JockPhysical - Tommie Simpson's Exam

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DescriptionCollege quarterback, Tommie Simpson became sandwiched between two defensive lineman from an opposing team and returns for an injury examination. To fully examine the nature of his injury, I have Tommie remove all of his clothing in preparation for today¡¦s examination.

Often a sustained injury, such as Tommie received during his football game, requires both investigation and remedy. As the injury sustained occurred in the middle of his body, I check his respiration first using the stethoscope over his prone body. Thankfully, Tommie¡¦s breathing appears unaffected and it appears other bodily functions appear to be working normally for Tommie, for even through the pain, he becomes aroused as I move the stethoscope to check his femoral pulse.

Guiding Tommie to a standing position, his erection becomes more rigid as I examine his genitalia. Turning him to the side, I check his rib cage which absorbed most of the injury from the players collision. I felt that no serious damage has been inflicted and feel Tommie would benefit from a full body massage. Again, I assist Tommie allowing him to lay flat onto his belly and to place himself into a comfortable position, He felt it necessary to ¡§adjust¡¨ his erection a bit.

Tommie¡¦s body is extremely firm yet he is tense do to his injury. As I work my massage therapy, he begins to relax a bit in some areas while I allow myself the luxury of massaging other areas to still keep him aroused. Turning him over onto his back, he closes his eyes and thoroughly enjoys the massage. I take further pleasure as I am permitted to roam freely over his body as I continue to keep him aroused.

With his eyes closed, Tommie allows his mind to wander and to allow his maleness to react to the therapeutic caress. Moments later, Tommie abruptly sits up to warn of an impending ejaculation however he is too late as the ejaculate erupts and coats his abdomen. After I clean up his spent seed, I continue the massage therapy a bit longer before Tommie gets dressed.
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