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Aryx Quinn vs Denny Cartier Wrestling

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DescriptionSomebody on the inside must be tipping Aryx off as to the itinerary of The Boss, because he has a knack for being a no-show whenever Kid Leopard is around. But as soon as The Boss is out the door on another trip to recruit new talent, Aryx shows up shooting off his mouth about how KL is just "lucky" not to be here. You can't really blame the guy for not wanting another face-to-face with his former mentor. After KL personally made sure Aryx was crushed and completely humiliated beneath the ass of rising favorite Eddy Rey in Leopard's Lair 3, the break between The Boss and his former protégé became official. No longer daddy's favorite, Aryx has been keenly aware of the bullseye now painted on his all-over tanned ass whenever he walks onto the BG East compound, and never is his hot ass more in jeopardy than when KL is on site.

After Aryx "called in sick" when The Boss slated him to face both Denny Cartier and Alexi Adamov in back-to-back matches, he suddenly felt a resurgence of health around the same time that Kid Leopard boarded a plane out of Boston two days later. Back at BG East, Aryx struts around the place as if he's still second-in-command. Finding Denny training in the mat room (which is where you can pretty much always find hard-working Denny!), Aryx starts playing mind games the moment he steps onto the mat, a skill he learned at the feet of the master. "I was supposed to be wrestling a guy named Danny here," he scoffs, joining pretty much every opponent Denny's ever faced in making fun of his name.

"You look pretty strong," Denny acknowledges as Aryx flexes for himself in the mirror.

"I'm pretty everything, believe me!" Aryx scoffs. He continues flexing, bragging about his conditioning while expressing concern that Denny seems to have "lost weight." The first lesson Aryx learned from Kid Leopard: win the match psychologically before you ever lay a hand on him! When Denny proposes a "take down tournament," ever-cocky Aryx offers to wrestle with one arm stuck in his singlet. Perhaps he should have proposed Denny wrestle one-armed, because like a machine, Denny earns 6 unanswered take-downs. Fortunately for Aryx, Denny stops keeping count, because he's putting Aryx' tanned, buff body on his back over and over again. When KL's former right hand man catches Denny in a headlock briefly, Aryx' ponderous ego snaps fully erect once again. "You're in my pit now!" he crows. Seconds later, Denny reverses and puts the badboy's big, bulging shoulders to the mat once again. A crotch-ripping spladle wrenches out a humbling submission. Denny's in his natural habitat, sliding and spinning across the mat and his opponent's sweaty body with the confidence and command of hundreds of mat matches and thousands of hours training. It's no wonder The Boss hand-picked Denny to knock Aryx down a peg in the mat room!Aryx was tutored by the best, and when raw talent and skill are inadequate, a kick to Denny's crotch puts him back in charge. "This is genetic perfection right here," he boasts, flexing his big, beautiful bicep in Denny's face. "That's why I always end up on top!"

But it's the rare wrestler who can keep Denny Cartier down in the mat room. With the added motivation of getting even for the low blow, Denny absolutely picks Aryx apart. The louder Aryx cries out, the cockier Denny grows. "Yeah! Feels gooood!" he groans, flexing with his crotch in his opponent's face. With The Boss' former protégé at his mercy and with nobody left to watch Aryx' back, Denny dips deeper into the darkside than we've ever seen him go before! Aryx can't choke out enough submissions to satiate Denny's growing lust to dominate. "Say it again! SAY IT AGAIN!!!"

But when Aryx goads Denny, drunk on victory, out of his natural habitat on the mat and up to the ring, the momentum in this match-up takes a dramatic turn. Aryx has seen The Boss' crib sheet on all the BG East wrestlers, and if Denny's got a weakness, it's his failure to translate his outstanding mat skills to the ring. Within seconds, Aryx suckers him into position for a crippling attack from behind. Give him an inch, and Aryx will take nothing short of a mile, and with Denny dazed and his arms tied behind his back with his own singlet straps, Aryx' brutality is over the top.

There are few wrestlers more dangerous in the ring than Aryx once he's found a weakness. Stripping down to his signature yellow trunks, the notorious BG East badboy aims to not only make Denny pay for his humiliation on the mat; he intends to make him paralyzed by fear whenever he even thinks about entering the ring again.

"You're pretty resilient," Aryx pauses from delivering destruction to compliment Denny on his ability to take a beating. "You're a tough little kid. But you're still a kid. And you're my kid in this ring right now!" Denny is stomped and slammed, choked in the ropes, rocked long and relentlessly in an over the knee backbreaker. Aryx trots out every crippling hold The Boss ever taught him, breaking Denny down piece by piece. Shoving Denny's face into the mirror, Aryx shouts, "What were you thinking? What were you thinking!?" There's no denying Kid Leopard sent a message when he personally got involved in battering and humiliating Aryx in Leopard's Lair 3. But Aryx is determined to send a message of his own, written on the battered, wasted, defenseless body of Denny Cartier pounded into a pulp. "Lights out time, bitch!"
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