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[Mustang] Bang! 2000

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Descriptiondirector Chi Chi LaRue
editor Delta Productions
music Sound Design
photographer Greg Lenzman
videography Max Phillips
Daniel Reed
Enrico Vega
Jordan Gauge
Luke Sabre
Marco Mancini
Shane Rockford
Talvin DeMachio
Yuri Breshnev

Bang! Shot through the heart! This posse of eight horny young studs, packin' some heat and a whole lot of meat, aim to please


Luke Sabre works Enrico Vega's cock, then turns rims him, while Enrico talks dirty to him. They switch and Enrico sucks Luke's cock, hard and heavy, then works Luke's asshole with his tongue. Enrico shoots his load, and has Luke begging for more.

Daniel Reed starts by sucking Shane Rockford's beautiful cock, then rims Shane's ass. Shane lets Daniel have it, and fucks him hard, until Daniel shoots his load, followed by Shane.

Yuri Breshnev starts it off by sucking off Talvin DeMachio and Enrico Vega, while Gordon Gage works Marco Mancini's hot cock. The rest of the cast joins in for hot group mansex. Talvin rims Yuri, while Daniel rims Talvin. Luke and Gordon fight over Marco's dick, until they're all in a rimming chain. Marco finishes up by fucking Gordon, while Shane Rockford fucks Luke Sabre.

reviews From GayVideoDad

You know, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I popped this little vid in my VCR. I had read previous reviews that didn't necessarily paint this puppy in the most positive of lights. Some criticized director Chi Chi LaRue for producing a formulaic entry into the Mustang line, some said there was no originality and the sets sucked. (A hint: If you are a reviewer, never listen to other reviewers, because you'll dread watching anything they hate.)
However, I thought that LaRue did a terrific job - it was almost as if she were paying homage to John Rutherford's Falcon vid The Chosen (only this one had better editing). I also liked the fact that it was just an all-sex video, shot just for the sake of watching hunky, muscular, atypical "Falcon types" cavorting in a bare room. It was obviously set in a basement, the gray concrete walls surrounding all of the players - but I liked the walls. I liked the fact that nothing distracted from the red-hot rough-housin' happening in front of them.
There are only three scenes, but they are three sizzlers. (I'm serious, people. I really didn't think I'd like this.) It opens with furry twink Luke Sabre and uncut Latino sex-god Enrico Vega in a strictly oral scene. These two harvest so much energy, Pittsburgh could live a week with what they emit. They truly are into each other, licking and sucking with abandon. Sabre swallows Vega's meaty boner before the two take turns slathering the others asshole with their spit. (Okay, LaRue and most everyone knows how much I love spitting ? please insert sarcasm here - but in this video it worked. It still makes me gag a little, but these guys were so into each other that I barely noticed.) Vega licks Sabre's ass and then makes him suck it off his fingers - it's just wild! All the while, Vega is cooing in Spanish, occasionally throwing out a "You like that, papi?" just to make the audience a little wilder. Vega slips on a condom, and Sabre goes to town on it, sucking the precious juice out of that uncut cock, which Vega does right into the condom as Sabre is sucking him. Then it gets a little risky when Vega dangles it above Sabre's head and Sabre jumps up like a dolphin looking for fish and sucks at the spunk-filled rubber.
Next up is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Shane Rockford and Daniel Reed. Both have dark hair, great bodies - and did I mention that Rockford was gorgeous? Another fantastic scene, lots of healthy oral play before Rockford plugs up Reed's nether hole. Reed licks every square inch of Rockford's body (jealousy emanating from me the whole time), licking his chest, his face, hit pits. Incredibly hot. Then Reed has Rockford squat his beautiful pink hole over his face and starts chewing. Rockford, quite possibly at the brink, bends Reed over and plows him, first doggie-style, then into a standing fuck (which is well done and should be used more often in videos), until finally, he straddles the helpless, squealing bottom and impales him on his cock. (I mentioned the jealousy, right?) Reed explodes all over himself, a fantastic cumshot, and Rockford blows his creamy load all over Reed's face - and then seductively licks it off.
Here's where we have to take a station break.
LaRue, however, is saving her big guns for the grand finale. Talvin DeMachio, returning to blue movies after a notable absence, is looking buffer and meatier - in all the good ways. He stands with popular Kristen Bjorn model Yuri Breshnev as Vega is tasting both of their cocks. Meanwhile, beautiful Italian god Marco Mancini is being serviced by blond cutie Jordan Gauge (aka Gordon Gage). This oral-fest continues, highlighting Vega and Breshnev "docking" their cocks in each other's foreskins and Gauge all but choking himself on Mancini's impressive rod. Rockford, Reed and Sabre eventually work their way, in and all eight cast members begin a great, big free-for-all fuck-fest. There's a terrific moment when all eight guys are lined up, each ones face buried in the ass in front of them. Rimming fans beware - you won't make it past this section. After the sucking and the spitting and the kissing and the rimming has been exhausted, it's time for the fucking. Reed, Gauge and Sabre play bottom to the heftier men's cocks - at one point, Mancini (who has an amazing ass and hairy legs) is pounding little Sabre (who I think should work with LaRue more often he's a little sexual dynamo) when a little daisy chain starts up, with Breshnev fucking Rockford, who plows Gauge. It's a hot moment.
Finally, Reed and Gauge are bent over bar stools and plowed with Falcon dildos - now, anyone who owns a Falcon dildo knows they are not small. In fact, I think the Tom Chase Supercock is the size of my calf. Anyway, Mancini, DeMachio, Breshnev and Sabre slam the toys into the writhing bottoms, both of whom beg for more. The scene culminates with Sabre dildoing himself as everyone else blows their gooey loads all over him, Reed, once again, shooting a geyser of semen.
Great videography, terrific sex - this is one Bang! that will be worth your buck.
- Jeremy Spencer
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