♺ DirtyTony - Seth Fisher & Ludovic Canot

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-01-30 |
Two lean and hot gay boys meet on my couch today discussing travel experiences, and chakra points. Hot tanned Ludovic from Paris, has mesmerizing brown eyes, spiky dark hair and a tight lean build. Seth Fisher is slightly leaner, and adorned with a sleek coat of dark hair. Immediately after chatting, Seth pushes Ludovic back against the couch and begins sucking on his lips and neck. As the sexual tension builds, Seth unzips Ludovic's jeans, releasing his glowing uncut dick. Seth starts out by jerking it but quickly wraps his lips around the glistening knob and swallows deep into his throat. Pumping and working his lips and hands, Ludovic can barely keep from cumming so he stands Seth up and unzips his jeans to reveal a massive 9" cock. You only see it for a moment before disappearing into Ludovic's hot, wet mouth. After a thorough throating, Seth commandingly puts Ludovic on his side and spits on his tight pink hole before sliding his throbbing monster cock inside the furry crack as deep as it will reach. Seth pounds the shit out of Ludovic's increasingly stretched asshole while pulling the rest of his jeans off and putting him on all fours. They both look lost in ecstasy as Ludovic bucks back against the pulsating pole embedded in his clenching fuck hole. Finally Seth pulls out to reveal a sloppy black gaper and tells Ludovic to lean over the bike. Seth jumps on Ludovic, slamming every inch into his hungry hole while his breath fogs up the motocycle's rear view mirror. They achieve the deepest penetration of their fuck session here before quickly moving back to the comfortable sofa where Seth plows the rich soil in Ludovic's fields. Taking charge once again, Seth flips Ludovic over and rams his throbbing member back into his lucky bottom with feet flailing in the air. Ludovic's hand pumps his gorgeous cock for only a few more minutes before explosively catapulting multiple ropes of jizm over his shoulder and across the room. The sweaty otter keeps fucking him but can take it no longer as he pulls out and launches rivers of hot, creamy jizz all over Ludovic's tight torso and face. These two tight-bodied hunks have never looked so good fucking each other!!
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