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From TLAvideo: A DVD double feature, these cop-lover's classics are must owns.


Total Corruption
Review written by Keeneye Reeves:

Total Corruption remains not only one of Chi Chi's best, it's one of the hottest "straight guy forced into gay sex/cop fetish" videos ever. And that's saying a lot; you'll be very surprised at how well it holds up.

Perfectly balanced between touching romance and truly sleazy sex (including impaling by nightstick), this video will have you staring in disbelief - and running out the door to pick up your very own butch cop (or at the very least your own pair of handcuffs).

Beefy Marco Rossi has never looked better, dark-haired pup Baldwin is great as his "straight" lover, super hard-n-hairy daddies Russo and Spears bring an air of raunch to the proceedings, and the uniforms are in full effect. Some of the homophobia is truly hard to take, but it definitely "belongs" here as it makes the story more believeable.

"Good cop, bad cop... take your pick." My advice? Pick 'em all!
One of 1993's best, and a definite keeper.
-Keeneye Reeves

From the liner notes:
"Hot newcomer Greg Ross is a gay cop with a problem: his "straight" partners like to take advantage of the young men they pull over on their beat. Greg takes the matter to his captain, only to end up in a wild three-way with his partner and his superior. Faced with the hypocrisy and rampant sexuality of the department, Greg must choose between his ambitions and his emotions..."

Trivia note:
The film was given one of AVN's extremely rare "Five Star" ratings.


Total Corruption 2: One Night in Jail
Review written by Keeneye Reeves:

Not as phenomenal as the original, this one really isn't a sequel in the sense that it doesn't tie in with the first one directly. Still, the sex here is rough and tumble, and Tom Katt (a Chi Chi fave at the time) and Scott Randsome look fucking amazing. The orgy scene here isn't as powerful as the first one, but Blade's tricking in the bathroom (glory hole alert!) is replay worthy, and the finale with Scott and Tom is a must-see muscled beefathon.

If cops get you going, it's sure to get your nightstick slick and hard.
-Keeneye Reeves

From the liner notes:
"Following in the footsteps of the wildly successful Total Corruption, award-winner Chi Chi LaRue has conspired with writer/producer Gender to bring you another raucous night in the hole - so to speak.

When two amorous park-goers are busted by a vice cop, one escapes and the other gets hauled to the Pokey for an "in-depth" interrogation. During the night, he makes new and exciting friends with his bunkmates, and discovers they don't call it the "Big House" for nothing. But when he goes head-to-head with a homophobic sergeant, they end up giving their "billy clubs" a whole new kind of workout. Hey, being guilty was never this much fun!"
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