Hotel Managers Surprise Guest

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Description24 Mins
Billy is staying in a very expensive hotel as part of a review of the standards of local hotels for a magazine he works for. What he was about to encounter was unexpected. The room and service was so apauling that Billy asked for the manager to come up to the room and explain.
Billy explains all the problems with the hotel to the manager and asks what he intends to do about it. The manager apologises and offers Billy a complimentary stay in the hotel, but Billy is not having it. He blackmails the manager telling him that if he doesn't do as he is told, the hotel will get the worst review the magazine has ever written and the manager will lose his job.
Not wanting to lose his job, the manager does as he is told and massages Billy's feet. Billy is not happy with the massage and demands his toes get worshipped. Billy removes his dressing gown and demands a full body massage.
Billy then explains the worst problem with the hotel, there was no toilet paper and he had to take a shit with no way to clean his arse. He demands that the manager licks his arse clean and worship his feet some more.
Billy tells the manager that if he doesn't do as he is told every time Billy stays at the hotel he will be destroyed by the magazine.
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