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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-06-04 |
This guy surprised me. When I first met him he wasn't sure if he wanted to do this. He quizzed me about a few things, even filled out my little application form. But said to me, I'll think about it and give ya a call in a few days. Give ya a call in a few days normally means I won't hear from them again, in most cases.
Well, I did here from him a few days later, and I was surprised, he just didn't strike me as the type that would do this kind of thing. But then of course, it's not like his the first guy to do something I wasn't expecting
With filming, he struck me as been the more conservative type, but that didn't ring true when once he got his kit off. Before the shoot even began, I got him to have a quick shower. Afterwards, he came out of the bathroom fully naked, which in it's self was a turn on, but I could see he was also starting  to get turned on, you could see his cock starting to get some blood flow into it, it started to get bigger and bigger. It got to the point he was obviously supporting half a mung, I just wanted to take it right there and then. What a turn on, seeing this strapping guy, naked and half baring up. At this point, I wasn't far behind him........yum :-)

Dan -  A 22yr old that works in the hospital industry. Bit of a gym junkie, if ya can't tell. In all honesty, the reason I think he did this was to experiment a little, see what doing something is like. Glad he decided to do it on my shift, i tell ya :-)
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