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released 2011 length 120
category General Hardcore
rating out of 4 non rated
produced ?
location U.S.
language English
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director Joe Gage
Allen Silver
Devin Adams
Draven Torres
Hunter Marx
Jayden Grey
Leo Forte (us)
Troy Daniels (10s)
source: promotional material
From the showers to the warden’s office, no place is safe. Are you tough enough to handle the corruption that bursts behind the walls of a state detention center? A new resident learns that life behind bars may be harder than he ever imagined as his fellow Inmates force him to toe the line -- or pay the price. Join legendary director Joe Gage and TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx as they lead a cast of cocky criminals ready to help you bust out.
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Allen Silver, Devin Adams, Troy Daniels (10s)
Repeat offender Troy Daniels is put in his place by warden Allen Silver—who strokes as he watches Devin Adams go down on the new captive.

2. Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey, Leo Forte (us)
In the showers, shaved-headed prisoner Leo Forte soon has company—blind inmate Jayden Grey, escorted to the room by guard Hunter Marx. Jayden lathers up, his big boner catching Leo’s attention. Hunter takes advantage of the situation as he grazes his own bulge: “Wanna jack his dick?” he asks Leo. “Put your mouth on it.” Leo is quickly on his knees as water cascades down their bodies, the breathless sucker choking on his buddy’s big slab. After returning the favor, Jayden joins Hunter in tag-teaming Leo’s holes, the bottom soon drenched in cum.

3. Devin Adams, Draven Torres
Devin Adams and Draven Torres. In the laundry room, clean-cut Devin Adams stains his clothes—and mohawked bad ass Draven Torres senses an opportunity. The two strip down to show off their pulsing dicks. Spit drips down as Draven gets his cock worshipped, the two stroking out their loads to release the tension.

4. Leo Forte (us), Troy Daniels (10s)
Bunk buddies Troy Daniels and Leo Forte can’t sleep. “Looking to bust out again, aren’t you?” asks Leo, who has a plan to help them escape. The price? Troy’s hole. After sucking each other, Troy sits down on Leo’s juicy shaft, his own cock staying stiff as he rides. Leo licks the bottom’s nipple and rubs his bod, Troy’s cock slamming off the top’s muscular leg before the two shoot.

5. Allen Silver, Devin Adams, Draven Torres, Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey, Leo Forte (us), Troy Daniels (10s)
Troy Daniels and Leo Forte are brought in for an interrogation along with fellow criminals Jayden Grey and Draven Torres. Allen Silver enlists Hunter Marx and Devin Adams to help teach them all a lesson. As Troy snaps his boner up, Allen stares at him and strokes—their audience of five jacking off as they watch. As Troy slurps on Allen (“Suck it deep!”), Hunter feasts on Leo asJayden and Devin fill both of Draven’s holes. Allen buries his beard on Troy’s pubes before eating his hole, while Devin gets fucked by Jayden. Troy then bends over for Allen as Jayden does the same for Leo, who takes turns plowing the smooth hole with Hunter. The loads start to fly, including an impressive double dose from Hunter as the unforgettable orgy comes to a close.

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