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Description Falcon Studios released 2009 length 90 vendor id FSD008
category General Hardcore
studio Falcon Studios
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
location U.S.
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Beaux Banner
Bobby South
Leo Giamani
Marc Stone
Rusty Stevens
Trent Locke
Ty Colt
source: promotional material
Falcon Str8Men DVD 8 features 7 hot, straight studs working their cocks for the camera in solo and group action! Join Ty Colt, Leo Giamani, Beaux Banner, Bobby South, Marc Stone, Rusty Stevens, and Trent Locke as they strip off their inhibitions along with their clothes and work their cocks for your entertainment.
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source: promotional material
1. Ty Colt solo
Ty Colt is making a return appearance equipped with an arsenal of toys to play with: a string of anal beads, a plastic vajayjay, a butt plug, and a vibrating dildo.
He strips down to his undies, reaches inside and starts to jack himself hard. Soon he shucks off his shorts, getting his rod stiffer and stiffer. He lubes his cock and grabs the pink plastic pussy. He slides it onto his engorged shaft and with it strangling his cock, he strokes up and down. The latex sleeve is doing its job, tightly encasing his meat and heightening the thrill factor with its strong grip. Then Ty pulls it off and starts to tickle his asshole, prepping it for the butt plug which he then slips in. Our bucking bronco pushes it in and out of his hole while he continues jerking off. Ty soon graduates to the silver vibrator which easily disappears up his shit chute, and then he follows that with the string of balls, stuffing a series of beads inside, and then slowly pulling them out. Each toy works its magic making Ty grow delirious with pleasure. He slips the pussy back on his cock and jams the humming vibrator into his hole, both devices stoking our boy wonder until he shoots a huge load across his belly.

2. Ty Colt At, Rusty Stevens Ab
It's always a treat when we pair up two horny straight guys for a man-on-man scene. This is a first for Ty who's never fucked another dude. None of his friends or family knows what he's gonna do. But this all-American cutie is up to the challenge and ready to throw caution to the wind.
Rusty, on the other hand, has been around the block a couple of times. He's just hoping Ty's got a big dick... well, not too big! In any event, he's game and ready to show the rookie a good time! He's lucky he has a girlfriend who's pretty open-minded and doesn't consider this cheating. We're lucky we get to watch her man get it up the ass!
The guys peel off their clothes. Rusty immediately goes down on his partner, swallowing his big cock. Ty goes gaga with the expert cock sucking. Then juiced up and ready for the main event, he slides his dick up Rusty's ass and starts to fuck him. The sensation is sublime. Rusty orders him to go "deeper... faster... just like that... fuck me." Ty happily complies, meting out the punishment Rusty's crying for. Both guys are enjoying every second of this adventure. Rusty lays on his back, with Ty's hard dick still up his hole, and starts to jerk off. He climaxes, shooting his load across his belly. Ty then pulls out and he cums, showering more man juice all over his appreciative fuck buddy. Wow!

3. Leo Giamani, Beaux Banner
This is the first time Leo and Beaux have been paired together which is something they've both been looking forward to. Beaux has bottomed a few times before and liked it, but he's never had anyone as big as Leo is purported to be. They start making out, kissing and fondling each other. Aroused and hungry, Beaux slides Leo's pants down and starts to suck his cock. Leo is indeed a big boy; his cock is huge. And Beaux really knows how to work his mouth around his partner as he sucks away, licks the shaft of his meat, swallows his balls, bites his nipples, and plants occasional kisses on his thighs and belly. Then Leo just plows right in, jamming his dick far up into Beaux's tight chute. He pumps vigorously from behind, and then lies back so Beaux can ride him. Then the two sit down side by side and jack themselves off, grunting and grimacing as they each blast jets of spooge.

