♺ Below The Rim (Chi Chi LaRue)

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Chi Chi LaRue is back with an all-oral fest, this one a delicious 11-course meal chock full of hot asses. Every mouth salivates over every butt and rimming has never been so full-throttle. A blowjob is thrown in here and there, but it's the ass-munching that is the focus and the ass-munching that keeps it scorching from the first eye-glance to the final cum-shot.

Trent Atkins, who has one of the perkiest asses in gay porn, cleans up for a basketball team and finds a used jockstrap. So, he rips off his shirt and sniffs the aroma only a dirty jock can produce, then rubs it all over him, stuffs it in his mouth and exposes his perfect ass to the camera. As he's flexing the hole and showing his might, super-hunky Aussie Joe Foster, here looking as buff as any man has a right to be, finds him and starts to caress his broom handle. Joe takes Trent by surprise, sharing first the love of a good jock, and then Joe pulls out his cock for Trent to suck. Trent goes ape shit for it, in a sexy attack full of eye contact, with Trent clearly in charge. He snaps the cock, then puts the jock on it and sucks them both, you name it.

Joe then goes to rim Trent, with Trent barking the orders. When Joe sticks two fingers up the ass for a little massaging, Trent reaches behind, grabs them and starts jamming them in and out with wild force. Joe locks on rimming the ass and even when Trent tries to get him to suck his cock, Joe knows that when you have Trent Atkins' ass to play with, you don't go anywhere else. After Joe has had his fill of eating glorious ass, he models his own perfect bubble-butt, and Trent snuggles underneath him to lick it, causing actual spasms in Joe. Trent is mad with the spit, using his tongue to lick it all up. He's frightfully aggressive and his noises support that. The spitting his hot! Their hands full of saliva, they beat off. Trent pops and then grabs Joe's cock to get him shooting. Danny Vox, a dark lean guy with a forest of delicious fuzzy chest hair and a tweak-worthy nose, is getting a massage from stunning muscle guy Filippo Romano, who is every bit as sexy as his moniker. Swarthy and big-lipped, he's a keeper. Filippo wastes no time in going from a simple leg massage to butt-lick. Danny's perky ass doesn't seem to mind at all. Filippo goes wild for the ass from the onset, putting those juicy lips to work and making his whole face part of the fun, at times even mashing his arm up and down the length of the asscrack. Not a sweet rimmer, he's vibrant and passionate in taking care of the butt. He turns Danny on his back and goes to town like ass-eating is suddenly on clearance sale. Danny then buries his face in Filippo's pits and licks all around his chiseled arms, but that's only so the drooling Filippo can take a break, for he returns to using his mouth very quickly.

Danny also has a man-sized cock, though it's no match for Filippo's deep mouth and Filippo only leaves his wowing throating for a trip to Danny's armpits. Well, in talking about your beautiful butts, look at the keister on Filippo! Hair just at the hole, it's as meaty as can be and Danny adores being stuffed inside of it. Filippo's eyes rolling back in his head, he gets the same treatment he just gave, with smaller-faced Danny using everything from the top of his head to his chin. Danny blows Filippo, too, the latter's abs dancing with every trip Danny makes down his dick. Danny gets Filippo to cum by chewing on his nuts and Filippo gets Danny's chest hair all messy with his cum, which he promptly licks up lovingly. Danny has a fine shot of his own as well.

Coach Parker Williams, with his wonderfully unshaven face and chest, is angry at two of the team members, incredibly handsome brunet Clay Foxe, and lip-smacking luscious goateed Victor Rios, also with a hairy torso. Parker commands them to bend over and since he's upset that he caught them not wearing regulation jocks, he cuts holes in their tighty-whities. Each guy makes his hole bigger by showing off his ass to the coach. As they smile at each other, Parker begins his probe, finally ripping off the underwear and eating the stuffing out of Clay's ass. Parker is more mindful of the benefits of fluffy asscheeks than some of the previous rimmers, grabbing and pulling them as he launches his tongue assault between them. Again, loud noises tell the story of how much he's enjoying himself. Victor brings over his finger to help, and Parker offers a taste to Victor, who of course flicks his tongue all over Clay's ass, as happy to be there as Parker.

Clay and Victor hop up on the table and Parker gets to play with the wealth of ass. As the two kiss, Parker is a relentless rimmer on both Victor's fuzzy bum and Clay's smooth one. Parker gives what can only be described as a tongue-fuck, that's how penetrating it is. Clay then sucks Victor's cock with Parker egging him on, a big two-mouthful dick with a big head. When Parker blows Victor, Clay works the balls. It's finally Clay's turn to rim, going to town on Victor's ass as Parker continues the blowjob. Parker and Clay sit in chairs and Victor slides under the table to get to Parker's ass. Parker's ass is a wonderful treat for hardworking Victor, whose enormous tongue does lots of good work before sliding back under the table to get to Clay. It's here that Clay cums, followed by a bundle from Victor and a shot from Parker that nearly pokes Clay's eye out!

The finale orgy scene is almost an embarrassment of riches. Tino Lopez, a Latin knockout with the smoothest tannest skin around, big ears and chocolate eyes to get lost in, is in the locker room with Clay. Over in the showers, tattooed man's man Jason McCain is drying off while buff dark stud Arik Travis and blond muffin Scot Craven clean themselves. When Tino bends over into his locker, Clay darts for his ass, and can you blame him? A person could get lost in those cheeks. (If it's me, don't send a search party. I'll stay lost.) Jason and the shower guys get themselves hard watching Clay sprint his tongue around Tino's ass. Scott sidles over to Jason and blows him in an eager blowjob, with Arik right there with his massive boner as well. Tino gets a tasty blowjob from Clay, with Scot looking on as competition. Not to worry, everyone is doing so well. Tino manages to make receiving a blowjob the hottest thing in the world. Scot moves on to rimming Arik, who has another hairless edible muscular butt, sticking his tongue in with a passionate head-twisting lust. Jason decides to suck Arik at the same time, making Arik one lucky man. As Clay wisely returns to eating Tino's ass, Parker and Trent return to the action, two full-throttle performers about to add even more spark to an electric scene. Jason props Arik on the shower wall, his legs dangling on Jason's shoulders, with Jason eating his ass. How Jason manages this, I'm really not sure. This is dangerous and sexy as fuck.

Clay is still working on Tino and Parker dives for Trent's booty. Parker brings back a hint of nastiness to the work that helps balance the sweet rims around him. All the guys stand at the lockers, asses in the air, while Parker and Jason make their way around the circle. Parker works on Scot, moving on to Tino as Jason goes from Arik to Clay. That leaves prize-worthy Trent in the center. Parker has a smush-faced whooping time in Tino while Jason hits his stride with Clay. The groans from everyone are so intense you'd think guys were getting fucked. Parker gets to Trent first, with the latter once again full of snarled commands to make his pleasure maximum. Trent then goes prone on a bench, with guys holding him down while everyone gets a taste of the ass. Scot goes, and then Arik, who has yet to eat any ass, then Jason. Now everyone has participated and done so with a top-notch butt. It's soon enough time for everyone to look deep into Trent's hypnotic eyes and cum. Trent and Jason go simultaneously, followed by Clay, Arik, Scot (who has the best one) and Tino in lovely close-up.

High praise goes to videographer Hue Wilde, who gets his camera in some tricky positions. It's often tough to catch rimming on film, but with Chi Chi's direction and Hue's camera, it emerges fully here, not a moment missed. Of course, the asses are well chosen so that there is plenty of rump to notice. To have so many glorious asses is such a treat. They are all licked clean and ready for more fantasy!


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