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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-01-07 |
The next chapter in the popular Dave Saga from Straighthell.net

This time our Dave is forced into shoe licking as club bootboy, his cock painfully tied up, then double fingerfucked...

In a crowded nightclub, with dropped fag ash sticking to the spilt beer and spatters of piss that miss the urinal, shoes get dirty. Very fucking dirty.  Dave serves as club bootboy - he's going to use his tongue to clean every shoe in the room.

As Dave crawls around the toilets licking everything in front of him, the men get increasingly nasty, emboldened by each others' escalating cruelty to the unhappy shoe slave. Each guy doles out even more slaps, insults and abuse than the last, until Dave is fearfully cowering at their feet, his balls and cock tugged painfully to their limit on the rope, focusing on nothing but working his tongue to shine every inch of whichever shoe is in front of him.

With Dave's arse high in the air Stan works a finger into his temptingly tight arsehole, and rams it deep inside.  One of the straight guys soon wants a piece of the action, and they both ram their fingers in and out of Dave's sore hole without mercy. Despite Dave's pain and tears, the owner of the shoe demands Dave keep licking, as the jeering crowd rain down mockery from above. In his utter degradation, it seems Dave has sunk as low as he could go... but this is only a warm-up for what's about to come.

Very, very extrime fetish role play.

The next chapter will be coming soon
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