4. Ty Colt At, Marc Stone Ab
Today Ty Colt is topping and Marc Stone is bottoming, a position the young stud's learned to enjoy even though he says he still prefers sex with women. But who cares? They're here; they're ready. They start rubbing their crotches. Marc looks over as Ty pops his cock out of his pants. He's already hard... and boy, is he big. Marc is just staring at Ty's dick, even chompin' at the bit and probably thinking about his plan of attack. He simply leans over and, with mouth wide open, starts sucking on his blond buddy's tool. He draws his lips tight around the head, making Ty pant, then inches his way down the length of the shaft. He's doing a damn good job; his prowess is turning Ty into the wizard of ahs with his appreciative sighs of pleasure. His mouth still stuffed, Marc slides out of his jeans to show us his perfect ass. He starts to finger his hole, jabbing two digits inside, then stretches his cheeks apart to display his winking asshole. Ty asks if he's ready to be fucked and Marc and his hole are ready! Ty jams his dick inside and Marc snidely asks, "Is it in yet?" That makes Ty work it even harder and faster – both guys grunting like the pigs they are – until he explodes, shooting his cum across Marc's back.

5. Rusty Stevens, Leo Giamani
Rusty's thrilled just sitting next to Leo and Leo is all buzzed up with the prospect of hot sex with Rusty. They're just two happy fellas who can't stop talking about how hot the other one is. Rusty gets the ball rolling telling Leo that "since you're gonna fuck me, you can blow me a little." Leo is up to the task and wraps his lips eagerly around his buddy's dick and sucks away. Rusty is quickly aroused and soon rushes to return the favor. He grabs Leo's cock and – after comparing it to a baguette – chows down. He tries valiantly to get it entirely down his throat. Leo is panting; he's ready to bust a nut, but holds back and zooms down on Rusty's rod again. Then he gets behind Rusty, gently coaxes his thick dick tightly inside his asshole and starts to fuck him. It stings; it smarts; it hurts; but it feels so good. Leo continues plugging away with Rusty now on his back, stroking himself to climax. Leo then pulls out and cums across Rusty's belly, squeezing out every drop of jism. Exhausted and satisfied, they collapse in a heap.

6. Ty Colt, Trent Locke, Bobby South
Looking like three naughty bumps on a log, it's Ty Colt and Trent Locke flanking relative newcomer Bobby South who states emphatically that "They're gonna be doing me today!" Bobby's bottomed before, but never on camera; as for the other two, they're strictly tops. And just looking at this unholy trinity, you know they're itching for some mischief-making today.
First the guys stroke themselves hard. Then Bobby grabs the two stiff cocks on either side and jerks them both. The horny threesome get into a rhythm beating their meat when Bobby goes south on Ty swallowing his dick. Trent leans into Bobby's crotch and starts to suck on his big whopper. Then the two tops sandwich Bobby in the middle with him still nursing on Ty's cock and Trent porking him. The bed is rocking. They rearrange themselves again and Bobby lies back in Trent's lap while Ty fucks him missionary style. Bobby looks like he's died and gone to heaven as Trent pinches his titty while Ty continues plowing his hole. All three are still rockin' it when they lay side by side, jacking themselves off vigorously and racing to see who will finish first. They finally climax with Ty scoring the big win, Trent cumming in second and Bobby taking up the rear.

7. Ty Colt, Leo Giamani
Hot damn! We're in straight man heaven today! Two of the hottest and most popular guys to ever work this site are here going mano-a-mano. Ty Colt is a prime example of male hotness and Leo Giamani is stud personified. Both hunks are staggeringly attractive, well-built and sexy as hell. And right now here's something special: Ty is going to fuck Leo! Leo's been in the driver's seat on his last few outings, but today he's getting his ass plowed.
Ty gets things moving sucking on Leo's big cock, lubing it up with a lot of spit and doing a great job. Then it's Leo's turn to feast on Ty's meat. Both jocks possess superb cock sucking technique and it's hard to figure out which one is enjoying himself more. Ty then gets behind and starts to fuck Leo. It's a tight fit, but he squeezes his thick pole snugly into Leo's asshole. He starts to pump away, getting into a rhythm that has them both rocking with pleasure. Then they're on their sides, with Ty still porking Leo hard. They are two magical creatures in conjunction; in communion; in heat. Now lying beside each other they jerk themselves to full climax – one following the other with creamy gobs of goo.

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