BeefcakeHunter - The Papa Kream Super Pack (HD1080 - 4 files)

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DescriptionPapa Kream Stats: 30 | 5'8 | 150 | 8"

1. Beefcake Hunter - Papa Kream Got Serviced (25 May 2016) - 427 Mb
2. Beefcake Hunter - Worshiping Papa Kream (8 June 2016) - 376 Mb
3. Beefcake Hunter - Ultimate Alpha Male Papa Kream (18 August 2016): 519 Mb
4. Beefcake Hunter - Papa Kream Feeding Four Holes (12 October 2016): 434 Mb

1. Papa Kream Got Serviced (25 May 2016):

Papa Kream got serviced, he is the type of Beefcake I had in mind when I started my journey in Central Florida, and finally I found him! If you set your mind into something, sooner or later you will get it, and we couldn’t be any luckier, when along the way to Central Florida, we got delicious beefcakes Darious, Sergio, and Prince…right?!

But Beefcake Papa Kream was something different, and I’ll tell you why…he and his wife, are very open minded. They wanted to shoot a porn video together, once the opportunity was given to him, she totally agreed. I’m sure, she would’ve loved to be part of the video, not performing a sexual act, but at least just watching..Oh yeah…she gets really aroused when a guy blows her man in front of her, and beefcake Papa Kream its turned on by whatever pleases her! Wow! (Obviously, his real name is not Papa Kream, she calls him that lol).

I declined Papa Kream’s offer to have her in the scene, and he was very understanding. Anyways, I told him that I would think about it…what do you think Hunters? Honestly, if I had to have her in scene in order to blow this hottie, I would do it! Papa Kream has a sexy slim body, hairy legs, and a delicious eight inches cock. He is so horny and has an inner porn star, waiting to be revealed, as I was working my lips and hands around his body.

Papa Kream got serviced just the way he wanted, he is totally explosive, a natural moaner. He likes it rough, and I noticed he wanted to be in control, and on top of that, he is a shooter! He delivers a nice load, even though he had fucked his wife the night before. He even joked about that in the end… I can’t wait to have him back to fuck my ass, because yeah, he will! Who knows, we may even have some company then. Enjoy guys, I hope you like Papa Kream!

2. Worshiping Papa Kream (8 June 2016):

Worshiping Papa Kream was inevitable (of course, I didn’t have any problem with that, lol). Admiring him before placing his big cock in my tight ass worked magic for me, and yes, I do have a tight ass, believe it or not!.. lol. I was anxious the evening of our shoot, waiting for him to finish his work day. He had promised me that he would perform very well, and that I shouldn’t worry about it, but… what about me? I knew that I wanted that dick pounding me, but I didn’t even know how to start. At that point I hadn’t planned on worshipping him, as you should know, I usually don’t plan scenes, I just go with the moment “au natural”, but Papa Kream is so porn material that he deserved a script.

Then, on top of everything, Surprise! He arrived with his beautiful wife without telling me, I was like “Oh Gosh! Now she wants to be in the scene or no Papa Kream for dinner?” So many things crossed my mind, but I was wrong. She is the sweetest thing, a very nice girl, and she came to give her blessing for the scene, amazing! I think I might include her in a future scene with her husband, if they are still up for it. Well, after she left, of course I had so many questions for him, and that is how we start shooting. It seemed that the whole situation aroused Papa Kream, he got rock hard very quickly and that monster never went down! Hmm, it got so yummy that I could go for hours! So sweet that he left me grabbing his manly hands for a while.

