Drive Productions - Bare Backin' In Red Square (2006)

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Barebackin on Red Square shreds the Iron Curtain forever, opening sizzling new vistas to adult audiences. The picture gives seductive glimpses into what was forbidden territory for Westerners. Better yet, viewers will see the men of Moscow are as great-looking as any place on earth. From A to V ' Alexey to Vadim ' these randy Russian comrades boldy go bareback. Young, handsome & lean, each performer has a certain exotic allure. There is plenty of uncut meat, too. The highlight of the picture comes when a quartet of horny friends all pile on for a precarious four-man tower-fuck. The action is virtually acrobatic. Watch those Russkies ram! Communism may have fallen. But there is still plenty of action in Lenins old stomping grounds. Cause they are Barebackin in Red Square!
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