Superboy Gets Collared

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DescriptionJessie Colter has been running an illegal business and Superboy or Superman, Tristan Sweet, is here to stop him! Jessie attempts to punch and kick the hero, Superboy, but is stopped by the body of steel. Jessie tells him to open a box on his desk. To Superboy’s surprise, there is kryptonite in the box! He starts to lose his powers as Jessie straps it on his neck and begins to do whatever he pleases to Superboy.

“Let me go or you will regret this,” says a weakening Superboy.

No more balls of steel for him! Jessie tortures his balls, making Superboy his bitch.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” questions a disappointed Jessie in regard to Superboy’s tiny cock.

Superboy is made to stroke his cock, still disappointing Jessie. Jessie gives up and takes matters into his own hands, dragging Superboy out of the office… Superboy, Tristan Sweet, is brought to the evil Jessie Colter’s laboratory. Jessie has been running an illegal business that Superboy attempted to shut down, to no avail. Superboy is shoved onto the ground and soon made to pick his form of torture. When Jessie is not looking, Superboy tries to sneak attack him from behind. This only angers Jessie. Jessie has ideas in mind to torture Superboy's cock. He is not going anywhere any time soon!

“No! You will NEVER make me cum!” says a confident Tristan as Jessie pulls out his next tormenting device.

Jessie squeezes and torments the cock of Superboy, only to realize he needs a little more training before Jessie can put him up on the market to sell…
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