Then when he sat, he got in a position that was like: “I am here all yours for you to worship me.” Oh yeah, it was worshiping Papa Kream time. Then I got on my fours and I slowly accommodated his cock in my hole and I let him make his way in pounding me in whatever way he pleases; slow, fast , hard, in circles, whatever he chose it was fine with me. Just knowing that this married sexy Beefcake was drilling me down was enough, of course I won’t lie that at some points it deliciously hurt me, but he was in control, and he even controlled his timing to cum, “are you ready?” he asked me. I guess he meant if I was ready to feel the full cup of warm Papa Kream being poured in my butt, yes I was ready. Beefcake Papa Kream is really porn material, so handsome, sexy, and ready to go. Worshiping Papa Kream was amazing as it was to be pounded by him. I hope you guys enjoy this video, and I hope there is more with him

3. Ultimate Alpha Male Papa Kream (18 August 2016):

Ultimate Alpha male Papa Kream is back! I know…I know, I am breaking some barriers here, and it was not an easy decision to make, I have never had a woman in front of our cameras and not to mention, I have never shared a cock with anyone else at BeefCakeHunter Land! But ever since I’ve had contact with Beefcake Papa Kream, he’s suggested that his wife, Mendy was interested in “watching”, it was not until I met her in person that, I found Mendy to be very nice and pretty, she is not kidding when she says that she gets turned on by a male to male encounter, so actually Mendy could be your new “best friend” LOL if you want to get lucky with sexy Papa Kream, that is… I have been sending her copies of the 2 videos I made with her husband and she really enjoys watching them so I promised Papa Kream that after our second video I would give it a try to have a threesome with beautiful Mendy, they both got really excited and happy, and there is nothing I enjoy more… besides sucking, getting pounded, getting drilled, deeptroath, etc etc LOL than to see one of my Beefcakes happy, after all that is what we are here for and they are here to make us happy too right?.

The scene was supposed to be a very bossy wife and 50-50 sharing of that delicious cock, but like you can see in the video, I noticeably went over my time… LOL but you can’t blame me for being a little greedy, especially when sucking Ultimate Alpha male Papa Kream! Mendy was giving orders softly to Papa Kream, and I realized that her orders plus her moaning was making the scene so enjoyable for him. Beefcake Papa Kream is very flexible and an excellent performer, honestly he should be a straight movie porn star already! We can appreciate in this video a lot more of his sexy body, passion and sensual details with his hands and face, his body was a feast! He dripped his whole salty cum directly into my throat, wow that was hot! Enjoy once more the Ultimate Alpha male Papa Kream!

4. Papa Kream Feeding Four Holes (12 October 2016):

Papa Kream feeding four holes in the same night! Here we go again! BeefCakeHunter’s Super Street-boy Papa Kream is giving us a super performance once more. This sexy Beefcake is really porn-material, even though he had said he wasn’t “bonerroundus” at the beginning. Just a day after our first threesome featuring his pretty wife Mendy, he never lacked the energy, hornyness, and the amount of cum we needed for this video! Hmm. The night before we discussed about the video of Papa Kream feeding four holes, I wasn’t sure that we could do it the night following the threesome video. I was very “busy” those days and I didn’t want to risk Papa Kream not having enough load. But I had to leave town pretty soon, and now I see I can never can go wrong with Papa Kream.

We didn’t need an introductory chat, since we all know him well, but there is always something to talk about with him and Mendy. They are both very fun and easy going. The best part started when I jumped into the bed, the sexual energy started rolling in the right direction. I really see that Mendy gets turned on by the fact of a guy worshiping her man. We both had him in the zone when our mouths were working his delicious cock. Then, I remembered how many Hunters like to watch some ass licking and I knew Papa Kreamwouldn’t deny any special request, especially in front of Mendy, lol. But even she was surprised that he allowed us to play with his ass. I believe she did a great job!

Now was the moment of truth, for sure it would be a good pounding for Mendy, but what about me? Everything that was going through my mind at that moment was challenging, especially after watching how hot and sexy Papa Kream fucks a woman, I just wanted the same for me or better! Honestly, it was a great hot sexy pounding for Mendy and me… Wow! He could’ve exploded in any of us with a great orgasm. And since I was the second one to be fucked, I was the one to be rewarded with his cum, hmm. But all the challenging thoughts took its tool and I had some “technical difficulties”, if you know what I mean… Lol. Nevertheless, Papa Kream couldn’t have finished hotter and with a surprising amount of cum! I hope you guys enjoy this video of our Super Street-boy Papa Kream feeding four holes.

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