ryder are hoping for company, when they spread blankets on the ground in the middle of a meadow, strip and start making out. Ray’s energy, which is that of guy needing his hole filled, drives the steamy outdoor action. They lie out in the sunshine, their boners standing tall for everyone to see, and there’s a figure in the shadows, at the edge of the clearing. We know it’s a guy from the light reflecting off a set of washboard abs. He unzips his pants and starts jacking as he approaches the couple on the ground. Ray is so busy deepthroating James he’s unaware of the third man, Danny Palick, but James catches Danny in his peripheral vision when he throws his head back. Ray and James welcome Danny with their mouths, taking turns sucking his long, down-curved dong and making a tube with their mouths for him to fuck. Looking up, the camera reveals Danny’s wide muscular shoulders and farmer’s tan. James has the treat of sitting on Ray’s face before he and Danny takes turns fucking Ray’s tight, brown buns. With all of them on the edge of orgasm, Ray lies on his back, opens his mouth and waves his tongue to catch the rain of jism.

3. Brad Foxx (10s) OrAtRr, Randy Dixon OgAbRg
Brad Foxx and Randy Dixon carry their picnic cooler deep into the woods, but the first item on the menu is each other. The thrill of being naked outdoors is more exciting when another naked guy is with you, and you’re both hard and horny. Brad’s fat and ready cock is complemented by a nutsack as big as Randy’s fist, which is busy jacking him off while he sucks. Brad bores deep into Randy’s throat and his balls grow big and loose under Randy’s constant manipulation. Man-hungry Randy expands his territory to Brad’s hole, spreading his buns to uncover a rosy center ringed with fine hairs. Grabbing Brad’s huge balls, Randy digs and delves as each man now jacks himself. The cooler serves double duty as a fucking platform. Their hands roam around each other’s toned and tight physiques as they fuck. Brad’s cock tests the limits of Randy’s hole, stretching it wider than ever and his abs get their crunch workout for the day from the constant flexing of delivering a robust fuck. The long vein in Brad’s forearm pulses as he strips off his condom and delivers a rapid burst of long-distance streams of cum across Randy’s torso, accompanied by Randy’s own thick outburst.

4. Jackson Taylor, Jason Stark (hairy)
A Jeep’s roll bar serves multiple purposes and none better than to bend a cute guy over and fuck him. Jackson Taylor is the cute guy and Jason Stark does the fucking. As the shirts come off and Jason stoops to lower Jackson’s shorts, Jackson hangs from the roll bar, showing very sex pits; Jason shows plumber’s crack. Every syllable of Jackson’s body language says “do me,” from the way he arches his torso to the way he runs one hand across his neck. He smashes his face into Jason’s groin, groping for cock and balls with his hands and mouth, guiding hard meat into the hollows of his cheeks and the recesses of his throat. And then there’s the moment they climb into the Jeep, their feet on the seat, their bodies emerging through the open top, Jackson bent over with his hips lifted to meet Jason’s thrusts. Jason slams Jackson against the frame until there’s nowhere left for him to go, then they move to the ground and the pounding resumes, with Jackson riding Jason’s cock in the crab position, shaking his tight, tan-lined booty until they both erupt.

Sex in the great outdoors continues with the second adventure, which features studs just as hot as in the first.
The action gets underway immediately with the extra well-hung Levi Madison kissing it up with cutie Randy Dixon in the opener. Randy slowly drops to his knees, kissing his way down to Levi's meat, which burst out of his shorts. Randy gives it lots of oral attention, which makes Levi stand up even harder. Levi gives Randy's cock the same kind of attention, and he's even more thorough when it comes to eating out Randy's cute little ass. He then fucks him from behind, slamming into Randy hard and making him groan loudly. The best views of the fuck are when Levi has Randy on his back, sawing away into his tight little hole, which is the way he makes Randy cum hugely. Levi shoots on Randy, adding his big load to the creamy stuff already there.
Hotties Ray Diaz and James Ryder are enjoying the sun and each other, feeling cocks through their shorts. As they begin to suck each other, Danny Palick walks up and jerks his cock to the hot view. Danny joins the pair, and a sucking and rimming three-way ensues. James then fucks Ray doggy while Ray sucks Danny, and I love the way James grabs Ray's hips while he's slamming his hole. Danny takes his turn in Ray's ass too, while James feeds Ray his dick. After the three switch off yet again, Ray lies back and strokes his cock to a big finish while his buddies shoot their loads on his tight body.
Brad Foxx and Randy are heading for a picnic but they put down their cooler and start kissing, licking nipples and sucking cock. Randy takes his time eating Brad's dick and ass, and then, as in his scene with Levi, he bends over and takes Brad's cock. I love watching this dude get fucked, he really seems to enjoy it. That cooler does double duty, too, as a place for Randy to lie back so Brad can fuck him missionary, energetically topping the young stud. Both dudes cum a lot, and almost simultaneously, on Randy's tight abs.
Bearded hunk Jason Stark and adorable Jackson Taylor get together with a Jeep. Well, actually, the Jeep is just playing a cameo role here. I love the way these guys' low-riding jeans drop to their hips and expose skin as they kiss, and when Jason goes down on Jackson, handling those low-hanging balls as he sucks away, it's pretty sensational. After Jason returns the sucking favor, he bends Jackson over and plows him, and here the Jeep comes in handy -- or, at least, the roll bar does -- for support as Jackson takes Jason's meat. Jackson's superbly shaped ass looks great as he spreads his legs wide for Jason later, riding his cock in the reverse cowboy. In the finale, Jason kisses Jackson as he strokes his cock to a big shot of cum. And, as Jackson strokes his, there's a sizzling hot shot of his asshole winking in the sun as he does it -- it's like it's saying hello again.
DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; trailers ("More Than Ready," "Big Country" and "Mountain Tops: Part 1""); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )
*** Highly Recommended ***

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