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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-04-25 |

Presented fully uncut and uncensored.
The first thing I did after watching Playing With Fire 3 was... OK, the second thing... OK, the third thing, after first cleaning up and then chugging a sports drink to replenish lost protein, was to look up "fire" and "hot" in my thesaurus. No matter how many words there are, they can’t do justice to this conflagration of muscled man-sex. The Playing with Fire series brings to life every gay man’s fantasy about hyper-muscular firemen and their hoses. The casts have featured some of the thickest beef in the business. Now it’s Caesar’s turn: gay porn’s reigning bodybuilder body and the GayVN Best Actor for 2003. Chi Chi LaRue puts him and his cast through every fire drill you can imagine.

It opens in the firehouse kitchen, empty except for Caesar and peroxide-blond "rookie" Lexx Parker. What a contrast: Caesar is a hunky hulk while southern-boy Lexx is pure twinkie. Caesar’s thighs are wider than this kid’s waist! Caesar tells the newbie that he needs an "initiation", and this hyperactive porn pup jumps at the offer - literally. Lexx climbs over chairs, tables and Caesar himself to get at every possible angle for a fabulous face-fuck. At one point Caesar even lifts him up and flips him over for mid-air 69. He then tosses the kid on the table and mercilessly pounds his ass, except that this kid doesn’t ask for mercy. He’s a noisy little fucker - er, fuckee - who’s always demanding more. Ultimately, it’s like watching David vs. Goliath, except that here both sides win.

In the bunkroom, Sam Tyson admits to buddy Filippo Romano that firefighting gets him hard. Sheesh, if I had Romano across from me, darning socks would make me hard. With a rock-hard body, luxurious dark hair, smoldering eyes and a sexy accent, he’s a star in the making. Happily, Sam is every inch his equal, but with short, spiky blond hair and an arm tattoo of Max from "Where the Wild Things Are."

Real sexual heat can’t be faked, and these guys stoke each other’s furnaces until they (and you) explode. Interestingly enough, most of the sucking comes from the European. So many European men can’t suck cock worth shit, but Romano clearly studied for his US citizenship test. He deep-throats Tyson relentlessly; you’ll gasp for air before he does. He also gives Tyson’s cock and asshole a full-force "spit-shine"; at one point the blond’s delectably tight, pink bud winks for the camera in delight. Tyson gets on all fours so Romano can mount him for a ride worthy of the Preakness. All the while both guys are wearing big, butch-ass rubber boots. It’s one of the best match-ups of the year!

The next scene is for hard-core bodybuilder lovers. Caesar dreams he is jerking off in a fire engine, watching Jake Gianelli, who is inch for inch Caesar’s equal. (Imagine blond Hercules meeting brunette Samson.) The studs pose for each other, and there’s lots of chest pounding and bicep-licking before each guy sucks the other off. The emphasis here is body-worship, not graphic sex, but it’s worth it.

Back at the station, new recruit Joe Foster has "homosexual panic" and complains to chief Ken Houser about antics in the shower. Houser grabs his own crotch and vows to teach the young Brit to like it. This is Houser’s first video, and please, God, let it not be his last. He’s a bruiser of a man who could win any "Tough Guy" competition - especially if the game is butt-fucking.

They start off with some heavy lip locking before the rookie licks the chief’s pits. Houser kneels down to give Foster a first-rate blowjob with slow, steady strokes that go down to the pubes. After a spit-lubricated rim job, the older man - in a bit of a surprise - bends over his own desk, and Foster slowly rips the chief’s regulation white boxers right at the "bulls-eye," revealing a sumptuous manly sized asshole that’s framed by the torn shorts like some perverted cameo pin. A surprisingly quick learner, Foster fucks the chief like a pro, and Houser takes it like a mega-butch bottom. They then flip and Houser has a go at Foster’s ass. Neither shoot particularly big loads, though Foster’s has good height, but after such sizzling sex, who the fuck cares?

The finale is a 45-minute three-ring circus of an orgy starring Caesar, Romano, Foster and three unexpectedly lean boys: aptly named Barrett Long, Lance Landers and hairy chested Tag Adams, who almost steals the scene from Caesar. To paraphrase Vivian Leigh’s Oscar acceptance speech for Gone with the Wind: "If I were to describe everything in this orgy, I would take as long as the orgy itself."

What are the highlights? Caesar and Romano suck each other, Caesar lifts Adams up for a mid-air rimming; Long, Foster and Landers orally gang-bang Adams; Long sucks himself; Romano fucks Landers; Adams impales himself on Long; and in the kinkiest moment of the video, Romano pisses into Adams’ boot and then pours it all over the kid. And the grand finale? A sensational Caesar Salad of sodomy, where Foster fucks Caesar who fucks Adams who sucks Romano. The sight of Caesar bouncing back and forth between Adams’ hole and Foster’s cock will burn in your brain.

Simply put, Playing with Fire 3 is virtually flawless. With five sex scenes over two hours, forget renting it - it'll take you a week to get through the whole thing. And by the time you’re done, your own hose will have shot enough juice to douse the Great Chicago Fire.

This sexual heat isn’t just alarming, it’s five-alarming.
-- Jameson Rodgers

Cast:  Caesar, Jake Gianelli, Sam Tyson, Filippo Romano, Joe Foster, Tag Adams, Lance Landers, Ken Houser, Lexx Parker, Barrett Long

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue

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Running Time:  1:59:38
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