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[next Door Buddies] Fuck Dynasty

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Running time : 32:15 min

Actors : Mark Long, Christian Cayden

For good friends Mark Long and Christian Cayden, being alone in the woods is nothing new. Hell, they've spent countless afternoons in the great outdoors, with just the two of them, and it's never caused any issue. But there's something in the air that makes today's hunt different. Maybe it's watching Cayden handle his new rifle that's got Mark all worked up. Perhaps the thought of harnessing all that fire power has got Mark thinking what Christian could do with his rifle. Could just be that hunting makes you horny. Either way, not gonna be a whole lot of sleeping going on in that tent tonight, if you know what I'm getting at...

After the wackadoo comments Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson made about homosexuality in his interview with GQ magazine, it was pretty much a given that some gay porn studio would respond to the controversy with their own erotic parody of the showÂ… And, well, it finally happened.

The folks at Next Door Buddies have brought us “Fuck Dynasty“, a parody that, beyond the title, isn’t really much of a parody at all. Mark Long and power bottom Christian Cayden parade around the woods with plastic guns, overcook a pair of marshmallows and then have gay sex next to a tent.

There’s no immature, cringe-worthy dialogue a la Dominic Ford‘s Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls or the softcore lady-porn The Lord of The G-Strings. From a personal standpoint, that‘s what I’m looking for in this type of release. I want a movie I could watch with friends for a good laugh, all while being the teensiest bit turned on by the action on screen. Unfortunately? Next Door doesn’t deliver in that regard.

This is the equivalent of watching any other scene where Christian Cayden bottoms (which loosely translates to you sitting there with your rock hard dick, wishing heÂ’d be emancipated from his contract, so he could get fucked by some decent, dominant tops on another site). That isnÂ’t necessarily a bad thing. Christian really works the poor manÂ’s Quinn Jaxon angle to his advantage, and itÂ’s almost enough to make up for his scene partnerÂ’s lackluster performance.

Yet I still want something more?


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