♺ Military Classified - Brent (BJ) and Brent & AJ (anal)

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Original upload: 2013-11-16 |
What happened next is what surprised me because as I started sucking, and as you guys know I do a pretty damn good job, he really began to get into it, so I stood him up and made him fuck my face, like a pussy which he fell right into. Soon I had him on his back and sucking and stroking this guy to one of the most amazing nuts I have taped on a straight guy, to date! It blew everywhere and mind you he said he just nutted the night before. His reaction, seriously guys, is just mouth dropping... I was in shock! He was in shock! he was surprised and I was rewarded! Enjoy Enjoy! Enjoy!

Brent & AJ
Brent and AJ are two of my top picks If I were to choose my favorites and I'm sure you can all tell why. Both straight Marines, both horny all the time, and both willing to do what it takes as long as the money is right. Well today I've managed to pull some strings and put these two studs together to basically run a train on me complete with sucking, licking, and of course, fucking! Both Brent and AJ take turns on my ass and produce one of the hottest videos I've shot to date.

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